Dear govt of BC/Canada #justintrudeau #katrineconroy #MCFD #crestonbc yours truly-#stolenbymcfd — Steemit

Dear govt of BC/Canada #justintrudeau #katrineconroy #MCFD #crestonbc yours truly-#stolenbymcfd

in familyprotection •  last month

1.Hello #justintrudeau #katrineconroy #MCFD #ndp #liberalparty #Crestonbc
Im wondering WHY you keep my beautiful 10yo daughter in your abusive MCFD care in #Creston BC alienated from her entire family? I mean no contact-NOTHING
2.WHY do you hope she forgets about me? at 10yrs old do you really think she will? (I doubt it)
3.WHY is it okay to keep my child alienated from me while I raise another child at home? you can pick the one you want? abused in your system, never abused at home!
4.WHY cant you come check out my home, my life, my dozens of supportive letters? REVIEW ME? but then I suppose if you actually did that, youd see there was no reason to keep her and youd have to admit that.
5.Dont you think actually sending our kids home that can be home is a good decision?
6.WHY do you find it necessary to keep my daughter? oh is it because your receiving money for her, right, thats it.

and lastly....

  1. WHY is okay in this Country of #Canada that we keep kids in care, when these kids can be returned home safely, loved and with family....that same family that you keep telling people that you want to keep together, that community, and family, culture and keeping them together is a right for children to be connected...Yet Ms.Conroy, you have lied, THAT IS A LIE. my child is 10, and has no family and no culture!!! .MCFD has taken it all away!! WHY IS THAT OK?
    emotional abuse is NOT OK by the GOVT.
    #nevergivingup @stolenbymcfd #stolenbymcfd @mcfdlegalkidnapped
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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Twitter @stolenbymcfd and if you type up @mcfdlegalkidnapped you will see quite a few of my posts including FB :) thanks tho, nice of you to check.

nice very ...👍

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Hey Maya - I am on again from 4 pm Central - in an hour for another fundraiser.
If you'd like to come on, pls let me know.

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I think you did an amazing job writing this letter to our Canadian Government who seems to be breaking the families instead of helping them, but like you said it has always been about money.

You and your beautiful daughter are in my prayers and I wish you all the best and that you will be together soon as a family should.

If I may make a suggestion.

You say you need $7,500 for the lawyer. If you make a post on a regular basis, giving a balance still needed or how much you have raised, it may encourage more people to help. Seeing that others are helping is a good motivator.

I wish I could do much more for you and your daughter.

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