Tactics To Steal Your Kids: Be Weary If You Are Asked Not To Discuss Certain Matters With Your Child

There is no stage that is honey and milky when dealing with the department of health and human services, but the process could be relatively* less difficult if you still have your child within the four corners of your home. The process jumps into a whole different league if CPS is able to get the court to declare your child as a temporal dependent of the court i.e the parent loses the detention or shelter hearing. At this point, CPS is completely in charge of your child; who he talks to, where he goes, who interviews him and all those things that can practically break a child. At this point, you suddenly stop being a full time parent and more of a visitor, that is if the court is kind enough to set a proper visit schedule. (Still CPS in charge).

Most times, the need to do all these is to pass through various processes as usual, and make the child pass through all deemed necessary streams of CPS-dependent contracted experts(experts?) whose livelihood and income relies on the imposed services(false services). It is very likely that the caseworker will order you around and restrict the way you communicate with your children. Your caseworker might mostly ask you not to discuss certain matters with your child. Naturally, you are made to believe they don't want the child feeling the weight of the temporal separation - to feel undisturbed while the parent work out the condition of service to get their child back.

During John's(someone I interviewed in the past) time working with DHS and children, the above excuses are mostly about 94% false!, this estimation is very unorthodox, but it is a fact that these are almost always entirely false. Parents are asked not to discuss certain issues with their child is so they don't temper with whatever caseworkers have set in motion. A child is easily brainwashed, and that is what mostly takes place when parents are instructed to not discuss certain issues. Information are being extracted from children and pivoted thoughts infused on them.

Some Casewokers go extra miles to tell children that their parents have abandoned them and that mum and dad needs them to stay in foster care because they are tired of taking care of them. For situations to play out well, parents are warned sternly not to discuss anything that will lead to the child asking question about those certain things they've instructed parents not to talk about, even if a child asks, they should speak out of context to dodge such question, (I wonder which parent will ever agree to this). As this one sided brainwashing strategy continues, some kids blankly refuse the visitation of their parents, others slowly are changed. Before your very eyes you can experience your child gradually changing. Of course, some parents are never even aware their kids are being brainwashed, those who are aware or have been initially threatened by CPS to be conservative are threatened with visitation termination. Afraid of this happening, some parents stomach it all and go mute. John says this happens very often and I believe this doesn't happen in the US only but with other facets of CPS around the globe.

Parents who decides to defy CPS orders face the risk of CPS getting their visitation terminated by the court by feeding false information to the judge that the visitation of such a parent is causing more emotional and psychological pain for the child, and therefore it is in the BEST interest of the child for the parents to stay away. Most issues on this ground are given a pass mark by the court. You have two choices, to defy CPS or to play along. John said it is better to defy CPS than to remain mute and go in total agreement. This is due to the fact that whatever is being done is in the first place a play to take away your child permanently, to make your child agree to certain things, to turn your child against you. It is better to give CPS a defying look than aid in the loss of your child. You need to be weary when CPS tells you not to discuss certain things with your child, be weary!, because most certainly they have a nasty agenda in the pipe, it will never end in your favor and your child might just end up reprogrammed to hate you or become very much far away from you. You lose them them either way!.

Every day that passes, with every person that shares his knowledge about the CPS and their strategic plans to dry up homes and fill up Uncle Sam's confinement foster camps, the complete image of the CPS system emerges much clearer and then more families would be aware of their practices and methods, so they can protect their child from the reach of the ever hungry CPS system. Always be weary of every restriction CPS makes, your children's safety and sanity depends on this!. Do what is right at all time, avoid losing the detention/shelter hearing, because if you do lSo, prepare like it is the trial hearing itself.

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Peace to you all,
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It's disheartening when the realization hits that authorities not only can lie to you/about you, but often do. I first discovered this with police officers, then politicians and after joining Steemit the CPS. It seems lying to achieve outcomes beneficial to them are foremost in their intent regardless of truth or how it negatively impacts the citizens they target.

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The more I read about all the evils of the CPS more turns my stomach. It's disturbing how we have allowed ourselves to get to this point in society. And a former day if somebody tried to steal your children, they would have faced a hell of a fight or the barrel of a gun. Fear and intimidation has chipped away at our spirit to defend. That fighting Rebel Spirit has been watered down. Too many folks have drank the Kool-Aid of compliance and political correctness. Thanks for sharing @kryptocoin

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