The Lady of Snow and Sorrow - 1. Intro

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A modern dark fantasy version of "Snow Queen" fairytale with my beloved metal band Wintersun for the main characters. As we know, the Snow Queen is Hel, the Scandinavian goddess of winter and death. She plans to take Wintersun's lead guitarist Jari to her hall, but abducts the drummer Kai Hahto instead. The rest of the band takes great pains to find him in the severe world of the Norse magic. I own nobody and nothing, including the picture.

Fandom: Wintersun
Characters: Jari Mäenpää,Jukka Koskinen,Kai Hahto,Teemu Mäntysaari
Genre: Gen,Het,Slash
Rating: Adult 

 Jari Mäenpää woke up amidst the long winter night in his Helsinki apartment. Making sure not to disturb Teemu, breathing peacefully by his side, the Wintersun's lead guitarist quietly approached the high window. The blond was feeling strange: an unexplicable dismay was stirring inside his heart, as if something weird was about to happen.

A faint light came from the lanterns on the street and the windows on it's opposite side, so Jari could see that the cold glass was almost completely covered with strikingly beautiful ice flowers, perfect as Wintersun's music was. Another day, Jari would smile at the comparison, but his anxiety rose, as though something could be threatening him and Teemu from outside. At night, people don't think and feel the way they do at daytime.

Then he heard an unearthly melody that seemed to be produced by the night itself. It resembled much the music he often heard in his dreams and then transformed into songs - the ones that brought the band to it's glory.

But this time the music was so clear and physical that Jari could feel the vibration of the invisible guitar strings in the cool air of the room. His heart started beating faster, his eyes were still contemplating the frosty flowers on the glass and the shadows that moved beyond it.

Soon the anxiety gave way to curiosity, which then was replaced by a pure quiet extasy. Enchanted by the melody which was playing now inside his brain, Jari started humming to the music, forgetting the fear to wake the rythm guitarist up. Finally, the blond saw a dim silouhette move behind the frozen glass.

Gods, what's this?

A thought was pulsating intensely in Jari's brain - nobody can be there, as he lives on the third floor, and there are no trees so close to the house... But still, he saw a humanlike shape approach his window from the dark of the night. Trembling, the guitarist stretched his arm towards it, and the magnificent icy flowers crumbled into dust. A translucent female face surrounded by flowing snow-white hair looked at Jari through the glass, devouring Wintersun's front man with its luminous silver eyes.

A ghost. Or some other unhuman creature. 

Jari's heart plunged. For several seconds he was contemplating the strange living thing of extraordinary and yet sad beauty. Then She narrowed her eyes and smiled at him - proudly and possessively. 

"Can she enter the room?" Jari asked himself, shivering. He stepped aside and lit an electric lamp on the wall. Angry, the female creature made a grimace, and the right side of its fine, regular face was gone, as if something tore the flesh off the bones. Then She rocketed up and disappeared. 

Quite a dreary thing to see. The guitarist inhaled and exhaled loudly, the cold sweat covering him in a heartbeat. 

"What's up, Jari?" asked Teemu in a sleepy voice, raising his head from the pillow and shaking his nearly-black locks off the face. 

"Some night inspiration attack, my heart," said the older man, his heart still crushing the ribs, his hands shaking. "Just got an idea for a new song. I must take the guitar and play it now, otherwise I'll forget everything when morning comes."

"It's no way you may do that without me!" exclaimed the younger guitarist with a radiant smile, jumping out of the bed and looking for his slippers. "You'll certainly need the second guitar and a cup of strong coffee."

Jari did not smile back to him, and this was a bit unusual.  


 2. The Breakdown 

3. The orphaned band 

 4. The quest starts  

5. Unholy Night 

6. His Family 

7. The wolves of Izmiran 

8. The essence of cold

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