Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee Elena Mizulina said, that every family in Russia is in danger, because it can become the object of control by the CPS

Hello everyone! Currently, people are divided into two categories. The first believe, that all stories about CPS fiction and lies, the second (mostly those, who are faced with this organization) believe, that CPS builds a business on the illegal removal of children from families. The number of unjustified seizures of children from any, even prosperous parents in Russia, is growing. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Mizulina. The problem was discussed during a press conference on the problems of removal of children from families and the results of independent monitoring Of the Association of parent committees and communities (ARCS).


Experts believe, that the situation needs to be corrected. The alarm is related to the fact, that the number of unjustified seizures is growing, and should fall, because the real orphanhood in Russia has decreased. The number of children left without parents or their care had been successfully and significantly reduced (by half) by 2013. And since 2013, the number of orphans began to grow again. Experts of the Association of parent committees and communities summarized 140 cases, the most striking, and analyzed, what were the reasons for the removal of the child, which, in fact, was behind these actions. And it turns out, that in most of the cases considered the reasons for the selection of children from families were poor living conditions, lack of repair, lack of furniture, food in the refrigerator, that is poverty. A special place is occupied by debts for housing.

Many of these cases I told. For example, the case, when a 3-month Rodion Thin from the Krasnodar region was killed. He was removed from the family on August 2015, when his mother went to work and asked to sit with the boy a neighbor. Both parents were in a difficult situation at the time. Father lost his job. Having learned about it, and also about debts for the apartment, CPS began to come to a family. As a result, they took away not only Rodion, who was then 1.5 months, but also a three-year-old daughter Ilona. After a while the child died in hospital as a result of a craniocerebral trauma. Despite the long investigation, the punishment for the death of the baby, no one has suffered. In the act of taking it is said, that in the refrigerator there is not enough food. That's it. And this was enough to ensure, that CPS on their own act seized a small child. The family received no help. In the end, it ended in tragedy.


Far-fetched reasons for the removal of children too much. At the same time, no one wants to help families. On the contrary, in response to requests for help, officials come and take children from their parents. At the same time, in many cases, mothers and fathers are very responsible for the upbringing of sons and daughters, just got into a difficult situation. Often the reason for the removal of children is a conflict between children and parents, when too many others know about it, even if, for example, the father punished the child for theft. In general, the reasons for the selection of children – the disease of parents, lack of housing or repair, poverty. But the CPS decides, from which family they take the child.

The result of monitoring is simple - the juvenile system works in Russia. The position of the head of the Association of parent committees and community supported and Elena Mizulina. She found the practice outrageous. According to the senator, it is absurd to withdraw children due to the fact, that the family has no money for repairs. It is necessary to help parents, but nobody wants to do it. The senator believes, that the juvenile justice system, which is financially interested in the development of the system of substitute families and children's social institutions, can affect any of the 26 million families with minor children, as she said at a press conference. Here are her words:"I say: every family, rich, prosperous, successful, happy, can be subject to control by the juvenile infrastructure and the removal of children." In the risk group, according to her, are large families and single parents. Maybe the fact, that the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional law recognizes the inflection in the actions of the CPS will change your opinion? I hope so.

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