Native Americans And Supervised Visit

If you are a native American or a Native,
when you visit your child under supervision,
you might want to speak with your child in your native dialect,
but I just want to inform you, that there are some bad caseworkers who pick a higher degree offense with that act,
some think you are purposefully trying to speak in your dialect to kill off their "SPYING" ability.
So if you can speak English, please just speak that, so the caseworker supervising won't seize that as an opportunity to cook up more lies and false impression about you.



I hear you @kryptocoin. I would probably encourage the Indian language when possible. You know the US government lied and stole from the Native American. They gave them government reservations to live on kicking them off their own land. What makes anyone think the native American is going to trust the CPS or any other branch? On a side note - where I grew up there were the Meskuakies ( Tama, IA) who were smart enough and business savvy to have a settlement rather than a reservation. They own their own land. Thanks @kryptocoin.

YES!. It is a pitiable history.
I have Native friends and I used to visit Dakota and a relative of mine over there.

Thanks for your comment Troy, I will also encourage their dialect, but with care when CPS are in view.
Those monsters (CPS) turn things upside down just to cause chaos.

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