What DHS Are, The Corruption Runs Deep In Oregon. Attorneys And Psych Evaluators All Sham?

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I thank James for all the work he has done here in my area, spreading the words about the family destroyers called CPS, Thank you James for allowing me use your account!!!. James is the Chief Data Analyst in the firm I work for here in Michigan, and I myself "was" involved in telling people about the horrors of DHS some time back when I lived in Oregon. Coming across a blockchain based community fighting for people oppressed by DHS and revealing the true problems is great. My name is Bowen and below is what I'm personally aware about DHS.

The truth is, Children will be removed from homes and some should be. To deny that fact reflects an attitude of unawareness that is really scary. A child found playing in their parents meth lab for example, or a toddler found out in traffic while the stoned parent slept on the couch should be removed and protected, i mean real protection. What happens after that within DHS is the real crime we have to worry about, what we presently see with DHS is beyond acceptable and innocent families are suffering and more than ninety nine percent of the children are definitely not cared for, they are abused. 

Those of you with children in custody already know that. The real enemy here is the corrupt agency, DHS/CPS, and the other corrupt departments and agencies that are making money off children. You, as a parent, are forced to undergo psych evaluations at the hands of people who are under contract with DHS to provide psychological services. Yet many of those same “Mental Health Workers” have no license of any kind. They cannot legally trim your dog’s fur nor work on your nails. One such psuedo pychologist in Klamath Falls, OR, has 22 contracts with DHS, some permitting payment, “Not to exceed $4,000 per day.” Compare that to the $25,000 per year our state senators earn. That man has no license of any kind yet has been the main person DHS refers parents to for evaluation and treatment. If you refuse to be treated by that DHS contracted, non-qualified psuedo psychologist, that is used against you in court. 

The other “psychologist” used by DHS in Klamath Falls until she was investigated, again, by the state, claimed over and over in court records to be a “psychologist Resident” working under a licensed psychologist in another city. The problem was that psycholigist said she did not work with him during the time she claimed she did. She was charged with practicing psychology without a license and she even stipulated to that fact and was fined, yet, DHS kept on using her anyway and she testified in court cases and never mentioned what she was facing at the hands of Board of Psychologist Examiners at the very time she was testifying. Ah, the ethics of DHS/CPS and those who are dependent on DHS for their livelihood! 

Then look at the fact that during one hearing a judge made the statement that no Judge in that county had ruled against DHS or for the parents in any Termination of Parental Rights Case or permanent guardianship trial, for over ten years as at 2010. It’s actually in over thirteen years. Not once. Add to that the fact that the Indigent Defenders Service or court appointed lawyers in that county haven’t won a case involving termination or permanent guardianship in those same thirteen years, yet they receive the contract every two years for over 5.2 million dollars. 

An audit done in 2009, called because of complaints, found a serious shortage of money that couldn’t be explained. That shortage, rumored to be over $40,000 per month was being investigated at that time. Things are so bad in Oregon with DHS using non-licensed psychs that in response to an inquiry by the former head of the Board of Psychologist Examiners, Martin Petioni, the office of the Attorney General issued a legal opinion on just how illegal it was for DHS to use the “unlicensed psychologists” DHS was using. This was and is so bad that as a parent even if you can afford your own independent psychologist, you are denied permission to use anyone other than the DHS contracted psychologists wannabes. I don't know if this has changed now, but I strongly believe they are still at it.

Before you get too excited about this understand that the very powerful DHS lobby back then, led by a Ms. Patti O’Sulivan, I believe her name is, and with the help of State Senator Mones- Anderson and a few others actually passed into law, that year, a revision in the ORS’ which now allows DHS to use virtually any quack they choose, licensed or not, under contract with DHS and totally dependent on DHS for their livelihood to evaluate and treat you for your obvious mental condition of not liking DHS or the way they operate. Sort of reminds me of the Soviet Union. It was Nikita Khrushchev, former leader of the Soviet Union who said, “There are no dissidents in the Soviet Union, there are only mentally ill people.” Are you aware that it is DHS, The Courts and the District Attorney's Office that recommend to which consortia of attorneys the 2.6 million dollar contract per year to defend parents against DHS, goes to?, this very amount of money has increased drastically in 2017.

This means both DHS and the District Attorney get to select the attorneys they will be facing in court for the next two years and you were wondering how any group of attorneys could lose every termination case they took?. Clearly these lawyers who often meet with their clients only, less than five minutes before representing them in matters that will result in that parent losing their children, at least in Klamath County and elsewhere in Oregon are in my opinion at the bottom of the barrel of attorneys in Oregon and elsewhere. How else could a lawyer do little to nothing and still make over a hundred thousand a year working as a court appointed attorney who secretly does whatever DHS tells them to do? 

This gives rise to the biggest question of all. How is it that anybody accused of stealing something worth $250 has an absolute right to a trial in front of a jury, BUT, if the state is attempting to terminate your rights as a parent and if successful, that means you will never see them again, is set up where you have no right to a trial by jury? That is really nuts, and the major catalyst used in ripping our children off to sell and abused. 


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

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Yes, the corruption sure does run deep!
It is ridiculous but from my own experiences with friends going through the system, it truly seems that CPS/MCFD hires the people LEAST qualified to ever determine if a family is healthy or not.

Thank-you for sharing your own experiences with this corrupt and failing child welfare system.

I couldn't agree more! They go for the lowest class, It is because they don't care, money and incentive is what drives them, failed system.

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Do you happen to have a link or can refer me to something that with the info on State Senator Mones- Anderson that shows where she changed the law to not requiring DHS &/ CPS workers to actually be trained and certified? I was a part of one these cases where they took the side of the abusers (my own parents) and claimed I was just paranoid, by one of their “mental health specialist” fortunately, his dad & I outsmarted them and put my son in his dads full custody. Otherwise DHS would have fought to take him and placed him with my narcissistic mother who intensely exhibits emotional incest with my son, like she did my siblings and I, and with my sexually abusive father who has other kids speak about his abuse but it always, aaalways just gets brushed under the rug.
The corruption in DHS truly is DEEP & it’s so frustrating and unbelievably saddening. Thank you for being vigilant in getting this info out!
Do you have any ideas on steps one can take to be a part of bringing this system down? Even if they seem small, I swear this is a part of my mission and I believe I’ll see this change in my lifetime. I mean, I won’t rest!

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