[RP]The Native Americans Are Facing The Helliest Part Of CPS

Everyone think their situation is worse than their neighbors', CPS has kept us in a maze, a maze where we are finding solutions to CPS troubles and smart method to outsmart the evil smartness of the system. The sadder truth of the whole saga is that some community of people are just in the Center of Hell compared to their many neighbors out there. The Helliest I would call it, if Helliest was ever a word.

As a voice to echo the ill fate Native Americans and their children are submerged in, an awareness through all corners of the nation is the reason why I am writing this post, a post ignited by the hell my Native American Friend is passing through(Ayita). Eugene has been all deep in sweat to help Ayita get back her three siblings who had been stolen by the CPS for more than 5 months now, Ayita is a wonderful lady and those kids are causing a huge crack in the life of the family, infact beyond all bonding.

What most of us don't know is that the Native Americans are snatched up from their home at a rate so alarming it dwarfs all other comparisons you can throw at it. South Dakota is where all this heavier devious act occurs, social workers swarming in to take children and throw them off to places beyond their family's reach.

Do you remember the History behind America and the Natives?, perhaps you should look into it and you would get a icy frustrating chill down your bones. This Natives have been targeted more by the CPS even after all the heinous treatment their Ancestors had to pass through. CPS is there in the 21st century to make their life more of a living hell. 

The standard of living is a "no no" and the state have been alienated into poverty very deep. The System have used all these to steal as much children as possible, the government have refused to influence positively the living standard of these people. They are a peculiarly unique group of people baptized in their culture and have lived a life rooted in beautiful traditions that I never thought could be found within America. All this unique and diversity they hold and believe in is gradually being broken down by the external world trying to  absorb them into the white middle class culture!. This they have done further by picking up their children in an excess rate. Excess aside, no family deserves been treated this way, Native or not!.

I have always known that the government wants to control everyone and keep all its citizen in just one page, this they have done by indoctrinating the younger generations and ruining all the family values they may hold. The government fears diversity, frowns at group of people who still hold a form of culture, language and way of life different from the majority they have indoctrinated already. When has culture and diversity been a problem?, of course it is a racial bias against native Americans. The hellier part of it all is that the "lovely-beautiful children" would suffer more for this. 

A child believes that their father and mother are the strongest people in the world, their parents take cares of them, enrich them, that makes them respect them and appreciate them. Whenever they think their parents are the strongest people in the world, then DSS comes up and slaps them aside, and says you are doing that wrong!, you have to do this or that, if you don't do this then we will take them away, and put you in jail. All the children's respect, appreciation is all gone. LEONARD (from linked video)

The facts below are derived from the video Ayita shared with me titled "Hearts On The Ground: South Dakota's Forced Taking Of Lakota Children". Keep in mind that this people are a small community of people in culture and in heart compared to larger communities/counties you might be familiar with.

  •   Every year, the Department of Social Services of South Dakota removes about 750 Lakota children from their families.
  • In violation of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, state authorities ignores all attempts of family members to gain custody of their grandchildren or niece or nephew.
  • Not only are Lakota children removed from their families, a majority of them are placed in foster care homes or psychiatric facilities and prescribed medication without their parents' consent.
  • Suicide rates for Lakota youth in South Dakota are more than 12 times the national average
  • A Lakota child is ten times more likely to be removed from his/her family and forced into foster care than a Caucasian child. 
  • Nearly 60% of South Dakota's foster care children are Native American.
  • In violation of federal law, about 90% of Lakota foster children are placed in non-native homes or facilities
  • South Dakota receives $70,000 annually for each child placed in foster care

This is the victimization they have to face everyday and Ayita is broken and almost at the verge of giving up all the fight she has in her. Ayita, the World and the Steemit globe has read the pains of your people and the deep cry not from your eyes but from your heart. 

There is a saying "our nation is not lost until all of the hearts of its women are on the ground, we may be broken but we are not on the ground yet, and piece by piece we are picking them up, and bringing them back together - Tinnekkia ( from the video below)

Let's Spread Ayita's Cry And That Of Her People Across All Ears, All Eyes And All Minds.

Please take a moment and watch the video

Video tracked back to www.lakotalaw.org

So many elites against families
So many politically empowered ruining families
So many radicals and extremist influencing policies
And corrupting the idea of true fairness and justice
Then I ponder and ask
Where are those in favor of families and her values
Where are the movers and shakers who are ready
Where are the Enlightened Parents And People
Where are the Elites In Support of Family Protection?
You are One
I am One
We All

***All Names Are Disguise***

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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