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Yesterday a friend sent me a video of another child living in pure hell in the same institution as my son did. On July 21, 2016 my son & I attended his very first drug court. It was his 17th birthday. Nathan had not violated any rules, and his urine was clean.

Why was my son in drug court? He ran away from home for 6 days a few months before, & when I reported him as a runaway he caught a unruly charge which landed him on probation. He tested dirty for marijuana.

Judge Anthony Capizzi sentence my son 9-12 months without any charges. Without any violations. Without due process. He had a clean urine screen.

I screamed for help. No one would listen. No one would help. Eventually Judge Capizzi would punish me for trying to expose him. He would take all of my children. Not because I was abusive or neglectful, but because he can.


Montgomery County Dayton Ohio kidnap & traffick children. They destroy families. My children have been through horrific nightmares since this begun. The only time my children have ever been harmed or neglected is when they were taken from me. These courts are corrupt. My children are in danger & no one knows what I should do...

This is the video my friend sent me is below

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This is the reality of many cases, in indefinite occasions, people are sentenced only because the judge so wants or because he is bribed to do so