CPS came with the MOE and entered the apartment through the window to pick up the child on the second day after birth: the story of the woman with whom I was lying in the maternity hospital

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Hello everyone! I have not written posts for a long time, because recently we had a son! Now we are at home, getting used to each other. What I would like to write about. I was lying in a ward with a woman, who told me her story, it has to do with juvenile justice and CPS. Woman's name is Olga. Listen.


Olga already has a son, and her story is connected with him. By the first pregnancy Olga and her husband decided, that they will not use medical services in the issue of childbirth. They planned the child, Olga felt great, throughout the pregnancy did not use the services of doctors. The couple decided, that they will give birth at home. Olga was absolutely sure, that everything would be fine. In general, so all it was. The only moment, that Olga with the husband were a little not ready to, that the period of fights will go so long. As a result, the couple called an ambulance and went to the hospital. A boy was born. The birth went well. Since Olga originally planned to give birth at home, the services of the hospital was not going to resort. She planned on the next day to go home (in General, in Russia, women are discharged from the hospital on the third day, if there are no complications). Further events have evolved so. In the first hour, after Olga gave birth, she was approached by a medical worker and categorically informed, that on the first day of the child's life he will be vaccinated against hepatitis, and after 4 days he will be vaccinated against tuberculosis. And gave the document, in which Olga had to sign for these vaccinations. Olga said, that she will not give any vaccinations. But then the pressure began from the medical staff. Olga categorically refused the first vaccination against hepatitis. And tuberculosis - she said, that she will consult with her husband, and they will make a decision at home.

Olga did not like the medical care, the staff of the hospital, food, cleanliness of the room and so on, so she decided to leave the hospital home. To do this, she went to the head of the hospital and asked how she can arrange it. The head said, it was impossible, but Olga insisted. Then her husband arrived. After some time of communication all agreed, that Olga leaves the documents, the hospital staff will issue a certificate, an extract from the hospital, but this will need to go on Monday. After that, the head let Olga and her child go home. The head didn't tell, that it is necessary to write the application or to sign still some documents.

The next day CPS came to Olga. They asked, why Olga escaped from the hospital with the child. When Olga asked to show documents and permission to visit the apartment, the CPS employee took out a piece of paper, waved to her from afar. Then he walked in the shoes to the room, where the child was, asked why there is no baby cot in the room. As a result, he said, that Olga has anti-social family and CPS will take the child. Can you imagine? It's the second day after the birth. The next day Olga was home alone with the child, her husband went to work. Someone knocked on the door, but Olga decided not to open it, because she was not ready to talk to CPS without her husband. Soon she heard cries :" Here is Ministry of emergency. If you don't open the door, we'll break into your apartment!" Olga thought, that they would leave. But after a while she heard a knock on the window. An employee of the Ministry of emergency situations from the street tried to enter the apartment. Olga locked herself in the bathroom and called her husband, asked him to come home urgently. All this time, CPS staff walked around the apartment and said, that there are drug addicts living here. After her husband came, Olga left the bathroom. CPS brought a doctor, who asked to see the child. On all questions of Olga, on what basis it all happens, no one answered. Olga knew, that she had the right to refuse medical care and to register with the child to the pediatrician, to whom she wants. Olga has already chosen a doctor, immediately called him on the phone. The doctor advised to let the CPS examine the child, CPS calmed down and left. After that, CPS left.


As it turned out, it all started because, the head of the hospital called the CPS and said, that Olga left on the second day after the birth in an unknown direction, refused medical care. The head didn't tell, that they had arrangements with Olga and the head was aware why Olga leaves. After that, Olga began proceedings with the CPS, but they said, that Olga violated the child's right to medical care, when she left the hospital. Why Olga was denied professional advice on how she can leave this hospital. If she could leave the hospital. And how it is made out. Why wasn't she informed, that she would have such difficulties afterwards. Head used her personal information, because Olga trusted her with their documents. If Olga knew that a visit from CPS and the MOE, and will begin to break into the apartment through a window, is Olga went out of the hospital? Of course she would have continued to lie there, in order to properly execute. But she could not get professional advice. There's been a communication failure. As a result, she was unable to establish contact with any pediatrician who came to her, or with the staff of guardianship, because Olga just did not understand on what basis all these people go to and what kind of attitude it is to her.

What about the CPS staff? They thought about the baby's condition, the stress, that a young mother would get? And most importantly, we all have rights. But these rights are only on paper. MA have the right to refuse to vaccinate the child, in the end we are imposed vaccinations in the first hour after the birth of the child (with me it was also). We have the right to stand up for home childbirth, as a result of CPS this also saw a violation of the rights of the child. We can choose which doctor will have our child, in the end we are obliged to register in a regular clinic. In the second pregnancy Olga did not make such mistakes. She decided to give birth immediately in the hospital and lie down for 3 days, so she had no problems with CPS.

Thanks for reading!

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I consider that the main thing is the good attention to the baby and to the mother, before, during and after the birth of the child.
It is better to go to the health center, to be truly attended to any eventuality.


I believe that the main idea is not whether to go to the hospital, and in the actions of the CPS

If I don't trust you @naditinkoff, I'd have said the story was false. WTF is wrong with these monsters


I was shocked when she told me everything. To get into the apartment through the window to the mother with a small child... It's worse than monsters!

It is a very sad story, but they are realities that many are unaware of. good publication

the truth is that they can use anything and especially the denials emphasized by the mother to not vaccinate, this case will not be easy and the saddest of all is that we speak of a small child who needs to be breastfed for his mother

reading I did not believe that such a thing could happen. I do not wish anyone anything like that. So much stress and unpleasantness, because someone can't accept the will of parents

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