Many Moons Passed: My Very First Pro-FamilyProtection Post On Steemit.

There is always a starting point to every journey and here right now I would love to share my very first awareness post written back in 2017 at the early birth of @familyprotection. These words still stand true and I haven't looked back since then.

Instead Of Mending Bonds, They Heap Lies And Break Down Beautiful Families

For whatever reason it might be, encountering  child protective services(CPS) have always been a thing of a struggle. The stress from involvement with social services often result in greater scars, discontinuity and emotional blows to not just the parents but likewise the children. I have been opportune to have contact with some families that have passed through social services assessment, the result is always "more TROUBLES".

The Social Service system that was meant to help bond families together has become the apocalyptic maniac tearing down lovely families and breeding sorrow within homes. The social service workers no longer cares!(they never truly did), and have a knack for brewing and formulating negative reports. A family I am presently acquainted with told me bluntly that the social worker who came to assess and speak with her family had shamelessly LIED about many things she wrote in her report and left out positive details she was provided with.

This got me thinking, why would she lie in her report and also stall off positive reports?. Well, apparently huge numbers of the CPS workers are not genuine, their loyalty do not lie in families well-being!. The family is presently undergoing a case in the family-court right now and it has never been an easy one, considering the fact that the reports submitted to the Judge are practically inflated with lies and negativity.(The kids were never returned; 2019)

My advice to families would be that they keep good records to every visit child protective services pay to their homes. Every calls made by or to assessment workers should be recorded. There are tons of apps out there that can record calls by simply tapping a button. Families should secretly keep up a working video recorder to record every meeting, you don't know when that little act will save you from troubles in a courtroom.

Be  assertively active when you meet with them and don't act feeble nor helpless. Remember, there is a humongous possibility that a social worker that visits you is just there to crumble your family, heap up unhealthy and completely untrue reports!. Be wise and always think before you speak to them, you don't want a situation you say something damaging because you were under some sort of duress, hopefully you don't encounter them at all, but if you do, I hope you meet some genuine workers(very very few). Watch out and make sure you ain't at fault, keep loving your kids and fight for their rights to "have a great loving family".

Stand for your family
Stand for your children's happiness
A parent's love would always triumph
Fight for your HOME
Family is PRICELESS!

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Thank you for your dedication yo children and families @kryptocoin. It is good to look back and dust off old posts that are in the @familyprotection attic. I feel there often is relevant info that needs to be reheard and visited to our ever changing audiences. I wish we did it more often as folks need to hear these wise old blogs. Blessings.

Exactly. It's been quite a journey, one that has not only made me wiser but has given me a new outlook at things.

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