FInding a Lawyer to FIGHT CPS and Defend your RIGHTS!

A good friend of mine got rotten advice from a lawyer about CPS/MCFD a couple of years ago.
I used to have Leah (not her real name) over for coffee at least once a week while our children played together. In the spring of 2014, her toddler son had slipped on her freshly mopped kitchen floor, landing in the splits position face down, which resulted in a really unusual leg break. They had to travel into big city Children's Hospital to get a specialist capable of making the right type of cast for his leg. The cast went over both legs and around his hips and down to his knee.

Social Workers showed up at the hospital to investigate.

They were asking some odd questions. Finally Leah confronted them
The Social Worker's answer sent chills through her and made her feel ill.
The woman put her hands in front of her as if holding an object (a child's leg) and simultaneously twisted a hand one way while the other hand twisted the opposite way with a good, strong jerk.
They thought that she had maliciously and with intent broken her boy's leg with her own hands!
Finally Leah got some good news from the doctor. A body scan with a specialized x-ray machine clearly showed that this was NOT A CASE OF ABUSE.

It was an accident pure and simple.

So my friend finally got to come home to our small town with her child.

But it was not all over.

Now the local Social Workers showed up at her home.

The investigation should have ended at the hospital. Leah did not want to let them in, so she phoned a lawyer first and asked what she should do.
The HORRIBLE advice that she got from the lawyer was to go ahead and let them in. Cooperate she was told! He said that If you don't cooperate it will make you look guilty! So she ended up letting them into her home. WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE that she would live to regret!!

image source

They had no accusations against her. It turned out that the only issue they pursued at first was that she was under a lot of stress and they were going to help her.
Of course their investigation added MASSIVE amounts of extra stress into her life. Fortunately she listened to some of my warnings as I shared with her what I had already learned from my friend, Anna.
I warned her that they would be fishing for something -- ANYTHING -- that they could use against her. As the investigation unfolded it proved to be very true.
{** I will be writing more about Leah's case in a follow-up post. **}


Now let's consider
-- What would an informed and experienced Lawyer have told her?

An experienced CPS Defense/Family Lawyer in Houston, Texas named Julie Ketterman, has this to say:

Original Article: ➜ What You Should Know if CPS Targets You or Your Family

You must find an attorney who has experience in fighting CPS, as soon as you realize your family is being investigated. Notice I said experience in fighting CPS.

Many attorneys- if not most – believe their role is to find out what CPS wants and make sure their clients do it.

That way often leads to disaster – and the loss of your children.

In other words, MOST LAWYERS have no idea how to best protect you from CPS!

Another thing to consider is that if a Family Lawyer represents CPS in court cases, he will probably not want to make huge waves with them when he also represents parents.
Feel free to speculate in the comment section below why you think many lawyers don't give out proper counsel that will best protect a client's interest in these types of cases. Lawyers seem to fight for a criminal's rights much harder and smarter than they will fight for an innocent parent's rights!

Lawyer, Julie Ketterman goes on to advice:

Never let any government agent in your home unless he or she has a warrant or order issued by a court.

Ask to see the warrant or order, because the CPS worker may lie and say she has one when she doesn’t. When she doesn’t have one, politely but firmly tell her that she will have to stay outside until she gets one.

If she claims it’s an emergency, make her tell you what it is. Call her bluff – if it were a true emergency, she would be there with armed police officers, forcing her way in. Do not even open the door to let her look at the children.

There is no compromise on this.
There is no exception.

If you invite an investigator into your home, you have waived your fourth amendment protection.

And if the investigator is intent on taking your children,

Understand that you may be threatened. You may be lied to. She may tell you that the 4th amendment doesn’ t apply to CPS investigation. That is a lie. She may tell you that she doesn’ t need a warrant. That is a lie. She may tell you that she’ll return with police officers. And she will. But that changes nothing. Even a man with a gun on your porch doesn’t change the fact that she still has no right to enter your home.

The best way to avoid trouble with CPS is to know and protect your rights right from the beginning.

PLEASE DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR RIGHTS by cooperating when there is no court order telling you that you must cooperate.

If the Social Worker actually had enough evidence to remove your child, they would show up with a Court Order in the first place. If not, they want access to your home and private interviews with your children so that they can fish for evidence to use against you. DO NOT GIVE THEM AMMUNITION.
If they do have a court order, read it carefully because it may state that it is only for one specific purpose like to inspect the inside of the house. Do not let them talk to your children if that is not listed on the Court Order.


I will leave you with one last important bit of advice from the experienced CPS lawyer.

More specifically, do not try to explain what may or may not have happened.
It is important that you not talk to anyone but your attorney.

It is natural that innocent parents who have nothing to hide want to explain everything so that a reasonable person can see there’s no problem here. But CPS agents are not reasonable.

You are presumed guilty. The investigator is there to find evidence to support what she already believes to be true – that you abused your child

Please use your words sparingly when dealing with Child Protective Services. Do not volunteer any more information than is absolutely necessary.

Let's keep our children and families safe!


Follow @familyprotection on Steemit.
Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection


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Don't open your door for an agent of the state either. Keep the door closed, and talk to them through a nearby window if you must say anything at all. You never know what they may see or say they saw to justify further injustice.

I recommend people have entrance cameras for their own protection too. It isn't just to stop people from stealing packages from your porch. No, they are also there to document any interactions you have with people that come to your door.

They will be recording you. Make sure you're recording them! When in a government court too, the court will naturally side with the agent of the court when it is a he said / she said situation. Use an entrance type security camera to always have proof.


thank-you for this good advice.
I do have a security system with a camera at the front door and I can speak to them over the device in my kitchen or over my cel phone app. But that only records for half a minute before it turns off.
I must go shopping for a better system that could record long conversations at the door camera.


Thanks for sharing this post


Good advice. My step daughters case has gone further than this already because she didn't use a lawyer. Now she lives in a house provided by the private care company and has to allow them in for 3 hours each day>
It's patently obvious that they are going to protect their income first and my step daughter second! They are already doing it..We have just switched to the private care company model.

Of all of your fantastic posts, this has to be the best one yet in regards to stating what people should and should not do when dealing with these legal kidnappers. My husband always says when you have to explain a complex topic, do it in a way where both a child and a grandmother will understand it- gifted teachers do this. Well, you have proved yourself a gifted teacher! And I only hope this finds its way to every 'student' (victim) in need of it. Truly, the points you've made cannot be stressed enough.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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We just talked about @familyprotection on @r0nd0n's show @freezepeach.
@fracasgrimm and @intuitivejakob are featuring @familyprotection on their shows on @msp-waves.

The shift of consciousness is starting - thank you for bringing all these cases to light, Linda, Mark!


We sure are! We will be discussing what @familyprotection is all about and helping to raise awareness of the importance of this cause!

Look forward to doing this and so happy to know all this support is being channeled like this!

You’re an incredibly important beacon of light on this subject Linda.
I’m sure there are many who have read the disturbing stories you have recounted over the past few months and taken solace in the fact that the are not alone, you will have woken many up to the horrific injustices being perpetrated by an insipid agency purporting to have the best interests of the families and children involved which lets face it clearly isn't the case.
Kudos to you and Mark for the relentless, on-going work you’re doing to get this message out and help those being targeted.

This is pretty good information you posted our here. I want to thank you for bringing my awareness about this because I didn't knew that something like this is happening to some people. Although I still don't have any child yet but the information you said here will be retain to my mind and probably remember it when I needed it. Great article @canadian-coconut


After reading in this aricle by @canadian-coconut my think and your @hiroyamagishi too speak good information and good idea so i vote it

Hi Linda :)
You hit the nail on the head with your post.
Your right about Lawyers, they don't want to rock the boat with CPS because of their careers. they care more about themselves then clients. sorry to say.
Knowing your RIGHTS is a must for Everyone!

Never converse Say Nothing!

COPS always read you your Rights upon arrest;
Anything you say Can and Will be used against you.


Actually, that's not true. They don't bother to do that anymore. It's too much of a bother. When I got arrested for allegedly kidnapping my daughter I asked to have my rights read. I was basically laughed at. When Quinn Eaker @quinneaker was arrested last week from our home @gardenofeden they didn't read him his rights. They are too lazy.

The truth is that the truth is irrelevant and they just say and do whatever.

Thank you for helping keep people informed on what is going on. I wanted to add onto this statement you made.

and private interviews with your children so that they can fish for evidence to use against you.

Any parents who are currently the target of a fishing expedition, please know that if your child is in the public school system, this private interview will take place at school. At daycare as well, if you use one. When my son was a child just such an interview took place at the daycare. Luckily there was nothing to find, but I can assure you the types of questions he was asked at his age planted questions in his head no child should be pondering on.

Thank you so much for providing these solutions Linda. Every parent needs to read this and have this information firm in their minds, I'll be sharing all over the place.


So important that everyone learns this one:

If you invite an investigator into your home, you have waived your fourth amendment protection.

I certainly did not know this - there is so much we don't learn, as a society about the laws of our land.

Child Protection Services are supposed to be there to provide some measure of help but unfortunately the reverse tends to be the case. The constitute a pain in the butt and mounts an unbearable amount of pressure on parents and add an extra burden to parenthood. This is not right. It is not right for a parent to go through the stress of conceiving and maintaining the pregnancy not to make mention of the pain of labour just to have the child seized by a stranger under the umbrella of protection. This is even more heartbreaking when the parent didn't do anything wrong. This menace can be curbed if parents know their rights and patronize the RIGHT lawyers.

I chose to use the term RIGHT LAWYERS here because most lawyers are on the side of the CPS for selfish interest

God bless you for this post @canadian-coconut


In Europe, the parents do not have the rights of which you speak. It is like they are child-bearing slaves for the state. See what happened to baby Alfie.

What a sick idea! How many parents willfully injure their children, like breaking a bone?
As for the lawyers, I guess they' re part of the system, too, and they need to protect it!


sad how it goes; So many Cogs In the Wheel ............

This is a growing problem in the US and Canada. have been covering this issue for awhile.

Join NaturalNews in fighting this growing problem.

Thank you @canadian-coconut for sharing this story with us as well as some very helpful advice on choosing a lawyer. I really like the card you shared about our 4th and 5th Amendment Rights. I’m actually going to print that out and keep it with me.

It really sucks that your friend got that bad advice from her lawyer. It’s like once they are in it’s hard to reverse it and they are forever in your life. That social worker was very bold and blunt to suggest something like’s just terribly sad. I sure hope and pray that if we ever need a lawyer to defend us against the CPS we will find one available that “knows” how to fight against them and that is not afraid to do so.

fantastic post!
CPS agents are relentless. they play on your fears and manipulate, intimidate and threaten...very sad.
AND in cahoots with lawyers/law enforcement.
stand up for yourself peacefully and articulately.
educate yourself and keep it simple.

Well I can tell you that the lawyer I had in Holland had no experience whatsoever (I found out when we went to court that he was totally useless) and he told us to collect more evidence and work it out for him.. we worked on this for days in a row, while we were about to lose the house weeks after this court date...
And we send it all to him as he asked us to, to find out the next day in court, that he told us: Sorry had no time left..

So we were focussing on him getting all these documents, working on it for days, very stressful because we had more things to take care of.. all for nothing.
He acted like it did not matter anyway.. and when I was telling him more and more about the case, he clearly had no clue what to do with such a complicated case as ours..

Therefore I decided not even trying to go to the European Court for Human Rights with everything I am collecting and documenting (but now in English) before I am absolutely sure I have everything sorted out, typed out, and I have found a lawyer that is known to be a good one.

This time I am sure it will not be a lawyer that is cheap, certainly because we live somewhere else now, and probably we have to pay full amount.. But there is time, and I will use Steemit by that time to cover this..

But first let's get through the months of down payments for the rent and deposit and hopefully sort the passport thing out..

One thing I will advice anyone if it comes to these cases, is don't make the mistake I did (I thought when you have all the evidence it will be clear for the judge not understanding the money behind these placings of children yet) and make sure you really get the lawyer that did cases like yours before...

Good that you made this post! :) Very helpful I think!

YES!!! I had to learn this lesson the hard way. I was too accommidating. I too thought that if I refused to cooperate, then it would just make me look guilty. CPS also claimed to me that they just "wanted to help". I too let the investigators into my home. BIG MISTAKE! To repeat, DO NOT VOLUNTEER ANY INFORMATION! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!! (Where can I get one of those cards?)

I've read quite a few of these posts and every time I'm left feeling very angry or saddened by how innocent parents are caught up into these situations. Now this whole subject is a rabbit hole unto itself but what about actually attaining the birth certificates of the children and becoming "Nationals" instead of "Citizens"? This is another rabbit hole in itself but as I understand it they would have absolutely no ownership over one who has done this. Have you ever heard of this? In essence when you signed the birth cert. at the hospital when your child was born you signed them over to the state and they are no longer yours. Attaining that birth cert. gives them back to you is how I understand it. People think this is nuts and maybe it is but if you want to look further into for yourself start with Santos Bonacci on YT.


yes, some people have talked about that in posts already. A person has to really understand the law and their rights though before they do it, because it can actually make you more of a target if you do not approach everything with a LOT of knowledge about what you are doing and handle things the right way.


I personally support the @familyprotection project and I just posted for my support and invited the World community to support @familyprotection, if you do not mind to visit my bloq, for my support

Thanks for this @canadian-coconut

I used to work for a family law lawyer and you're right, some are better than others. I will add to your advice on attorneys. Find one with a history of fighting & winning against CPS. Someone who can fight, but never wins is worse than one who doesn't do anything at all because the let down when they lose is much worse.

Invaluable advice here @canadian-coconut .. I tell you, these parents can sleep easier at night knowing they have you as a friend .. as can all parents who in the darkest of times find the shining beacon of light that is #familyprotection ... "innocent until proven guilty", whilst everyone's eyes were focused elsewhere that concept seems to have been quitely assigned to the dustbin of history! :( Great work and great advice as always .. thank you for caring!!

It is a good idea

I real sorry for your friend Leah, it really does bring to light the desperate acts that the CPS resort to though. Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us, it is really good to have this all at hand, I can only imagine how difficult it would be to deal with CPS on the spot, but you have included everyone thing here to help one feel empowered in there actions of not engaging, Thank you @canadian-coconut, this is what it is all about, getting the information out there.

I ran across this graphic researching Q. I cannot verify that any of it is accurate, as it's from a place I have only visited, but it is chilling indeed. 88% of runaway children trafficked are stated to have been in the care of Social Services.


I hope parents do protect their kids from predators, and particularly those using the state as a means of acquiring their prey.

Thanks for your tireless and effective work to help people keep their kids safe!

So true! I think this information is something EVERYONE should know! People assume Child Protective Services have the CHILD's best interest at heart. Most parents, (myself included), would want to cooperate, would want to explain, because we have done nothing wrong and feel like doing so would help our case, not harm it.
CPS has really evolved into a monster. Thanks for spreading awareness.

Great tips! I would have definitely been a parent who tried to explain a situation. If we ever are in a sticky situation, I will now know to keep whatever I say to a minimum. Thanks for continuing to share this information. -Aimee


Are you familiar with the Private Attorney General provision that the Congress included in RICO legislation (as well as other pieces of legislation)? Do you think there is sufficient evidence that criminal racketeering could be proven against many or at least one particular CPS agency?

If so the PAG provision may be worth exploring-- you don't have to be an attorney to sue under PAG nor do you have had to have suffered loses directly- you are suing on behalf of the public.

I am currently suing the DHS pro se- once I wrap this lawsuit up I may very well sue to end corruption under the PAG of RICO or other legislation. States also have PAG provisions in their laws to encourage good folks to step up and sue when a public AG won't for whatever reason.


I don't know much about it, partly because it's an American legistlation and I'm in Canada.
You could write about it though, and tell us about your lawsuit against DHS.


I was assaulted and tased by a Federal Protective Services Officer in DC during the 2014 Million Mask March (Anonymous) Demonstration in DC. I had witnessed a vehicle/pedestrian hit and run that was intentional- i tried to present the officer my business card as a witness- he saw I had pepper spray in my vest and demanded I surrender it. I refused repeatedly- ended up tasing an arresting me- their big problem is that my pepper spray was 100% legal- I suspect they'll settle with me- in Discovery process now. All is going well-US Attorney and judge so far seem reasonable. Having fun.

Hi. I'm @shayne. You gave me a generous upvote today on my post about elite pedophilia and how it's used as a system of control.

I wanted to reach out and say that I appreciate what you're doing here and I wish you the most success.

Have a great weekend. :D

I love what you are doing to raise awareness about the corruption in social services around the world.
It gives me greater faith in humanity to know that there are kind souls in this world who are willing to stand up for others and give them the voice they need. ❤
Thank you for supporting my posts also. Your upvote really means a lot to me.

This has been in my backlog to get to. WOW. You broke this down! Resteeming this. See, I knew there was some sort of legal shift the second you let them in. I knew there was. Now, I know what it is. Thank you so much for this. If I could resteem it twice, I would!!!

I love how hearing this from a an experienced lawyer on these things makes you feel: empowered.

And it's true: If it were a true emergency, they would already have a court order in their hands. Period.

I was surprised at what really happened, well done the information
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

I just found this article. I wish I would have seen it earlier. This is very good information. I am a teacher and there are times when CPS becomes involved with the children in our class. There can be such a fine line between perception and reality when it comes to what is happening with children at home. I feel as though you need to be very careful when it comes to allegations and statements about the treatment of a child. I have heard cases where a teacher heard something from a student and based on that information immediately got CPS involved. It turned out that the claims were exaggerated and ultimately unfounded but the horror that those parents must have gone through dealing with this must have been excruciating.

The safety of our children has to be first and foremost but at the same time, there needs to be some validation of what is happening before accusations are thrown out there. Once they have been made then no matter what there will always be the perception by some people that will never change. Also, once you are on CPS's radar then you could have continued issues in the future.
Like I said, it is a very fine line.

You are doing such important wonderful work! Thank you so much for helping spread awareness! Sending you all my support and love! Also I wanted you say thank you for taking the time to read and support my posts! You are a truly incredible and special person!

some lawyers are just there for the money, especially when it is free, at least like that it is in Belgium and Holland. My brother is a lawyer, and we talked about it, that some people are really lucky they got him and not someone else who was on duty that day. As a lawyer you always first have to point on their rights, after that their duty, only then you know what you can and have to, and how to do it. Filming is indeed a good thing when you get questioned. Intersting that this is everywhere the same on this earth.

It is truly horrendous how these institutions allegedly created to "protect" citizens and children in particular... do anything but. It just all reads like a particularly twisted horror story... and yet, it's very real.

Thank you for all the effort and research you put into creating and sharing this information with people!


This is thinkable theory

Like seriously what do they gain from maliciously destroying homes.I wouldn't be surprised if they CPS plant damning evidence against their victims.


In many cases the FAMILY is not a priority, the STATE is. Children are allowed to stay with parents as guardians as long as they are raised in the nurture and the admonition of the state. The State reciently allowed two children to die in England who had medical issues even though the parents wanted to take care of the children. They STATE Ruled that the Doctors MUST terminate the children regardless of the parents wishes. THEY Children in question would be of no benifit to the state only a liability . one children was born normal and was subjected BY THE STATE to Full Vaccinations before contracting his life threatening illnesses. The Country of Italy Even granted the one child citizenship and offered to transport him to italy for full medical care... BUT THE STATE said it was in the best interest of the child to simply DIE..
I'M SORRY I just do not trust them


This is New World Order Agenda is to place the priority of the STATE before the people or family.

I am very agree with you my friend his Excellency mrs @canadian-coconut, we must to work together to stop legal kidnaping, in my country indonesia there is so many cases about kidnaping and also violence to kids, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia, thank you very much for your sharing to us valuable and informative article, I have upvote and resteem your post to more than 2200 my followers in order to make more people know about your post especially about family protection, I interested about family protection topics and will write article about that in my blog, maybe you can support me, thank you very much for your kind and attention

This is a very important topic that you reveal in your post! When people get into a difficult situation, they need help, because stress prevents them from thinking the right way! I will wait for your story to continue, friend @canadian-coconut!

hi @canadian-coconut how is @familyprotection situation, I have not heard anymore about family there, have you got justice? I still hope that your family there can be well preserved.

These stories are so hard for me to read but so important for people to know what's happening! Thanx for sharing all this incredibly useful information! You are dong incredible work and I deeply appreciate you!

It's a travesty how often the loving parents are called to answer these horrible accusations while the true child abusers hide away in shadows tormenting the gifts God gave them. Good advice for young parents to take note of. I will bear these laws in mind if friends or family are faced with CPS in the future. My DIL and son were falsely accused a couple months ago. We have no idea where the accuser(s) came from, but fortunately the investigation was dropped.

hello good morning is unfortunate that many people do not know our rights because of ignorance of the laws, because of this many government agencies, police and government do what you explained there, abuse by ignorance of the laws, deceiving people say that they bring an order and do not show it, that the case does not apply to them, and the insurance companies, social insurance, and any body that has to ensure a service to the person does the impossible to make you guilty for not paying, while the law tells you that you are innocent until proven otherwise, they make the law work inversely. It is very unlikely that there are attorneys who graduated without reading the laws, and who always bet on the contrary bark without doing what they call the true justice

Yes, dealing with an experience hand is always advisable.

Very looking photography post.. Very nice job.. I love family.. I learned a lot .. I am studying law to know my rights and my obligations.. Thanks for sharing valuable post..
best of luck...

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Not to discount the experience described, I'm sure these things do happen far more often than anyone would care to admit, but my experiences with CPS have been much different. Polar opposite actually. Minimal investigation of claims, brushing offs... in fact once when CPS was called on me (rough patch combined with dramatic, petty, and vindictive people in my life) I had a CPS worker look me straight in the face and tell me that they really didn't care if I used drugs as long as there were no marks on the child and the living space met criteria (not dirty, separate bed for the child, no obvious hazards, ext).

Also I once had to open a CPS report, not something I did lightly trust me being aware of the flaws in the system and how many people abuse it for personal vendettas it was the last thing I wanted to do, I felt the case was severely mishandled. It took three months for a multidisciplinary interview (Child advocacy therapist, CPS worker, and detectives from two counties), one of the detectives didn't bother to show up, the CPS worker sent in someone else, and if you know anything about the system these interviews should happen as soon as possible after trauma. The delays in the investigation sabotaged the court case as well.

From what I've seen if there isn't flashing neon signs spelling out "abuse" six inches from their eyes nothing happens despite evidence, and people in situations where there should be interventions can just spend the day before the pre-warned visit cleaning the maggots out of their house (yes I've personally seen this happen multiple times) to avoid being hounded.

Either way it goes, the system is broken and needs to be reevaluated to better help children in need.


It really does depend on where you live, maybe even more so than the cps worker her/himself. I was told by a friend who is in the field of social work- that in Baltimore where she lives, they would have to come upon a scene where a needle was hanging from the arm of a parent and the child was in apparent distress before they could remove the child from the home. You might see this as a travesty, I see it as the right way for them to behave, because it is a VERY serious thing to take a child from their parent. Particularly since far too many foster parents are in it for the money and are more likely (in many cases far more likely) to neglect or abuse one of their wards then a drug addicted parent would be simply because the natural love and attachment does not exist for them. On top of which there are scary statistics when it comes to the system losing track of children they have placed.

You mentioned that multiple times you have seen people cleaning up maggots to avoid being hounded- are you involved in social work yourself? And do you think the presence of maggots in a home is enough of a reason to remove a child? Obviously it's disgusting, but I would propose that if cleanliness was the main issue it could be solved by offering help to the parents- why did it get to such a state in the first place- do they work full time, are they simply exhausted, do they come from poverty where such a thing is normal and perhaps just need to be educated on the health risks etc.

Separating children from their families is traumatic even if they don't come from an ideal situation, it has long lasting negative effects on their lives, and unfortunately the type of foster parents who would give these children the love, security, and support they would need to have a better life are much rarer than most people know. The job of Child Protection is supposed to be to PROTECT children which I would think would naturally involve helping parents to be better at being parents- and only taking the children as a last resort.

But as you said at the end, the system is broken.


I am not a social services worker no, I just happen to have had the pleasure of interacting with these types of people (there was nothing physically wrong with said people, they were unemployed, ext. even so I don't feel like there's really any excuse for a home to be in that state).

Let me clarify my stance on the issue as I didn't really before. I do believe that removal should be a last ditch effort. If my child had been taken from me during my couple years of darkness I may not have made it out, but I also may have made it out sooner if any actual help was provided. Of course they do have programs for that kind of thing, I'm very close to a social worker who was involved in these programs before moving on to trauma therapy and she was a light house for me.

Of course it works sometimes... That social worker was born addicted to heroin and removed from her biological parents. She was placed into a loving foster family and right around the time the adoption process started her social worker came back with a baby in arm, her little sister.

They were both adopted, along with a little boy who was found nearly dead, starving, the back of his head raw and bleeding because he hadn't even been picked up, at just a few weeks old. Three other children from awful situations were adopted into the family as well, another was fostered shortly before being placed somewhere more accommodating of his special needs, and yet another fostered until her biological mother took control of her life and won her back.

Those kids are my cousins, aunts, uncles, all grown up now and doing wonderfully. I've seen the system work and I've seen it completely botched. I don't have facts and figures, I don't have degrees in anything related to the field, I am not expert.

All I have is my own experience, and from that experience my personal opinion is that those programs should be expand and mandatory. The greatest flaw that I see in the system is biased workers, and spite reports. I feel that the focus shifting more to rehabilitation and education rather than head hunts would be beneficial to everyone.


I've actually sat down to answer this multiple times and then been interrupted. I almost sent one response just because I felt bad for making you wait, but it wouldn't have done it justice.

I am very happy to hear some positive stories regarding this system, because I have only experienced the negative side and so I truly began to believe there was nothing and no one inside of the system who truly cared. I still allowed for the possibility that people of integrity and empathy might start out at CPS, but after seeing the corruption and bureaucracy they would surely find another field, as my friend did, leaving only those who lack a conscience- and in that position of power, that is far worse than ignorant- and depending on the degree, neglectful, even abusive- parents. That might sound terrible to you, but I have friends who came from such situations, and also those who came from the system, and the comparison is what has brought me to that position.

I don't relate to a lot of it, to be honest, as my children are my whole world,(although that is subjective in the eyes of 'the law' at times, as I homeschool/unschool my children. I've been lucky that this has not caused me grief as I know it has for others) and I had parents who felt the same way. I was one of the fortunate, so I can only go by the same as you- the experience of those I'm close to. But the outcomes that you've described give me hope that there is some semblance of care inside of all of that. So thank you for that. And I will continue to have hope that they will shift to rehabilitation and education over head hunts.


It is really awful. That social worker talks to me about her job a lot, never anything that would violate privacy of her clients in anyway, how she feels really. Let me tell you I think she's just about the greatest person I've ever met. I would not have the emotional strength of mental stamina to do what she does in a million years. She cares so much, she's really kept my faith in humanity. As long as there is people like her out there I have hope.


I want really want to feel hopeful, but this-

Is the kind of thing I'm used to hearing in terms of CPS, long before steemit. So freaking awful :(


Agh my skin is crawling from that :,(
I was recently having conversations with a man (from your area actually) who highlighted to be just how corrupt the system is where he is, he dated a CPS worker. He told me that basically they were a little rat pack using these cases, these kids, to push their own agendas.

I still like to think that there's a lot out there that do care and hold onto it.


It does seem that many times where there is abuse or bad neglect, that the CPS does nothing and leaves the child in a poor situation, YET good parents often seem more likely to have their children removed than parents with lots of issues.
You can see that in this experiment that @kryptocoin did where they responded faster to the silly reports and slower or not at all to serious reports of abuse.

And then there are some offices where the Social Workers seem to be more honorable and reasonable than others. The main problem is that you can't get out the corrupt or inept Social Workers, as there is no accountability.

Thank-you for your comment.


Thank you for the link, I will definitely check out the experiment.


Yes i think you are right.. However some of the private firms that supply "care" in UK use dubious practices and it depends often on the worker you get...
The system is broken from our point of view..but if you look at the shares of those private companies, it's working for them...sad but true.


Unfortunately this seems to be the reality for every "industry"


It is. The 1% are pulling even further forward and condemning the rest of us to a life that is harder and crueler than it should be.
crypto and the blockchain can change this.

Really very good job sir@canadian-coconut.....I love familyprotection....I like your post...thanks for sharing

Keep up the good works

Excellent advice! The CPS is a relentless bunch. Opposite of what worries me as well which is APS. 🐓🐓

thank you so much


This is quite great data you posted our here. I need to thank you for realizing my mindfulness this since I didn't realized that something like this is occurring to a few people. In spite of the fact that despite everything I don't have any youngster yet however the data you said here will be hold to my brain and presumably recall it when I required it. Awesome article @canadian-coconut

i like your post @canadian-coconut , although in my country the cps not exist, but we will be face the similar case. Very usefull for us you remind me to always aware and not careless with the any institution. Thanks.

The investigator sure had an issue, after the X-ray results showing it was an accident they still followed her home.
Lawyer seem to fight for a criminal's rights much harder and smarter than they will fight for an innocent parent's rights!. You so right on this, most times they channel their effort towards things that would earn them much money not saving innocent lives.
In all it really a very educative post, we sure need to know and guard our rights jealously.

MOST LAWYERS have no idea how to best protect you from CPS!

This is shocking, but true. We have the number to HSLDA right by the front door. They are the only ones that I know will help with HOMESCHOOL related CPS investigations. Outside of homeschool issues? I'd have to ask around. Might be better to be prepared now, rather than later. We always assume there will never be a later. @ironshield

This post was upvoted and resteemed by #thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.

You will find my active post here: #thethreehugs

thank you, Linda!
It's very useful information

we all know we mustn't let them in, but when parents are in stress, they can just lose their head and forget their rights, being afraid of being guilty. But we should always keep calm, because if we can't take care of our families, then CPS will "take care" of them...

There're so many such lawyers, who must protect their clients, but they protect their pockets, laws or even crime authorities. Why did he say to let them in? Din't he know the laws?

We all are from different countries, but most places have the same laws about entering the house, so we must just find them to have agruments. CPS are afraid of people who know laws and their rights.

The last picture with a joke about CPS is just brilliant!
"talk to each other" - well said:)

Great post with experience
thanks for sharing sir

This Houston lawyer knows her stuff! Go Houston! :) I appreciate the little red card you could just hang up right outside your front door! And the other one inside that has your rights along with cases cited. It has to be so intimidating when they show up, especially with an officer (to protect them, not to make you do something). I understand why so many people just comply to keep the peace, but it is such a terrible decision and a risk to your family. I hope that people will read this post and heed your advice.

Any connections to pro bono laywers in st louis county in Minnesota?


It would be nice if we could put together a list like that sometime. Sorry that I can't help you.

Thank you so much for neatly laying out all of this information. Some of it I already knew, but I like that preprinted card containing the rebuttals based on 4th and 5th amendment rights. Also the "warrant slid under the door" tip!

Thank you for this article!

I'm an attorney practicing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It's important for people to understand that the procedures and local rules of child protective services vary from state to state. The level of involvement required by courts and other third parties varies dramatically. Massachusetts and New Hampshire are night and day compared to each other, for example. Massachusetts is every bit as procedural and bureaucratic as its reputation suggests, where New Hampshire is very different. Find competent local counsel who you trust; there is no one-size-fits-all national template for dealing with any state protective service or fighting a protective order.

This post is everything. In my country, im not even sure social orkers exist. I have never heard of one. If they could work for good here, so many children will benefit

this is very good, we very much got a lesson from this post.
thanks for sharing a very useful post.

post a very remarkable i'm very happy to see his friends. friend help me if a time

Oh, that's a very useful article. In fact, many of us are shocked to see police officers on their porch. at THIS POINT WE get LOST AND FORGET ABOUT THEIR RIGHTS: the RIGHT NOT to LET THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSE. It seems that we need to open the door and prove that we're innocent. But that's a mistake. Yeah, they don't want to get in to make sure we're clean. On the contrary, they want to come in to find something against us. Any little thing can play against their parents. And it is important to remember this rule and be persistent, do not open the door for them. Be persistent and protect your family from these imaginary child protectors.

Things are different in my country, thank you very much for this great job, I learned a lot .. I am studying law to know my rights and my obligations.

Really important information for all parents. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is that many lawyers are in on the game with the CPS.

Thanks for sharing this and everything you are doing to support the parents.

One of the best post it is
all the best


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How are you @canadian-coconut after read your article i take concloution your write very nice and very interest information

If there's one thing I've learned from reading @familyprotection (which is really a dumb thing to say, because I've learned loads, but the most important) is to never talk to them, that cooperation almost always ends up hurting inoccent families and that it's so very important to know your rights and be sure of them.

Urgh, that CPS creature deserves a place in Hell, what a sadistic, abject monster.

These are some very important points to know how to deal with CPS which I don't think any of us are aware of and they can make a huge difference like in your friends case so thank you so much for sharing this and educating us.
Your friend is so lucky to have you there to help and support and I wish her all the best.

good morning my friend @canadian-coconut. I strongly agree with Inviting Lawyers for AGAINST CPS and Defend Our Rights.since we as human beings must membele all the rights of us.I strongly agree with your opinion kawan.anak child is very important for us to protect and We take care of ourselves. I love my friends, I am also a mother so I can feel what you explain. Success is always for you @canadian-coconut greeting friendship from me @pengenkaya from Indonesia.
my child



Très intéressant

Their is always a man with a gun on my porch and it is this man. I don't open the door if I am not expecting anyone and even then the screen doors stay lock. I will go out another door and lock it behind me and walk around to see who it is if I did not have prior notice. Even the mail lady and police honk when they come down the road around here because people have dogs, donkeys and all kind of protections for themselves and their livestock where I live. Keep fighting the good fight.

If you invite an investigator into your home, you have waived your fourth amendment protection

Like inviting a vampire into your home. 😨

What a sick idea! How many parents willfully injure their children, like breaking a bone?
As for the lawyers, I guess they' re part of the system, too, and they need to protect it!


You'd be suprised. when i lived in India children were often hurt so they could beg more money..It depends in what society you live. Religious communities seem to regard kids as "property". It's sad but true.

My step daughter is suffering the same type of interference to "help"
However the outcome is surveilence and re-education
In the working class community that also includes thought policing.
Social services in the UK have never protected children as evidenced by their appalling record of protecting children from our community>
Most of the "work", now done by private firms is informed by a negative stereotype of our community. We are a community that needs to be watched and our thoughts on certain things changed in their view. Most social workers come from the ideological liberal left.
I am in the middle of doing an investigation into the private companies that now provide "care" that these companies provide. It's an outright case of "conflict of interest". I will post this on #familyprotection..
The first group failed by social services were predominantly boys in the care home system. That system was in large scrapped due to widespread abuse It was replaced with intervention and support in family homes..
Now, they are turning a blind eye to abuse in the community. From religious rape gangs. This is due to the fact that the religious community in question has many left councilors and voters..
Grooming is still happening. There have been thousands of girls abused and there will be thousands more, if as a community we don't stand up to this..

I understand that your post relates to social services in the US. I live in the UK but the situations are basically the same.This will get worse as manual labor declines. The working class community are being systematically destroyed.
Thank you for your informative post.
The blockchain could be our saviour....

.hi my friend i am very interested in your posting buddy, the experience that buddy tell in this post is really very inspired, thank you buddy because my friend has share experience with us all.

this is the best familyprotection knowledge

Hey there. i just wanted to say thank you for up voting dave mccoy post for the fundraiser but i only saw it now. sorry for not thanking you earlier

Maybe I am wrong, I am thinking that Layers who are specieliesd in one Problem only are much better as a lawyer who make many different cases. But maybe I can be wrong. Never had big fights where I need a lawyer. I like to share your post to the German steemians, resteemed.

this is good information that you submit here.I'm sure there are many people who have read the disturbing stories you have told over the last few months and every parent needs to read this, I personally support the @ familyprotection project and I just posted for my support and invited the World community tosupport @familyprotection, if you do not mind to visit my bloq, for my support
Thanks for this @canadian-coconut

On many occasions they arrive so challenging that one simply gets scared and gives in to the requirements that they illegally perform. I am currently working as a psychologist in the ministry of protection of children and adolescents, this is the name of the CPS in my country, and believe me the processes are totally irregular and in many opportunities the parents do not know that they are accused because the workers themselves do not is responsible for making the records correctly, when the government or the organization forces them to make judgments and present the children they invent an endless number of charges that they can not verify, but as the body is flawed, what happens we know, the separation of families. A week ago I did my first evaluation of a girl sexually abused by her father and even social service has not taken any action on the matter, even the girl is still living in the same house, being abused and they do not care about that.

because with togetherness despite different places, let us succeed with affection hands just memvoting our colleagues blog @zuhrafriska

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Thanks for your explanation, so far I do not understand the slightest way to face cps, after reading your writing, I now know that they often cheat us.

As I read the whole story of your post, I was disappointed in what the CPS did to Leah and her son. The CPS must not immediately judge as an abuse of what had happened to leah’s son. They must investigate well the incident if it was an abuse or purely an incident and immediately help the kid to undergo medical treatment. No need to get the child from his mother, instead the CPS must home visit the child. I am very compassionate in helping abused children but I investigate well and neither force anyone just to get in their house, it's absolutely against the law. We have to respect others right.

This is what happens when you let big government decide what is best for everyone. Abolish CPS around the world.!

Thanks for your valueable post.............

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Thanks, it was very important information to me know, though, I don't have children yet. if I were Leah, I will open the door without even being suspicious. good to know. and keep that in mind. thank you again!

A grest blogger you are. Very interesting blog for me..

Family protection is a necessity in the world and not only this but also a childhood ... I love their work, God bless you ..
warrior firm.jpg

Family protection is a necessity in the world and not only this but also a childhood ... I love their work, God bless you ..
warrior firm.jpg