#STOLEN BY MCFD--- IVE TRIED SO HARD- unfortunately MCFD has won again, in supreme ct!

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Unfortunately I didnt win the appeal. I was told most judges dont like to overturn other judges decisions and therefore although the appeals judge stated I DO have strong evidence of support and change he wasnt willing to overturn the decisions by the pcj....Therefore I dont get a new trial to cancel the CCO (continuing custody order)....something I have been trying in BC for over 2 years now, MCFD CAN overturn it, they also CAN allow visitation by me and her 2 brothers- YET THEY DONT. MCFD can decide that after this amount of time without even acknowledging they might have made a mistake (which we all know they wont) they can see that her coming home is the best thing for her!
How much money have they spent on my daughter for court?- 3 supreme court, over a dozen provincial applications!

                     SHE IS ALMOST 10 YEARS OLD NOW... 

They have significantly brainwahsed her and its almost like she has a fear of her own family, something a year ago she DIDNT HAVE- she cried in the back seat of the supervisors car and BEGGED me to take her home....I couldnt save her from MCFD....I couldnt DO anything. that was the last time I saw her!
I dont know what more I can do- being stable, having one child at home, happy child, a house, pets, job, no questionable people in my life, no significant other, and no emotional, unstable issues.... MANY supportive letters from numerous counsellor, therapist, as well as groups I have attended....SO MUCH, yet nothing is noticed.

I am feeling really down, and really at a loss for words today, something I normally dont have. I miss my girl, and the fear inside me that I have lost her for good is growing every so quickly....The fear that I am a stranger, that her brothers are just people in her past....I was told recently something I dont agree with....

I was told I am her birth mother, that its a privilege to birth a child, and I dont agree with that statement- I wanted children, I love kids and knew all my life Id have 3, I knew when I was pregnant she was my daughter, I felt her and felt love that second, it was special, you do whatever you can to protect that, yet I stayed in a crappy relationship, I got charged for weed...I made stupid mistake, AND I FIXED IT!.... it can be taken away at a drop of a hat....that that privilege can be taken based on a bad relationship or issues you have had with abuse by a partner, even criminal activity however small it may be....(I never had a record before I met my ex and never had an abusive relationship before his...this wasnt some pattern) THAT PRIVILEGE CAN BE TAKEN BY AN AGENCY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM THEIR OWN PARENTS IF THEY "HAVE ASSUMPTIONS OR OPINIONS OF NEGLECT" It DOES NOT have to be substantiated, it only has to be "their opinion" it only has to be thought how I messed up....They say I never deserve to have her back, although I have made DAMN SURE my life is no longer as it was 5 years ago!
thank you for all your support, for following, for reading, and HOPEFULLY SHARING....I hope that my stories may help others, clearly I cannot help myself....and I cannot help my daughter, whom I feel is in desperate need for me to be there for her..... she has her sadness locked away, she only knows what they tell her. she is their robot!

MCFD is abusing her emotionally, mentally and psychologically (a crime if a parent does this) by the loss of her family she knows lives right next to her and she will only suffer in the long run what they have done to her, she WILL learn the truth one day and HATE them for everything they have done, that I am sure of! I am perfectly capable of having her home....I am GOOD mother!

Although they FEEL this is whats in "her best interest" what does that even mean? Having no contact with family.

I cannot find help, no one will listen, and MCFD has the most power, higher then any other organization, so WHO DO WE GOOD PARENTS TURN TO? I NO LONGER HAVE THAT ANSWER. (tears) I dont want to quit...In my heart, I just cant quit on her.
She looks just like mom...with her hair in a bun! :( I love you, my daughter.
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I'm so sorry to hear this!

I can't believe how the all the judge's stick together even when they know their wrong.

The fact that they still have your daughter is a crime, and they all know it.

I know how you must feel like your losing every battle, but this war will never end until you get your daughter back.

Keep telling your story and making noise and your daughter will see how hard you tried, and both she and the world will see just how evil mcfd really are.

Dear @mayaabb I feel so sad to read this. It tears me up knowing you almost got there, and now the outcome is still against you and your daughters happiness.. I am lost in words, don't even know what to say to you now. Please, like mark said in the comments, don't stop making noise and keep sharing. This is what I also keep doing, so I can show my two oldest in the future that I never stopped loving them, thinking about them and fighting to get them back. We are all in this community to help each other where we can, so please take your time to grieve for now, and then shoulders back up and be that strong maya you were before this judge didn't want to overrule the other..
It will never be over, she is your daughter and a sister.. but I do know what this feels like , and I remember how desperate and depressed I got after it happened to me but you will find strength again I promise you, I've read in your posts how strong you are.. Big big hug for you!

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My heart goes out to you! This must be a case for the court of human rights.. in europe at least we have one..im not sure about usa and canada!

i wonder if anyone has ever thought about going down this route!?

Maya!! Your pain is so intense. And I know that part of your pain is knowing that your daughter is in pain.
None of this is fair or just, and not enough people in this world care.
But those of us here who have been following your story DO care and are grieving for you and your daughter and family.

{{ hugs }}

This makes me cry, I am so, so sorry about what is happening to you. I am under investigation myself and have 5 kids. They haven't been taken...yet. Your daughter's picture reminds me of my daughter...

I can't believe that judge doesn't stand on integrity and acknowledge - not just acknowledge, but make a ruling - that you have every right to be a family again.

As if you didn't have the right to be a family before...so you were in a bad relationship and you smoked pot? Really?? My mom's boyfriend beat my brother black and blue all over his body when he was 5 years old because he left his backpack at school, and no authorities came around. That man continued on to be my stepdad, and we were subjected to his abuse with no intervention whatsoever. This is so screwed up...

I feel for you. Hang in there and don't lose hope. Much love @mayaabb. ❤

Unbelievably sad... as yourself I am lost for words. @mayaabb I am thinking of you and your daughter.

Sons of bitches. What province you in?


She's in BC.

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a very sad story when I read it, let alone who experienced it would be more very sad again. stay patient, pray, and in trying mom @mayaabb it is one of God's trials that befall you, keep excited in trying good mother. @mayaabb.

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family!
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Maya, I'm lost for words. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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Maya I really can not imagine what you are going through, what you have been through already is way too much, their is no justice here, know that all that you have written here will stay on the blockchain and your daughter will know how much you fought for her, how much of an amazing mother you are and the injustice that was done to you both. xx

friend that sad, and outrageous that the judges even when it is so obvious that they are not right continue to act against you. Even this system is capable of continuing to cause so much damage to your daughter. I only ask you not to abandon this fight, that if you can recover your daughter and all this will happen. Much strength a hug for you

My heart breaks for you and your daughter and my mind just rages with the injustice. I am so sorry you are going through this and I hope that someone on here is able to give you some sort of concrete help with this situation. As a mother myself, I can not imagine.

that's terrible, I thought weed was legal in Canada now. We passed a voter initiative here that among other things included a clause that they can't take your kids from you or use cannabis use as a reason to take someone's kids.