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The image of CPS has always been in a recondite state, hidden behind shadowed displays and darkened cupboards, disguised as an ever-green "child-hearted" organization to the world. But no more!, no longer shall we let them outrun our innocence. It is the perfect time to bring them to light before the eyes of the public, their hidden dark faces, their glorified atrocities and 'nazified' practices.

An account based on overwhelmingly numerous clawing on many loving families out there, children snatched, stolen and marketed as commodities to profit their dark intentions and greedy hearts. CPS proud language and excuse has always been "We got an Anonymous tip"! If I ever called to report a crime committed and I refuse to testify or give my name, the police dismisses my account as unreliable and can not make any arrest based on such, but Oh No!, the CPS works with "anonymous"!! and thousands of families have gone down the shattering experiences of destruction on unfounded reports.


A Clear Untainted Image Of CPS

You had your kids playing hide and seek in your compound, one of them innocently runs off into a neighbor's garden, peradventure messing up some flowers. You get to apologize remorsefully to your neighbor and it dies down for that moment. The next morning you get a knock on your door, a caseworker without a "warrant" says they got an anonymous call that your kids where in danger, innocently you let them in(you void your right). One of your kid in the previous days might have been pricked in the garden or bruised while playing, it never came to your mind that this would ever matter.

The caseworker leaves your home and assures you there is no problem. A few days pass and you were rest assured everything was settled, a few days later, the caseworker is at your door with two police officers, and you are coerced and threatened to let them take your kids into protective custody (snatched). Their dark intention is to trade your child up for adoption collecting whooping sums of money afterwards. 

You might be allowed an hour or two hours visit a week while your kids are under protective custody, after you have had a court hearing where you are appointed a "buggy" attorney who silently watches all through the hearing, while your caseworker spews up lies and exaggerate all reports in plain monochromatic falsehood. Your attorney simply tells you to plead guilty in order to get your child back quickly. All your rights are trampled on, you are given no opportunity to talk. You innocently plead guilty and you are ready to do anything in the world to get your child back. 

You begin to sign papers to accept services made available by CPS and you keep at it, doing all required. Meanwhile your child is under custody all this while, being brainwashed, mentally abused and turned against you. You keep going for review hearing in the court, where more lies are heaped against you. Your appointed attorney acts "dumb" all through the hearing,, and assuredly your case gets to a "termination hearing" even after completing all that has been said. You cry aloud, but no one refuses to come to your aid!, all your rights to fair hearing and to be represented by a great defender has been trampled upon. 

CPS gets the court to terminate your parental rights, your kid is shipped away like a commodity and exchanged for money, literally. All this while you are a goner, your name has been set into records as a "child abuser", with your parental rights terminated you are ruined for life. 

No Family Is Safe From Them Unless We Take A Stand!

The above "Clear Picture" is the fundamental principle and tactic CPS follows, and even more worst, many more deceitful ways!. Words cannot begin to paint the sheer practice and wickedness of this greatly corrupted System. As long as these legal kidnappers are in place no family is free from their grip neither safe from their oppression.

It is a great myth to ever believe that these deceitful organisation are there to "protect your family", no, no, not one bit, the only protection they give is to "protect and satisfy their greed and hidden agenda". 


Children torn and stolen from their families and placed on "psychotropic drugs" so as to forget their biological parents. New born are easier and are the best commodity for their hidden agenda. Children follow a sequence of  rape, maltreatment, and every piece of black ordeal out there. Forever broken beyond repair if unlucky. Scarred and scarred beyond human limits

Do You Know?

  • Every Jew taken by the Nazi were placed in concentration camp, they called it "Schutzhaft".
    In Nazi Germany, the German equivalent term, 'Schutzhaft', used to describe  the extra- or para-legal rounding-up of political opponents and especially Jews,they officially defended it as being necessary to protect them from the 'righteous' wrath of the German population.[Ref]. Schutzhaft meant "protective custody", does this remind you of any organization ? of course it reminds me of CPS. CPS places our kids in protective custody that is no different from that of Nazi Germany, and molest/corrupt their lives while at it, our beloved Kids!

  • States are compensated for children they place on adoption, this funding comes in the "MILLIONS DOLLAR" range!

  • More than 93% of cases were founded on "anonymous tips", greatly unfounded and spurious. 

  • Caseworkers are mostly unlicensed to even determine what and what a family constitute.

  • Parents are told they are unfit to be parents!, this was the Nazi way, their Eugenic program that echos selective child rearing back in the 1930, CPS is just the same!

  • Children in foster care are also subjected to more severe abuse in foster homes than they ever endured in their own homes

  • Abuse of children in foster care is greatly under reported because there is no independent investigative body to whom foster care abuse or neglect is reported to, CPS themselves control every information and keeps them hidden from public eye

  • The Judge, appointed-attorney, CPS caseworkers, and every other direct and indirect prosecutors are paid directly by the county. And this funding comes from the federal government in direct proportion to the number of children they succeed in taking from homes and so called "protected"

CPS Atrocities And Crime against Humanity is far greater than words can tell, deeper into the darkest acts of child enslavement, children marketing, family destruction, pedophilia, children maltreatment and so many many more!. Open Your EYE!

Rise up for this cause
A foe fought in Unity
Becomes a foe defeated
To be informed is to be forearmed
A Rpost; there is need for fresh eyes to see all these crimes against Families and to spread awareness.

Peace to you all,

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