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It seems to be absurd, but if we look at the current situation with world CPS, we can find numerous examples that it's really so...

193 countries in the world suffer from the CPS outrage during the last 20 years.

In all 193 problem countries, the issues of children and families are called confidential! Mass-media has no right to inform about it!

The society knows just about a little part of these endless tragedies. Parents are afraid, they're threatened to say the truth, and they hide their faces and names not to lose the last chance to get kids back or to save kids who haven't been taken away yet...

In Russia there is so called freedom of a word, that's why many cases about CPS outrage are loud only through local press.

There is one more reason why Russian press give so much attention to it - many of taken kids are Russian or half-Russian, so they're kids in emigrants families, or they were born in Europe, but one of the parents is Russian.


Because emigrants alwayshave limited rights, they're always under attention of the CPS who are afraid a kid will be brought up in a wrong way. And Russian kids look much like Scandinavian ones, so they will be easily adopted by local parents. Profit!

In total, about 6 million Russians live in Europe, with about 2 million children

Huge profit!

Johan Bäckman is a Finn who knows the system well. He is an associate professor at the university, a candidate in socio-political sciences, a well-known human rights activist. And it's the only one person in Finland who is brave to make these stories loud.

Johan shares priceless information about family suffferings. He has been studying the situation for a long time and made horrible conclusions:

The world community has changed its attitude to the family and to the relationship between parents and children. International conventions have been adopted, and many laws have been drafted that report - the child belongs to the territory, not to the parents!!
It is the deepest delusion that children are connected with their parents**. Children belong to the country where they live now.

The state delegates parents the right to temporarily live with their children until the first violation. And ANYTHING can be considered as "violation" by the CPS!

For example, in Norway there was a case when a girl told to the teacher that her Mom made her wash her hands, and the teacher informed Barnevarn workers about it - it was considered as force and violance towards the kid!!

Moreover, this process is actively stimulated and motivated by the state itself!

The USA pays a premium for each taken kid - 5,000$!
In Europe it's 1,000 Euro for 1 kid!

The CPS of different cities compete in the taking kids away - who can do it more!!!

For example, the Norwegian website says that the best system of CPS works in Bergina, and Oslo's Barnevarn works badly - too few kids were taken away from parents.

4 million people live in Norway and there are 1.2 million children.
More than 200 thousand children are alienated from their parents!!

Foster parents in Norway are the only category of people whose salary is not taxed!!

People in Norway do not go to the bank, but become queued for foster children.

And you can choose a child. A new family has arrived in the country, you liked the baby, you make a custody to the CPS and declare that you want this child, and the Barnevarn will take it away because they wait even for a tiny signal or a claim.

If the child lives in the family, the state does not benefit from it, there is no movement of means.

When the child is taken away, there is a huge redistribution of funds, moreover, at the expense of this system, Norway solved the problem of unemployment - in the courts of each small town, there are minimum 10 cases per day! A great number of people have got the job: lawyers received work, social workers, social families, etc.

Just advantages and benefits!

Kids are business.

It's hard to believe we live in SUCH a world...

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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thank YOU, Friends!!

Well, the govern-cements do own the children.

The parents abandoned them at the hospital.

Of course this is all legalese, and just a legal game, but it is the law.
When you register something, you are giving it to the state, and they in turn give you exclusive privileges to use it. So, if you registered your car, the state owns it. And, since you registered your children...

A berth certificate is a statement of all of the goods you brought into the dock. And, when you leave the dock, you take that certificate back. It is the actual claim on all the goods.

When you go to the doc, to have a birth. They keep the birth certificate and give you only a copy.

So, legally speaking, you abandoned your children at the hospital.


I've never thought of it..
but there's something in your words..
we're in the system..(


What he has told you is essentially correct.

People won't/can't believe such a thing happens. Until it affects them, they ignore it. It is a worlwide criminal enterprise. It is compartmentalized within each country, within each zone, within each city. Very few know the bigger picture. They just follow orders handed down. It won't change anytime soon. It would take more than people are willing to do.


the start of the end?

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This is so crazy and the United States is just as guilty, this world is doom, it's goes against God plan for mankind, nice but sad post.

A great article and one which resonates with me.
It is hard to believe we live in such a world.
The kids targetted are the children of the poor..The poor are more terrified of CPS or social services here, than they are of the police who back up the theft of children by companies who make money from the fostering process...Alot of foster parents are retired social workers..
This is all part of a plan aimed at the working class and poor. Social services see nationalism as a "disease" of the poor. Look around you, working class culture is being systematically dismantled as cheaper work forces can be imported. We are no longer needed to fight big wars and we are surplus to requirements in the labour market due to automation and immigration.
In UK this has got worse..they have commodified working class kids and that system is being abused...This is happening in every sector..We are the only group with no protections..
Imagine the outcry if they did this in fubdamentalist religiousd communities where we know they are being taught lots of things contrary to our liberal values and women and children are considered property..They have a voice because protest groups will take up their cause..
Where is the outcry as thousands of working class girls have been and are still being trafficked and abused in the most horrific fashion..
White working class kids have no pressure group but us, their parents..
Thank you for great information, this is worldwide..

<h2< We Are The Resistance

One of the things that I have noticed about the views being espoused today. Mostly they make claims that are so far away from the truth, that one must call them liars. So the question that I have is Why should I believe that the child belongs to the territory. They try to say the same thing about my sweat equity.

To me such a claim is obvious human trafficking public relations jargon.

Really nice post.



It is incredible, but it is also impressive but this system goes further and further

We hope you appreciate this: Your text is available translated into German language at

preview - click to open


This is a translated comment @muscara made below the translated text:

A good translation. But unfortunately in the original no references or links. I would like to deal with the topic - but I can't. I'm particularly interested in benefits. Who pays that and to whom?

Maybe we should all go to our town or district administration and talk to the people who work in foster care. We'll probably find out more about who's giving instructions and how they're paying.

preview - click to open


thank you for the interest!
you need proofs of payments?
it's state payments I think, but of course I don't have proofs because I don't work in the CPS
this info is in the open sources, people, living in those mentined countries, prooved it in their interviews.
do you live in Germany?


@taliakerch, I've translated your comment and put it as a reply to the original comment (link [1] below).

In the meantime I'd like to address the commentator's questions with a video I found, published back in April 2009, containing details by curtesy of Senator Nancy Schaefer who at minute 4:38 addresses the
"Adoption and Safe Families Act [ASFA], first set in motion 1974 by [a Senate] (namely Walter Mondale) and later, 1997 by [the U.S. President] (namely Bill Clinton) offered cash bonuses to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care [..]" [2]

Listen to this to the end for even more scary details!

I myself don't need any more proof, yet I see how it is helpful to raise awareness on dealing with sources. Not any source can and should be mentioned, however the kind of source a detail is derived from might help to better figur some things out on one's own. For example I wonder where this "193 countries" comes from. This does not look like a legislative problem but a principled/philosophical one, whereby legislators from differenc countries support each other. I've sent you a memo on this.

Not to forget Nancy Schaefers note on case and social workers destroying AND FABRICATING evidence at minute 3:47.


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Excellent article. I really liked it. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Удачи Вам и Любви