[RP]A Call For Those Who Survived

So we know, CPS destroys life in heavy doses, and they forever "seem" unaccountable  and with immunity, this is the more reasons we should be smart in our pursuit of justice and securing our children from the hands of these people. So many parents and victims of this system have revealed true stories and heart wrenching experiences they had gone through in so much numbers. One fact is infallible from these many experiences; the System is rotten to the core and will always "try" to knock us off the ground.

Like every other "problem-solution" roadmap, there are a series of very fundamental & elemental pieces that would gradually fit together to give a solution. The System is no different from these layers of abstraction to help parents and victims fight the system and finally cause others to see the epidemic illness the System is a representational figure for. 

For government empowered bodies like CPS to fall, the people, yes, "majority" of them must wish it so and work towards it. This is why awareness must continue and many true life experiences must keep flocking in and many eye-opening post must keep translating into the everyday eyes of every citizen to create a form of unity and drive towards a common goal which is the the "Safety of families".

This post is not to emphasize what we need do, but to CALL ALL THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE TYRANNY OF CPS. To accomplish the Family Safety and freedom we so much crave for, those who have been able to regain their freedom from the claws of these Child Trafficking Tyrants should please step on board this FamilyProtection train whose destination is to the other-side of reality that we have come to know, the side where all is free from this war waged against the families and their offspring.

I know all tactics will not work in every situation, and what worked for you three years ago might not work for a parent in a different country or place right this moment. That said, every "Tip" and "Advice" is golden!!, while we are caught in-between exposing the system for what they are and to lead about change, the treasure of safety "informed Decisions" give are priceless and invaluable. New families who haven't experienced the system will then have a knowledge bank of what to do in particular situations similar to the one you experienced.

So to all those who survived and stepped out of the System's corrupt courts and incriminating services in full or in half. please come forward and let us know:

  1. What worked for you
  2. What didn't work for you
  3. What you regret not doing
  4. What gave a positive growth to your case
  5. And more deemed worthy advice

Come and tell, don't keep your survival to yourself, other parents need benefit from all these. In forming a chain of help and bringing down these corrupt System, your side counts and is priceless. 

Your Tip And Advice Through Experience Will Surely Help A Family Somewhere, Someway And Somehow

Rpost; There is need for fresh eyes to see this and stand up to help.

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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I completely agree @kryptocoin. Knowledge is powerful and so too are people. Breaking the apathy is hard. There may be some that just want to forget those tragic days. But I all for your approach and strategic plan. Great post.

Yes, I realize most people just wanna forget about it. While that is good, it would be cooler if they found a way to balance it all out and "help" the next person who are at the verge of falling prey.
Thank you Troy for this sound comment!

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