Before Using The #familyprotection tag.....PLEASE READ THIS !!!!!!!!!

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I, @markwhittam, started @familyprotection because I grew up in the care of CPS and then many years later I and my family had to flee our country under threats from the state to take our child because we homeschool.

Linda, @canadian-coconut, started @familyprotection because she has helped several families who have been torn apart at the hands of the legal kidnappers aka. Child Protection Services.

We have a burning passion for this very worrying subject and if you want to be a part of @familyprotection then so should you.


We want the #familyprotection tag to be a place where people go to read real stories about child 'protection' agencies and how they profit from removing children from loving parents.

Before supporting any cause please take the time to look into what cause you are supposed to be supporting before jumping in head first without a clue what it's about

Sorry to be harsh but we spend a lot of our time going through unrelated posts which means we sometimes miss the real cases that are relevant to our cause

If you have never had any dealings with or know anyone who has had the dreaded CPS in their lives then your passion for this subject will reflect in the half-hearted post you may produce that are just filled with some statistics you quickly pulled from the web, and threw together in an attempt to cash in on the generosity of people who are really trying to make a difference.


When you write a good quality, relevant post for @familyprotection then you will receive one or more generous whale votes, if you are really here to help the plight of innocent families all over the world then donating some of your rewards back to @familyprotection is a good sign of your true intentions.

In other words, if you’re here just for the money, then your use of the #familyprotection tag is not appreciated.

The #familyprotection did not exist on Steemit until Linda and I created the @familyprotection account, and started requesting our writers to use the #familyprotection tag. So if you are not using our tag with the right understanding of this subject or for the right reasons, we reserve the right to flag your posts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.



It’s really sad that there is always someone that abuses the system. I commend you and Linda for all of the hard work you do with fishing through all of the posts with the #familyprotection tag. I also commend you for catching the trend that was starting to develop. When people find a way to make an easy dollar they do what they can to get it. It’s sad they don’t think about the cause they are misrepresenting and how it hurts those that are actually putting in the real time and effort to make a difference. Resteemed to spread this message/warning. I hope it is taken seriously and that you won’t have to flag anyone under these circumstances.

Yes, @crosheille it is sad :(

:) But on the positive side, we have the much needed and undeniable support from real community members such as yourself, which I will be mentioning in the next fp update post.


thanks for upvote

Thank you for revisting what the #familyprotection tag is for. It takes a lot of times to go through many posts on a daily basis even with the passion of the reviewer, this goodwill towards getting the "right" posts to the @familyprotection account is so much frustrated when the reviewer has to swim through an ocean of "unrelated" posts. Hope everyone takes note of this.
Keep up the good race for families and children out there.

Thank you @kryptocoin

Let's hope the tag gets the respect it deserves.

well said my friend. I know I try to bring something of quality to the table and am passionate about what I write. I understand that the main focus is bringing light to the welfare of children, adoption and the CPS. I would ask how do we define family protection? What is family. What about the senior living alone who is unprotected? Do they not deserve a voice in this platform? What about children and parents who go through divorce or separation? Do they not need protection to save their marriage or family? I feel protection is more than the legal and financial. We also have spiritual and mental protection that can get a back seat in life. As I am passionate but new here I think Family Protection is a large umbrella that could include many subjects. Perhaps I need to learn more how we define it.. I also think of folks who suffer PTSD and others who are enchained in financial debt. Do they not need protection to know how to protect their family from monetary ruin? I just thought I would ask. I do appreciate your post and am sad that some folks abuse the system. Thanks for taking time to respond. I am sure it is a lot of work with emotional and time consuming dedication. and for that we appreciate you!! Did I say we appreciate you! I could well imagine how drained you are at the end of the day. God bless you my friend.

Yes I agree, but we can't fix all the problems in the world with one organization, I believe each problem deserves full and upmost attention for it to be solved.

I know how you feel, before starting @familyprotection I wanted to call it one voice and I wanted to adress all the problems you mention, who knows what will happen but for now let's take baby steps.

Thanks for your concern

I was just thinking not one hour ago that if all the stories are real of how the "executive order" the annex, and even the proclamation from the Pres. DT is taking down the big names and big players which leads to the even bigger ones operating the human trafficking internationally. The "rat line" still runs both ways and some will lead to agencies like CPS and the family court systems embedded so deeply within our communities. Your timing for @familyprotection was/is impeccable.

A journey journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step...

Thanks for your kind reply in addressing this. I would ask should we write a post on one of the above subjects it ok to use familyprotection as a secondary tag? Thanks for the clarification.

Of course all those groups need protection;
however the reason that we chose the name Family Protection
was a play-on-words as the OPPOSITE of so-called Child Protection.

Using the name of Child Protection they are actually destroying Families, and of course that usually harms the children that they are supposedly protecting.

We almost called it Legal Kidnapping -- or some variation of that.


Haha, no spam, not even from a dumpster :)

Älskar dig mannen :)

samma broder!

Haaaaa. I actually had a spammer mute me after a discussion on one of my posts.

I am grateful for the helpful, relevant posts here. I have been dealing with a few things related to @familyprotection and cannot thank you @markwhittam, and @canadian-coconut enough for keeping this going. These stories need to be shared and awareness needs to be brought to light with these systems.
It's good to reaffirm what is not useful.
Thank you for doing that.
Love and peace to you all.

I feel your pain. I'm one of the only human curators for the #steemgigs tag. Take 30 seconds to look at it, and you may wonder how my head hasn't exploded...

Well said Mark, I can only imagine the amount of time it takes to go through all the posts that are put up each day.
There have been some really good and informative posts , that I have learnt alot from and I appreciate the time that has gone in to completing those and also the fact that it can be very emotional having to retell ones story. But it's such an important global issue and having @familyprotection in place has connected so many people who share this fight for true child protection. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! I've been fighting for families on Steemit for over a year... I appreciate your & Linda's efforts and will be honored to support you and participate for as long as you'll have me.

Glad that you set this boundary. Thanks for this much needed initiative, and hopefully the abusive targets will get the message.

Hey Mark, just so you know @honeydue nominated you for @themarkymark's project support giveaway - and I dropped a supportive nomination under that as well.

Thanks Brother!

thank you for sharing information. I can understand this. thank you for calling me in post. good luck to this community!

Keep up the good work, I was pointed to this tag last week because that member here knows parts of my story. And I am so glad she did. It feels so comforting to get accepted as a writer here for this cause. I haven't felt this powerful the last years, and have a clear goal in mind. Thanks!

Family is everything

Success is always for you @markwhittam...

#Family protection

Ooooh, @markwhittam,
I've not been following this up, a lot must transpired so far, seems like my kind of subject, being something of an anarchist, I like it when the masses collectively speak rightly against authority like this.
And this is even way more sensitive as it deals with family, I totally agree that family is all we need, it's just about all we have.

Then, ah, tag spam, that's really messed up, it's gonna be hard to fight, so don't let it bother you too much for now.

Thanks for this post @markwhittam

"Your passion for this subject will reflect in the half-hearted post you may produce that are just filled with some statistics you quickly pulled from the web, and threw together in an attempt to cash in on the generosity of people who are really trying to make a difference.."

I was a bit concerned about this issue to! Resteeming and leaving at the top of my blog until I post my next article which I am working on now. I will however be posting some stories of youth that are the reverse, children who's abuse that occurred within their own families and later were placed "the system" only to experience even more abuse. Mahalo for your support!

I am sure that you guys are getting a lot of posts with the tag after people see the payout it receives. I'm glad that you're around to help people who are victims of the system. I appreciate you two taking the time to read through all the posts and get the word out to people about the truth. There are so many who are just clueless and go on believing that CPS is doing the right thing, protecting the kids, etc. Scary how few people really look into it...

thanks for great topic sharing

I'm sorry you're getting cluttered up with spam - this is too important of a subject to have people gold-digging it. There is such a huge difference between wanting to contribute to a conversation and just wanting to enhance a bank account! I notice you had several good additions today, though, so word is getting out and more people are speaking up for real and that is a great sign.

Big thanks for the further clearification, now i understand your passion for this course more.

for a good thing i always support like this @familyprotection ❤️ tag hopefully fore the better who cares this please in my deep heart ..

This strikes me as a good use for Steemit. Public forum and a mechanism for society to correct itself. Good job!

Thanks mate I am glad to read this, how did you handle your experience with CPS? Dp you have a post on it, I don't know if you consider the world series I am doing spam, should I keep on? I mean I am very motivated as a friend is actually suicidal now thanks to the SENAME in Chile... Have a great day!

@markwhittam, you are doing a greater job to make all the children of the world to be save and feel the right to live a better life.... I believe that if we have a good family,the world will be a better and saver place to live. Looking forward to write on the hash tag @familyprotection.

Its disgusting how people force you to be part of their so-called systematic life style. And the lifestyle itself is nothing too fancy to look at, being a slave, forced to work so one can live. Hats off to you and bless your family. You all deserve the freedom !

@markwhittam my apologies for using this tag, perhaps inappropriately, earlier today. I am still a bit new to Steemit, helping my hubs through his account. I have been catching up on articles with @canadian-coconut and after reading an article from @quinneaker that also mentioned CPS I saw an opportunity for collaboration. As it so happens, you all seem to be familiar with each other already.

We are definitely here to share knowledge and support others and their rights to freedom. I appreciate the work you are doing and will be following along as support and to gain knowledge on how to keep my family safe. Again, my sincere apologies. I will be sure to exercise more caution when using tags in the future.

Great post, people need to be made more aware of this. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year

terimakasih atas informasi nya
saya minta maaf karna telah mengguna kan tag bukan pada tempatnya
karna saya kuarang paham sebab saya ini baru pemula di steemit

It's wonderful to see how family protection is growing. I've just come here from the update. $29,000 is great, but I realise that when you come to start trying to offer assistance in out there, it's not going to get far.

From a distance I watched my cousins daughters go into the foster system in the UK. They have gone onto drugs and now are having their own children taken from them. It's not a story I feel close enough to them to tell and I know it's complicated.

Anyway, I have set up a new account that I hope to be able to use to support people with ways out among other things. I can't do much early on, but will do what I can to support causes like this as it is close to my heart. Children need their families. If there is anything I can do to help I'd greatly appreciate you letting me know. I was going to try and do a fund raiser talking about the history of governmental child abduction centering around Australia, but I don't want to tag family protection if that's not appropriate.

Any government agencies, taking any children is worth writing about and should have the #familyprotection tag attached to it.

Thank you for supporting @familyprotection

Okay. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to me.

I will be donating a portion of my earnings from these post back to @familyprotection. My sincere heartfelt thanks to you for stepping up!!

Mark and I are not witnesses, and we are not married to each other ... lol ...
He's in Europe and I'm in Canada.
Thank-you though!

Sorry! Well, I voted you both as witnesses. LOL . I still you and he are doing an amazing job!

I agree! (^_^) you got my Support!

Thanks you ,I am happy taq #familyprotection, I do not expect anything,do a greater job of making all the children in the world can save and feel the right to live a better life ....

This is where @familyprotection for me share important information for for any circle .. I feel grateful and thanks to the creator of this post room which benefits extraordinary

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What did you love about it? I thought it was kind of a sad story. One that continues to be repeated by people who see that a tag is getting popular, and just slap it onto their posts going to get a quick upvote. Much like people who are quick to reply to a post that might be popular with a generic, half thought out statement in a shallow attempt to get a few votes...

so you means being aware of thiings before using protection could not be expressed as awesome word, ok sorry my bad

So you would like me to keep sharing this message of our tag being abused, I was kind of hoping to not have to repeat this post again.


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