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The family is an important part of society and it is the formation of families that form the society. From the society, the community is been defined. The English dictionary further defines it as follows: (countable) A long-standing group of people sharing cultural aspects such as language, dress, norms of behavior and artistic forms.

No matter how sane a society can be, the good, the bad, the ugly and the best must exist, it is just left to be contained. It is the society that will then rationalize how thing should work.

The death of XXX tentation was the real reason I came up with this write up. Can a single kid come up with an obscure character or he picks things up from his immediate environment? Is it the kid that influence the society or the society influence the kid.


I never believe a character can be invented into a society by a kid, a kid is a learner who picks up characters from his/her immediate society. They are mirrors who only reflects whatever is shown to them. If a kid should pick up an obscure behavior who do we blame?

XXX Tentation was tagged as a bad kid but nobody ever asks where he picked up those acts. He would walk nude if that is the norm of the society he finds himself. In the common law jurisdiction, the age for real adulthood is 21 as established in the Supreme Court case of labinjo v labake. Now, why is the death of a teenager a thing of joy for the world? After reaching the world acclaimed age of adulthood which is 18, for a kid to transform and become a full adult he must reach the age of 21-25 so as to adjust to the real stage of adulthood. Another sentiment I hold towards the age of a thing is this, all persons no matter the age or so needs guidance in as much as you are not faring well in your endeavors in life, a pain of one of us should be a pain for all, let not try to ignore the little lacuna in the lives of the people around us, it is the little things that become major.


This is a challenge to the parents, this is a challenge to the guardians, this is a challenge to the society, this is a challenge to the community, this is a challenge for all sane adult, this is a challenge to the world at large. You guys said the kids are the leaders of tomorrow, but why is the leader of tomorrow a problem of today. Why are the leaders of tomorrow passing away, why is our hope diminishing, why is our future perishing, and the appalling part is nobody is taking cognizance of these things, we all blame the kids. The kid is a learner, the kid is an actor who acts based on the script given to him, let save the kid, let save the world, let save the future.


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