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RE: 'Stupid parents' win their kids back from CPS!

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I don't think it is about IQ at its core. That is just one of many reasons they go after children. Some cases are legit of course, but the system is corrupt so it must be showed to all so we can re-factor and replace it.

They have been at this a long time and it involves more than just CPS. CPS is just the name they are using for now. This battle starts in our schools and most of our up-brining. We are influenced into fear to blind us from the big picture then influenced into accepting violence in the name of something so called good (kinda off but not so bad). Well that "not so bad" perception shifts a great deal over generations especially when people are born into something like tyranny.

James Corbett has put together some history on eugenics. It is no surprised that this is not taught in public school and demonized by the corporate owned press. The more we learn about stuff like this the better off 99.9999% of us will be. Personally if I am ridiculed over talking eugenics I'm not surprised. In fact, if I even fell uneasy about brining it up it just lets me know I'm still have more indoctrination to over-come. Don't get me started on what they do with the children..

Apologies for rambling too ;) .. hope this helps.


Apologies for rambling too ;) .. hope this helps.

No need for apologies, it helps me learn. I have learned a lot since joining Steemit regarding what can only be a large co-op among the rich to use us like cattle who have no rights. I have come to suspect some very sinister things about CPS and their involvement as far as child trafficking is concerned since I initially encountered the familyprotection group here on Steemit. Sadly, it appears that no matter how far down this hole one goes, there is more to go down.

I think what really caught me about this post was it raised the question (for myself) of what is the best course of action if parents who are incapable mentally of caring for children begin having them. I despise what CPS is doing with these kids, but that doesn't negate the very real dangers and learning barriers these children would face. It is exactly this kind of heart play how they justify having such a monstrous organization as CPS, and somehow needs to be addressed as the thought of abandoning children in these situations (not saying the parents quoted in this article fall under this scenario) is sickening to me.

I agree on the faults of public school, having home schooled my son successfully enough that he is more successful than his dad ever has been. I will look more into James Corbett and eugenics as I definitely believe based on research for my articles that they are indeed practicing it and most of us aren't making the cut.

And now I am rambling :D

oh yes spot on.

Yes. The system has an obligation to remove children from potentially harmful, & grossly dysfunctional parents. However lately many children in western countries are being removed from loving parents and put into horrendous foster care situations because the parents refuse to vaccinate their kids or because they disagree with some small aspect of the system. Some of the children are sometimes used in establishment peodo rings. I know that sounds strange & far fetched but I know of a few cases. I believe eugenics is a fact because the "powers that be" are trying to reduce the population. People will always be ridiculed by talking about anything that does not parrot the popular consensus narrative held by the status quo.

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