A woman from the Perm region found her children, whom CPS selected and sent to the US; corruption scheme in action

Hello everyone! Recently, news and talk shows highlighted the story of a woman, who turned to the media to track down children. A woman - resident of the Perm region with the help of the Federal channel managed to find three of her four children, who were transferred for adoption in the United States. She also found out the fate of the fourth child – he died of hunger in America. The prehistory is as follows. The main heroine in 1999 lived with her husband and four children in a three-room apartment. Her husband was fired from his job, and then he left the family. The woman was left alone, she had to take custody of her two younger sisters.


One day, when she left the children in the care of her 13-year-old sister and went on business to the village, in the house came the CPS staff and took the children to the orphanage, explaining their actions by the fact, that in the house there is not enough food and cockroaches running around the apartment. First CPS didn't allowed the mother to the orphanage, then allowed, but reported, that the american family looked after the children.

The woman was summoned to court and within 15 minutes accused of alcoholism, although there was no evidence for this, then deprived of parental rights, despite the fact, that the law had the right only to limit parental rights and to engage in family therapy. The average "adoption abroad" through the agency at that time was worth about 100 thousand dollars, the money was divided between all participants of the corruption scheme, the first was the CPS , so that four healthy children have been sent in the United States. And no one noticed, that the older girl Sophia wrote a written refusal of adoption and asked to return she to her mother. Nothing about the children was unknown, until in January 2005 the Baltimore Sun newspaper wrote about the Russian orphan Denis Uritsky, who was starved to death by american adoptive parents. The boy at 8 years old weighed 16 pounds. It was the younger son of the main heroine. Adoptive parents were imprisoned for 22 years, but released after 12 years. The three remaining children were given to different foster families.
The native mother of children could learn nothing about them, CPS did not answer questions, referring to the secret of adoption. The woman was in a wheelchair, depressed and had a stroke. She was evicted from her service apartment. Saved her man, who soon became her husband. Now they live in their house. Women's health is still a big problem. She can't leave the house without help.


The woman wanted to know about the fate of their children and wrote on the Federal TV channel. Employees were able to find three grown children. In Russia arrived the eldest of the children, Sophia, who wrote at the time a written refusal from a trip to the United States. She still does not want to be separated from her mother. One son zombified on the subject of the fact, that his mother left him and does not want to see her. The second daughter wants to see her mother, but she could not come to Russia.

The TV program was attended by a woman from CPS, who took the children from the family many years ago. She won't admit her guilt. In fact, the transfer of these and other children for adoption abroad many years ago, a criminal case was opened, but the case was closed. The Prosecutor's office investigated, that CPS taken to the United States under the pretext of rest 21 children from various institutions of the Perm region (including four children of the main heroine). As a result of the trip, 19 children were adopted by americans through the Agency "Adaption Foreva". This criminal act was qualified by the article "trafficking in minors", but in 2003 the case was dismissed due to the amendment of the Criminal code. And how many more such cases are hidden behind the statute of limitations? How many other mothers don't know the whereabouts of their children? And where is the guarantee, that CPS does not crank such schemes now around the world? And most importantly, the destinies of many families are crippled, but no one was punished.

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