Child Abuse Will Occur, But CPS is Not The Answer, Not Even Close!!. Check out @familyprotection for Cases, Facts and Informed Opinions.

Child abuse would occur, to deny this fact is to be blind, but CPS (the organization taxed with this labor) has proven to be far worst than a very "abusing parent". CPS have and has always been discriminating in their search to remove children from their homes, there have been thousands-to-millions of cases where CPS begin by removing children from "Stable Homes". The corruption of the CPS system is so large that it is now seen as an epidemic to the families, because it is.

Children experience far-far more abuse when under the care of CPS, and there have been so many deaths as well. Children removed from their loving homes based on flimsy excuses and for reasons that in no way shows abuse. These facts are proven and even the national statistics taken by some government bodies and a lot more private research points at that as well. On a personal base, I have seen and communicated with so many parents that have been dealt treacherously by the System.

Do you know?, for CPS workers to receive funds from the federal government, they "MUST" remove children from their homes?. They are paid whenever they remove a child, they are paid whenever they provide services for a child. The funds they receive is in Direct proportion to the number of children they remove from homes, this has led to Legal Kidnapping of infants and children.

There is so much I would like to tell you, but my fingers won't permit me, please check out @familyprotection and my blog, go through the numerous topics and cases that have been reported by parents, by foster alumni, by other people who have experience with the system, take time and go through them.

If there is anything that will solve the issues of actual parental abuse, the answer is definitely not this version of "CPS". Every family need to love and cherish their children care and groom them up with strong moral rightness , this is what makes a strong nation.

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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