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Governance is the processes of governing, whether it's undertaken by a government, a market or a NETWORK, whether over a FAMILY, TRIBE, formal or INFORMAL organization or territory and whether through the laws, norms, power or language of an ORGANISED SOCIETY.

A good friend of mine told me about Bitnation and it immediately caught my attention .

Bitnation is the world's first Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN). Bitnation started in July 2014 and hosted the world’s first blockchain marriage, birth certificate, refugee emergency ID, World Citizenship, DBVN Constitution and more. The website proof-of-concept, including the blockchain ID and Public Notary, is used by tens of thousands of Bitnation Citizens and Embassies around the world. Bitnation is the winner of UNESCO’s Netexplo Award 2017, and has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BBC, CNN, WIRED, VICE, TechCrunch, The Economist, Russia Today among many others.

Enter Pangea!

The Internet of Sovereignty

Create Your Own Nations

On Pangea you can create your own Decentralised Border-less Voluntary Nation (DBVN). You can choose your own Code of Law and Decision Making Mechanism, you can also write a Constitution and provide Governance Services to Citizens.

Why Start Our Own Nation?

Well, Many of you already know the struggles we are having trying to find a country in Europe that accepts our decision to home-educate our children and that we have already started to broaden our horizons in an attempt to live the way we choose without fear of government interference. If you missed it then please take minute to read our latest post on this dilemma.

To me, this seems like the perfect solution to the ever growing problem of governments, who have clearly lost the plot and are getting way out of control with their statutes and fake "laws" that we don't actually have to consent to.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could create our own Decentralized Border-less Voluntary Nation's (DBVN)? Well, now we can, and the more people get on board, the quicker we can all start to be the controllers of our own destiny and determine laws that are reasonable to us and who ever else wants to join, this way we can all volunteer to abide by certain rules and laws that suit our beliefs and visions.

Why have one government that decides over millions of people when it would be much more productive to have smaller community based nations that govern and determine their own future.


Our Vision! Our Nation.

As most of you know I am the co-founder of @familyprotection where we are raising awareness about government funded agencies who have created an industry out of tearing loving families apart. If you've been following me for some time you will also know, that family is everything to me and that I will go to extreme lengths to protect my family at whatever cost.

If we stop the separation, we could build strong families that stick together threw thick and thin.

I believe that governments are masters at creating separation in families and in my eye's this all starts at birth when they prematurely cut the umbilical cord. Then they take your child to poke, prod and pump full of chemicals under bright lights. This can destroys the bond between mother and child that takes a long time to reverse, if at all possible.

The separation tactics continue all threw kindergarten to high school and then we have cps, family courts, prisons that are all set up to keep the viscous circle going and the money coming in. I used to think the system was broken, but now it's obvious to me that it's working just the way they want it. Maximum destruction = Maximum Profit, and we only have to look at the wars that go on to know that this is their policy, they go in, destroy a country and then get all the contracts to build it up again, sound familiar?

This is also true with borders, they create a false sense of separation between nations with their imaginary lines that just cause conflict and misery.


Vision Statement.

Ok! This is in it's infancy, but just like @familyprotection grew organically, so will our new nation that happens to be called Family Protection. This will be a virtual nation in the beginning but once we have found the right land or island then it will be a geographical nation too.

People who want to join our VIRTUAL Decentralised border-less Voluntary Nation.

Anyone is free to join as long as you believe that families are the most important thing on earth and that every step should be taken to keep families together and protected.

The Roll of a FP Citizen.

We will continue to fight for the rights of families all over the world that are being terrorised by cps by posting our stories and evidence on steemit, but with the FP nation we will have a real chance to build a true support network of people who are willing to come to the rescue of families in need.

The FP Map!

For FP citizens who are willing, we can create a map with general locations of people who can easily be contacted via the Family Protection secure chat (the most secure and private chat I have come across) which is already up and running. Again this will only be a small number in the beginning but I believe in time we will have a peace army who are ready and willing, with the knowledge and power to peacefully fend off any attack from cps or any other government agency who are hell bent on severing family ties.


How do I join?

It's so easy, go to the Bitnation website and download the Pangea jurisdiction app which requires no ID or terms and conditions and then join the Family Protection Nation, or any other Nation that takes your fancy, you can even start your own nation at the click of a button. If enough people join our nation then the government will have to accept and acknowledge us as a fully fledged Decentralised Border-less Voluntary Nation (DBVN). It cost pennies to join, so you will need fraction of an ether on your bitnation app wallet, I would suggest about $2 worth to be sure, and when you join the family protection nation or any other nation it will ask you to send 0 ether plus the gas price which in total is around $0.34, I do not receive any of this money.


Laws of The FP Nation.

The Law will be Common Law or Law of the land, which are as followed:

  • Thou shall not cause loss or harm to a fellow human-being.

These are the only laws that should exist on earth and I think most people can abide by these simply laws without even thinking about it.

Under the law we will have expectations, not rules, these are just to help our nation move in a similar direction.

Law Enforcement.

None! That's right, we will not have any law enforcement, enFORCEment is what has got this world in such a mess in the first place, if anybody in our nation causes anybody else loss or harm then they will be made to feel unwelcome and will hopefully leave of their own accord, again this is just my opinion and if this does become a nation I am open to suggestions.

The Chief.

We will have a Chief, He or She will make the decisions as to which direction the nation should move in, the Chief will have advisor’s to help Him/Her in the decision making but the Chief will absolutely have the final say. If for some reason the Chief completely loses the plot and starts making decisions that are not in the interest of the Nation, then He or She will be denounced within minutes, and a new Chief will be sworn in.

Who will be the Chief?

At the moment I will take that position as I am the only member of this nation, but once we become more established then I think it should be up to the Nation to decide who is Chief. The Chief will not receive any special pay or bonuses because this only leads to corruption. There is one thing the chief will get and that is lot's of respect.

There are no real commitments at this stage, you can join or leave whenever you please, becoming a member of a virtual nation does not mean you are leaving your current nation. There are many questions that I don't have all the answers to at this stage but when the rest of the world catches on then the answers will become clear to us all.

When I buy some land or an Island then we can move to phase two of this project which will be a geographical nation of families and family protectors, so stay tuned!

I know this will not solve all the problems in the world but it's a step in the right direction, and if we all start taking small steps in the opposite direction to governments who keep us down then we'll have a chance to realise true freedom sooner than you might think.


Thank-you @markwhittam for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

(If you feel that our community has brought more rewards and attention to this post, please consider contributing a portion of those rewards back to our cause.)

We’re a family who also wants to be with our children 24/7, without fear of government interference or aggression. After days of scouring we came to the conclusion that other like minded families must be posting elsewhere. I keep trying to download bitnation to join @familyprotection on my iphone but it takes me to github and I am lost from there. 😳

iPhone app was just released yesterday. It's still in testing mode. I think you download "Testflight" on IOS then wait for invitation. If that fails, sit tight. Stable version on its way.

I downloaded test flight but I need that invite code? I have used testflight to test the SNT Status app too but they emailed me an invite. How do I get on the invite list for Pangea? I am on the bitnation mailing list but that's it. So excited to use it nonetheless @andrewed :)

Hi, did you get a code? If not, I have one for you.

hi, no i haven’t yet. that is nice of you to pass it on. my email is [email protected] thank you @andrewed 👋🏻

They will release access code soon. Best to join Telegram group @PangeaBitnation. If you can't, let me know and remind me every week if I don't post something here.

Hello, great to see more like minded people on steemit, there are many homeschooling families here so I'm sure you will be made to feel welcome.

As for the bitnation app, Its seems to be very new and has a few bugs, I'm sure they'll sort it out. This is very early days but I believe it had huge potential in the near future.

I love the mission because I can very easily picture us as being one of the many families you stick up for... mainly because I am perpetually paranoid about agressive people/institutions who disagree. Therefore your proposed solution for other like-minded families is so exciting. We look forward to seeing where it all goes 😊

"I used to think the system was broken, but now it's obvious to me that it's working just the way they want it."

Mark gets it.

Someone just asked me tonight, "Ok, so there is a conspiracy and you know this and that about it. But now what? What does it mean?"

Mark shows what it means: to stop trying to make something better that is determined to be bad. To take off one's rose-colored glasses and see things as they are. To withdraw from an abusive system and make one's own way.

I know Mark personally. He and his Big Family live nearby. He is just as serious and fun as he seems on the screen. I think he deserves all possible support in this, his latest venture with Family Protection.

Bitnation helps provide a structure. It must be filled in. Its services must be used. I have been impressed in my conversations with one of the founders by their seriousness and wish to help free humanity from the clutches of nation-states. It is a positive and imaginative way to proceed, a friendly sort of red pill.

Thank you @andrewed for introducing me to bitnation, it's initiatives like this that will help detach us from the system that is so obviously sucking the life out of us.

Great to see you made your first comment on steemit, it only took you a year =)

Cheers buddy!

Totally, man. While I convalesce, it's fun to watch you swing into action.

Yeah, only a year. Haha. My grandpa's nickname was Speed. I guess it's in the blood.

See you soon, pal.

This is a new adventure and I'm interested to learn more and see how it all works out.

Thanks Chief Mark!

Hahaha! Thanks Linda.

This is the first time I hear about bitnation and it does sound like an amzing tool for familyprotection to use.
This sounds really amazing and something like you said, it will not solve all the problems, but it is a huge step and it will save a lot of families.

Btw. @markwhittam, I nominated you for my son's @joordanzzz challenge because I thought you could do this with your family as fun, but I know you are supper busy so if you have time. Here is the link

This is really something huge mark, I'm hearing about bitnation for the first time and I'm starting to fathom the possibilities and success, I look at the success of family protection and I really think this one will be a blast.

I have to really try out the app and try out my quota, and start creating my DBVN, I love Constitution and laws I'm certain this will be a revelation

I'm reteeming this, the world has got to see it.

The possibilities are endless, Decentralization will take over this world and when it does we will all be much better off. it's time for the 98% to shine.

Certainly it's time, it will be really challenging to handle this alone mark but I get as people get the initiative and be partakers a lot will happen, I'm 100% into this

Sounds interesting! But how do the nation get a piece of land? Wont the piece of land automatically alrwady belong to another nation? Or would it have to be obe of those unclsimed islands?

When enough people start doing this then your home will be a nation, what can they do if we all start doing our own thing, we have the power in numbers to be able to control our own destiny, there is a new world coming and it's decentralized =)

just look at Liberland and Samaliland

Some other member (forgot who, I am sorry if you read this, because I could not find this info back when I was talking about it with my bf last time I remembered) mentioned this in a post / comment.. This was about a guy in the UK .. I wanted to check it out later, as my head is filled with to-do's already :) But you explain it very well in this post, and now I understand this better. I will resteem this post, and am very curious how fast this will grow! I have little penny's on my ETH wallet left at the moment, but I don't know if it's even possible to send an amount this little? That's all still new to me, as you can see. I really love the idea! This can be great, and endless possibilities...

if you paste your bitnation/pangea ETH wallet here, or send it to me on Discord, I can send you a dollars worth of ETH.

Wow, that's so kind of you :) Now I need to find out how to make one, because I understand from your comment, this is a separate wallet? I have a normal ETH wallet but there's really only a few cents on it.. I don't use it either lol.. Going to search on Google.. :)

download the bitnation app onto your phone or tablet.
It will assign you a new Wallet.

thanks it worked.. took some time lol..


:) Thanks! Very curious what this will bring in the future.. sounds very exciting!


Thanks !! I joined.. but I am curious why I see an M and C in chat while I didnt fill in any name myself? I will check it all later but glad to be one of the "citizens" :-) so kind of you!!!!

edit found it.. but chat isnt working properly.. sent 2 messages afterwards that didnt pop.up .. :)

'M' must be Mark
'C' must be me, Ca-Co
I don't know yet why it doesn't show more info that the single letter.

This is a badass innovation. Wow.

I am wondering, what possible security issues might be associated with signing up for this Bitnation?

Look into it, it's called BCS, bitnation citizen security

If you mean that existing countries might see this as a threat to their property (you and me), I have wondered similar things but have not heard of it yet.

You have to pay to join

Yeah, that the bit that might slow things down a bit If anybody is worried about the $0.34 it costs i can give them a $3 upvote to cover it =)

I don't hold ethereum and you can't convert $0.34 worth of BTC or LTC

It's OK! I'm expecting this to take some time to gain traction and by then everything will move to the eos network anyway =)

I did manage to get my wallet set up. Right now I'm BROKE... I had to convert my SBD to buy groceries for my ex & Granddaughter. I've got $0 toward next month's rent... But I'll be back!

Please send me your wallet address and I'll send you enough Ether to join. Give me 24 hrs.


If you tell me what this is in SBD I'll shoot it back to you

Ok, @richq11 , I sent you 92¢ worth in case further transactions are required. It's on the house. I liked your pro Joe Six-pack/anti-college piece.

Presently a days around each nation is confronting family assurance, and for the most part our youngsters are presented to this illness, governments should take strict activities against them.

As you have said: "family is everything". I will go to extreme lengths to protect my family at whatever cost too. I have nothing more important in life and I will always support the work that is done for the family.

Extraordinary @markwhittam! what a good post whatever is done for the family is fine, we fight for them every day.

Family is not an important thing. It's everything.

Is there anything closer to the New World Order that this. Crypto-heads are fighting the globalism and then they venture into the same idea of global community.
Multiculturalism is failing all over the planet and what we have now is the new idea of same

But if I had to choose sides then I'm with the crypto-heads, and multiculturalism is failing because of msm.

I dind't get the msm. I tried to google but I failed to understand

Main Stream media
which is run by government.

Now a days approximately every country is facing family protection, and mostly our children are exposed to this disease, governments should take strict actions against them.

Let me get started I will be having a lot of questions to ask, how can I contact you on discord?

"Family Protection cannot be stopped, Unstoppable", this Decentralised Nation sounds really pleasing and in my opinion this can bring possibly an new freedom, and i love my family and my parents are everything for me and i know how it feels when they are in pain, we don't need any restrictions in our life because every human being have the same right to live but now we are watching whole opposite and contrary story and only few people holds the powers and they decide everything and i am really feeling happy for you as you got an new hope and i will pray for your success and for the safety of your family, keep up the great work because goodness can face the hardships, failures, problems and obstacles but goodness always going to win. Thanks for sharing this great news with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hi,friend glad to see you with your heroic deeds.You and the greatest steemian @canadian-coconut had started the good job family protection,which have been florises so fast.Your every small steps now becoming great help for the people who are suffering from cps.I wish all the very best for the establishment of DBVN,which will be the best home for every sufferer .

Am so happy to hear this because this will be my first time hearing about Bitnation and i know there will be a huge success in it. I also have to join.

Informative post as usual
Thanks for sharing

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I like to join let me know how

what an interesting project!
and it really seems to be something powerful and free from the system laws

I'd like to take part and join it, but I can't find any link...
have I missed it somehow?
how can I find FP nation?

you have to download the bitnation app onto your cell phone or tablet

thank you, Linda!
I'll try to find it

I'm interested to learn more this topic . a member of a virtual nation does not mean you are leaving your current nation. we can move to phase two of this project which will be a geographical nation of families and family protectors,I know this will not solve all the problems in the world but it's a step in the right direction . all start taking small steps in the opposite direction .

Very interesting - looks like what many, such as Universal Community Trust etc were doing a while ago, but with the extra benefits blockchain brings.

I agree, the more of this that happens, the less valid gov't will be.

Oh wow..maybe I'll move any beaches? Resteeming

Mark, what if I don't have ETH wallet?-( how can I pay? I've found the app, and even found its chat-) but I can't enter the Nation without payment

There is a wallet in the app. If you don't have ether send me the app wallet adress and I'll send some ether to it

Mark, I have this now.
what does it mean? Why is the amount 0??
what to do?)

OK, you need a little ETH on your app wallet, send me your bitnation app wallet address if you don't have any ETH and I'll send some so that you can join.

сan you give me your discord please? because there's a function - to transfer a wallet number through some apps, and disrord is one of it. If you don't mind of course, or I can send the number here

and thanks for help, Mark! hope you're not tired of me-)
I'll return you money in sbd or steem

No Problem =)

Here is the link to the familyprotection discord chat, you can personal message me from there.

hello marck the best of the nation is that we are all united in one place, so we stop being invisible and above all we achieve the task, clearly little by little. There are some things that I have to read to understand the idea

thank you thank you mark

I have just noticed this post! This project seems very interesting, I will try to join it too tomorrow, I hope I will be able to figure out how to do it)

@markwhittam, why, and for the sake of progress

Hello Mark, I would like to invite you to a forum that I am developing together with projectmilkbox on psychological first aid that we can use in situations of forced separation of infants with their significant figures. I really hope that you will be of benefit, I will be answering all the questions in the discord channel, in my last post you can find the link

Mark....I am unsure if you saw my blog or my wifes @lynncoyle1 but I wanted to say keep living free on the road my friend. I will not be here much longer....................Live, Laugh and Love



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