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RE: The Charitable Powers of The Blockchain.

Thank you @vickiebarker, I am glad this helped renew your faith.

The Blockchain future is very bright indeed, the Blockchain makes us all accountable and it puts us all on the same page.

Steemit just adds to the greatness of the Blockchain, it gives us an opportunity to put a face and a name to an organization.

Thank you for supporting and sharing our foundation :)

Look forward to sharing this space with you and seeing more foundations on steemit. :)

Thanks for


@markwhittam I have just e-mailed a contact today that manages the vaccination liberation group. She is not on FB or any social networks but is trying to sign up with Steemit. (she is held up a bit due to not using cell phones and not being able to get her text message from steemit to authenticate her e-mail). She has I think chapters in 25 states and CPS of course entangles themselves in families lives using the non-vac choice to get their foot in the door all too often. I'll get her connected here asap. I think she will add value as I believe what you have here adds value to all. Thank you... @vickiebarker

Yes @vickiebarker, we definitely need such people on this platform, I have not been on any social media in over 5yrs but steemit is very different and has huge potential to make a real difference. This sounds great and would definitely be of interest to Linda (@canadian-coconut) too as she has been raising awareness on the vaccine front for a long time.

Thanks again for reaching out to us.