The government understates the number of seized by CPS children from 309,000 to 3,200 in a report to the President.

Hello dears! I already wrote about the Senator Elena Mizulina who officially recognized danger of CPS for an ordinary family. ITAR-TASS distorted her words, Mizulina presented the final alternative report to the President, but ITAR-TASS understated the number of seizures of children by 100 times, from 309 000 to 3200. Thus, the Federal media clearly protect the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, who is one of the main ideologists of the introduction of the juvenile justice system.


14 parent organizations were going to declare their distrust to Anna Kuznetsova, the Commissioner for the rights of the child, at a special press conference in Moscow due to the fact, that Kuznetsova came under the influence of government officials, who promote juvenile justice. But at the last moment, organizations were refused to provide a platform from one of the news agencies. The next day, this story was repeated, in an even worse version, in ITAR-TASS, where Senator Elena Mizulina presented the final report to the President on the removal of children from families. The report is not accidentally called "alternative" - Mizulina prepared the report together with parents ' organizations, because she doubts the objectivity of Government officials, who had to report on the situation with exemptions. "Initially, we planned to conduct this work together with the Commissioner for the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova," said Elena Mizulina, but since January 2017 it became clear, that Kuznetsova colluded with government officials and will simply repeat their theses. Subsequent events showed, that the decision was correct: Kuznetsova said, that there is no the juvenile justice system in Russia and the number of exceptions is negligible and is due to the human factor.

Elena Mizulina decided to make a report to the President herself, with the help of the public Commissioner for family protection in St. Petersburg, as well as requests to Rosstat, and other Federal and regional authorities. The results exceeded all expectations. It turned out, that in Russia by 2016, not only has juvenile justice been introduced at the level of laws and regulations, but 309 000 children a year are already being withdrawn from Russian families. The formation of this system was carried out according to Western methods, many of which are reflected in the current 2012 "National strategy for action for children".

The main" engine " of anti-family reforms in the social sphere of the Russian Federation is Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. It was from her submission that the system of measures for the "prevention of social orphanhood", measures of state support for socially oriented institutions was legalized, the principle of interdepartmental interaction was introduced (as a result of which kindergartens, schools and medical workers were involved in the juvenile cycle, becoming a potential source of danger for the family).


Speaking about the number of seizures of children, Mizulina explained where her figure of 309 000 seizures came from and why government officials, namely Anna Kuznetsova, talk about only 3 200 seizures. It turns out, that officials are limited to children seized under article 77 of the Family code (threat to life or health). At the same time, officials slyly keep silent about 270 684 children, who were "placed under supervision" (in fact, in most cases, the CPS simply forced parents to blackmail them into giving up their children for "temporary" placement in an orphanage. Half of these children eventually return home, but the fact of their separation from their parents causes them great trauma. Also, officials do not take into account 38 757 children, who were seized by the police due to "lack of parental care". Only a third of these children are orphans, and the rest are so — called social orphans, i.e. children who have parents . As it is explained in practice by police officers: in some regions more and more guards take away children from grandmothers and grandfathers since, because they are not the legal representatives of the child, which sometimes leads to such tragedies as the case of one-year-old Umarali Nazarov, who was taken from his mother in the presence of his grandmother under the "act of neglect". As a result of criminal actions of police officers the kid was lost, but nobody was punished.

One of the results of the Government is a terrible bias towards the support of foster families and orphanages, which the state spends, per child, 23 times more money than a child in a blood family (more than 14 million per child compared to 616 thousand in a blood family). "The system of prevention costs the state trillions of rubles" - said Elena Mizulina, stating that our country urgently needs a "reset of the entire system" to help centers began to work not to identify the "early trouble" , and to help his family - and then, only at the request of the parents themselves

The report of Elena Mizulina caused panic in the camp of juvenile. Thus, ITAR-TASS reduced the number of seizures to 3,200 children - that is, to the figure that the Government issued in its reports. Elena Mizulina demanded to correct the mistake, but the TASS editorial refused. The Senator believes that this is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to mislead the President. In order to prevent misinformation, Elena Borisovna intends to seek an audience of the President immediately after the publication of the government report in order to convey to him the provisions of her report.

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