Dealing with CPS or any other government service

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If you feel you have to answer questions from CPS or any other government service, be careful.

The primary rule of dealing with any government agency (much less one that gets paid to take your children) is as follows:

1: Deal with them only via writing

By using written correspondence (especially mail) you do the following:

  • remove any chance of it being your word vs theirs
  • remove any chance of the social worker being able to lie about either their questions or your answers
  • have all of their questions and your answers easily organized by date with the postal stamp as proof of date
  • give yourself time to carefully consider their questions (and your answers)
  • give yourself to run all questions and potential answers by counsel of law (or trusted friends)

Don't use email, instant messaging, the telephone, or face to face conversations to speak with them.

Your children could be in the balance so do not trust your ability to quickly provide answers without making any statements that could potentially be used, mis-construed, lied about, or otherwise used to steal your kids.

Just tell them that you do not converse about important matters over the internet, via phone, or face to face but that you will be happy to answer their questions with assistance of counsel if posted to you via mail / written letter.

2: Never let them into your home

Unless they have a lawfully signed warrant do not invite them into your home. Ever.

No matter how nice they seem or how innocent of any charges you believe yourself to be don't let them into your house.

They get paid for placing children in homes. To place children in homes they must first take them from other homes.

People have lost their children for as little as having dirty dishes in the sink and letting a CPS worker into their home.

Exercise your right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures and allow entry to your home by government agents ONLY with a search warrant.

I responded elsewhere with part of the above and realized that I really should post this for anyone that may ever have to deal with CPS.

These people are not your friends. They are strangers that get paid to place children in homes... the next children that they "place" may well be yours. Don't be the victim and don't let your kids be the victim.

Watch the following video on not talking to the police and listen to the reasons.

The same logic applies to CPS... but with potential penalties not only being jail or files but the theft of your children.

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And I heard that if you have let them in ( because you may think there is no harm in this at that point) and another time you don't feel comfortable anymore so you refuse to let them in, this will instantly raise red flags. Because before you let them in, so now you must every time they stand on your doorstep.. Some people may not realise this...


I guess I'm just a hard nose on these things.

I'd turn them away regardless and write them a polite letter telling them that there seems to often be confusion about what was said and done when speaking in person and that you want all conversation with them to be in written form via postal mail from now on so that everyone knows exactly what was and was not said.

I'd also let them know that they are no longer welcome at your home and you will not let them in going forward without a warrant.

Don't let them scare you. Make them make a record when speaking with you.

If they say "You used to let us in!" let them know that you did that before you realized that they were a bunch of child stealing liars.

In my country many times they are accompanied by the police and they have an order to enter the home, so the chances of refusing are low, the situation worsens


I don't know how law works in countries outside of the united states... but I do know that what most people believe here is a lie.

The truth is that every man and woman has equal rights and that no other men and women (even if they form large groups) have any moral right to violate their rights.

Because of this, all people have the absolute moral right to protect themselves... doing whatever is necessary in order to do so.

Of course, if those you live among are brainwashed and believe in the status quo (most do...) then doing what is right will often be seen as a crime.

There is no good answer to these things because so many people have been so brainwashed for so long that they often lack that inner voice that says "this is wrong... I will throw myself against it"/

I know that I'm outside the norm... in fact well outside the norm. Hopefully we can change this without a dandelion revolution. But then again maybe that is exactly what we need.

You are human. You have rights. Those rights are equal to those of all others. No one can rightfully negate those rights. I don't care what color your skin is, which (if any) god(s) you believe in, or anything else. Neither I (nor anyone else or any other group of people) have any moral right to force you to do or not do any particular thing.

Of course, as long as the brainwashing continues most people will believe anything they hear by the propagandists that populate the media.