The Nation's leading Anti-vax lawyer is being sued by North Carolina-- capital of our new VAX-a-nation.

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It is no secret that the major pharmaceutical companies are another of the significant offspring of the bogus Rockefeller-style "philanthropy" I have written extensively about previously in these pages. The Rockefeller TAX-EXEMPT "trusts" that were set up to avoid taxation while promoting leftist causes and other causes that directly benefit their own bottom line were heavily involved with funding the nation's shift in the 1900-1930 period into so-called "Western medicine" (pharmaceutical-based...i.e often PETROLEUM-BASED) and away from holistic solutions.

One of the major beneficiaries of the bogus "largess" has been the nation's teaching and research hospitals which pushed our medical milieu in directions beneficial to the family. Johns Hopkins University actually received so much money from such sources that it became known as the flagship Rockefeller medical establishment. Many of the earliest "prescriptions" (harking back to John D.'s dad--the original "snake oil salesman"--true story) were based on petroleum.

(Gilman Hall at Johns Hopkins University.)

In more recent times, the prescriptions have been supplemented with vaccines that many believe, rather than actually preventing disease help insure that multitudes actually GET the disease (or other conditions needing medical attention,) at least in a milder form. It's all good for sustained profits, you know.

The medical industry has succeeded not only in making it illegal for people harmed by the vax to sue the manufacturers but they are very close in several jurisdictions to making it illegal for parents to opt their children out of this often debilitating nightmare. One of the brave few who have stood up consistently for injured parties has been Attorney Alan Phillips. J.D. Now, the State of North Carolina (which is awash in Vax-trade influences) is suing the intrepid lawyer for daring to question the "received knowledge and settled science" of "preventative vaccination." (The parallels in this to the "global wa..."....oops....I mean "Climate change" situation are stark and obvious.)

Here is an article all about it:

Here is an important excerpt that gives you a good indication of what this is leading toward:

"The NC Bar’s lawsuit and underlying investigation are both unlawful for several reasons, according to Phillips. First, the Bar lacks the legally-required “allegation of misconduct.” That’s right, they are not even claiming Phillips actually did anything wrong, in which case (or should we say, “witch case”?) there is no legal basis for the investigation or lawsuit! There is also a blatant conflict of interest, Phillips points out, as he filed a good-faith complaint against State Bar attorneys for their fabrication of facts and law in a February 2017 “Letter of Warning” to Phillips. NC Bar attorneys can’t lawfully investigate Phillips while Phillips has an unresolved complaint open against Bar attorneys; both matters must be addressed by outside, independent people to avoid the obvious conflicts of interest. But the NC Bar is ignoring that conflict; it is suppressing Phillips’ complaint against Bar attorneys, and aggressively pursuing Phillips."

The above is reminiscent of how so many important lawsuit against government/corporate (i.e. fascist) corruption are shut down for lack of "standing," as though only TPTB have the right to sue in modern Amerika. This is all based on the treasonous notion that legal precedent trumps the supreme law of the land. There are several other groups also suing the N.C. bar or asking for investigations into their unethical and illegal behaviors, but these are also being quashed the same way and by the very people about whom the complaints have been filed!

Please do visit the link above and complain to the proper authorities, especially if you live in North Carolina. Do also sign the petition found there.

If we do not stop this madness now, all children will be forcibly vaccinated and ripped from parents who refuse. That is LITERALLY just around the corner the way things are going.

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howdy there @mepatriot! hey this is a great way to control the population, if they can get everyone used to getting in line and voluntarily accepting the various vaccinations then how easy will it be to give the population anything they want to?
thanks for the informative, educational and alarming post and article with the petition. great post!

Right on, Janton! Thanks for your precise and provocative reply.

you're welcome. sometimes I guess right.

Thanks for the info had no idea this was going on in my own backyard.

You're very welcome. You mean this wasn't the lead on all your local evening news broadcasts???