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RE: How I Could've Lost My Kids For No Good Reason

I'm so glad to hear they weren't able to take your kids. I know from experience that it all depends on who you get. If they like you you're lucky, if they don't like you, you're damned...Thank you so much for sharing your story and raising awareness. Upvoted, followed and resteemed.


Thank you so much!!! So true, it all depends on how they feel about you.

There are a few people here who know exactly what you went through. I for one, still am at the moment. There hasn't been much direct interference, but I can feel it with a lot of things that they are in the background. It's a terrible feeling and give unnecessary stress that the parents, and definitely the children, don't need and something that could even cause damage. They KNOW this. They are not in the line of business they are in to help people (few of them are anyway) and some (as I've noticed) don't even like children! So you can't help but wonder why then? The things that come out of the woodwork when you dig deeper are worse than most people would ever expect. And that is why they get away with what they do: because people have no idea. So fair play to you for sharing your story. We're one step closer to the truth...

I know, just knowing they are watching is nerve-wracking. I'm sure if they saw my post, they would be utterly offended, and I could be in trouble all over again. But so be it.

Well, it's probably a good thing that it will most likely be a long long time before such people discover Steemit, and even then: it will be hard to 'find' you if they wanted. But that would go beyond their job description and if it means they'd have to spend their own time on it, I'd say they leave it. On the other hand, maybe it would be a good thing for some of them to read the stories people tell here, so they can see the other side of the story.