EIT and CPS Tactics

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT)

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT), more commonly known as torture, has been frequently used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The tactics used include physical and mental stress, with the objective of putting the subject under enough pressure that eventually they break and tell them whatever the agents want to hear. Specifically, the subjects are exposed to:

  • Beatings

  • Bonded and contorted stress positions

  • Hooding

  • Deafening noise

  • Sleep disruption and deprivation

  • Deprivation of food and water

  • Over stimulation to heat, cold, sound and sight

  • Constant/repetitive questioning

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There are many reasons that this practice is controversial, one being the immorality of the practice, the fact that it is a major violation of the Non-Aggression Principal (NAP) and the fact that it does not work.

Shane O’Mara, Professor of Experimental Research, and Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator at the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College covers this in his bookWhy Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation”. He states “Extreme stress, they argue [defenders of torture], causes the subjects to reveal what they know.” (Brackets added by blog author). Actually it causes to subjects to reveal anything that they feel will make the torture stop.

People take the path of least resistance. As anything in nature, we take the least resistant path in the name of efficiency. And if there is no easy path, we make one for future generations to use. Water flows in the path of least resistance, animals often make trails on paths of least resistance. This is just the natural way of things. Energy is the same way in it’s behavior.

All living beings also avoid any and all negative stimuli. This is how scientist tell if something is in fact alive in a Petri dish. They expose the single cell organism to negative stimuli, if it moves away or avoids it in any matter, they know it has some degree of intelligence and is alive.

When someone is put under the kind of stress that they are subjected to when being tortured, they come to a breaking point where they will say anything to make the torture stop. This is no secret among even the civilian population, yet its core practice of subjecting people to large amounts of stress, whether mental or physical, is wide spread and still frequently used.

I believe this is because the agents and agencies care less about the truth, and more about making it look like they’ve gotten the job done, making themselves look good and keeping the funds coming.

CPS for example receives federal grants per every child kidnapped from a family. This monetizes children and their kidnapping despite the fact that children are six times more likely to die under state care. They care less about the truth and more about increased funding.

CPS Tactics

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Child Protective Services (CPS) and their counter parts are absolutely notorious for their tactics when questioning children.

CPS Program Manager Ramona Simmons Fairfax Virginia said in an interview for The Fairfax Times, “When something is unfounded, it doesn’t mean absolutely nothing happened,” she then said. “It just says we didn’t have the evidence we needed to make it a founded investigation.”

What she doesn’t state is that, we are innocent until proven guilty. She instead implies that if there’s no evidence that abuse has occured, this doesn't mean it didn't happen and they will find a way to “prove” something did. Whether it’s questioning a four year old child that has no concept of the impact their words will have on their entire lives and that if their family’s lives, or coming into the house and using three dirty plates as evidence of hoarding, or getting the parents to admit to smoking pot in high school as evidence of emotional and physical neglect.

And so they will push until they get the admission. Which is exactly what they do. CPS will ask the child over and over again until they get the answer they want. Subjecting the child to great amounts of stress and pressure. They say they want to protect the child, but I'd be curious what this does to a child especially once they are old enough to comprehend the consequences of what they were manipulated into saying.

In an excellent article by @naditinkoff about an interview with a girl who had been taken from her parent by CPS, @naditinkoff wrote, “The psychologist simply repeats that the parents beat the child until the child agrees. In the video the girl says that CPS asked her many times how she got the bruise. She kept saying that she got the bruise during the game. But the CPS agents didn’t like her answer and the psychologists kept pushing the child. They asked her the question a million times and always added, ‘maybe mom beat you?’ The girl says that in the end she was so tired of this question that she was ready to agree with anything.” [quotes corrected for grammar].

@naditinkoff also goes on to explain that “the girl tells of how the psychologist intimidated her”, with the psychologists telling the child that her parents are bad due to “mental illness” and that “ that her mother wants to take her only for the benefits.” But they don’t stop there. The psychologist goes on to explain that the child will go to a boarding school with all the toys she could ever want, bribing her for a confession of her parents guilt.
The psychologists and CPS agents put the child under so much mental pressure that she finally broke and told them what they wanted to hear.

Sound familiar? We had just discussed the methods used during Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (aka torture), and how the goal was to put the subject under so much pressure that they are brought to a threshold breaking point and will tell them what they want to hear.

They are not concerned with truth, they are concerned with admissions of guilt. If they were concerned with truth, the agencies using these techniques would take the data showing that torture doesn’t work more seriously.

The CIA and DIA use any means necessary whether it be physical or mental torture, CPS and their psychologists use tactics akin to mental torture specifically. They put the child under so much psychological stress that they will tell them anything they want to hear just to make the questioning stop. Children’s threshold for stress of any kind is small. They cannot take much stress. The cave easily. And the adults inflicting this stress upon them know this. CPS and their agents know that if they ask enough times, if they put the child in isolation away from the parents with other authority figures around (like police or a teacher or principal), they will cave and tell them what they want to hear.”

The point of this article has been to show the similarities between so called EIT and CPS tactics, and I hope I have effectively shown this. Their tactics are immoral. Their tactics are shady at best. They are manipulative and creepy.

Here is an excellent video of a former CPS agent discussing CPS tactics and how to deal with them. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen on the subject. It is so important that every parent or person who would like children in the future see this video. I have already hyperlinked to it many times in this article because of its importance.


Here is one more excellent article on how to deal with CPS if you ever have the misfortune of having them on your door step. Do not let them in. Do not admit anything to them. Say as absolutely little as possible. Tell you child about them and tell them to simply say “I do not want to talk to you” and say nothing more. They are not our friends. They are not our child’s friend. They want our children for personal bonuses and raises and grants for their organization. They are our enemy

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If you are still on the fence of the Intentions of CPS and whether or not they are a useful and benevolent organization feel free to check out my article series on CPS Atrocities and Crimes pt.1 here and pt.2 here. I also wrote an article on the Alfie Evans Case which you can read here.

I hope you have found this material useful and I hope that it has given solutions for dealing with this issue and this criminal organization.

It is easy to state an issue, the hard part is finding the solution.

Thanks for reading, and if you have found my material useful, don’t forget to hit the follow button, and be sure to upvote!

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I find it quite interesting that the system isn't just monetarily incentivised, but psychologically too by frowning upon someone as lazy if they manage to keep children with their families. That is more powerful than money even, because someone with morals can fight the draw of extra money to some extent, but how do they fight disapproval? Leaving the system is the only way out, but then they've just lost someone who could have done some good.


I like your point a lot. That's an interesting angle. It's like a vicious cycle that expels anyone who could actually make a dent in some good way. And not only that, but it's psychologically incentivizing by indoctrinating people into a welfare mindset right off the bat through the foster care system. It creates people who are eternally dependent on the government for their daily meal with few exception. If a person is that dependent on the state will they be a dissident and bite the hand that feeds them? Or will they be a willing agent of the state or at least a willing proletariat to the state to ensure their survival since that is all they know. Most likely the latter which has been shown time and time again throughout history. This is such an old formula that is used over and over again by despots and oligarchical regimes and somehow people fail to see it even in the, allegedly, most advanced countries of their time. This time being the US. And I say allegedly because that is now very easily debatable thanks to the same folks at the top. Edward Bernays, Julian Huxley and their ilk. And in fact, speaking of Julian Huxley, CPS work under the UN's Convention On The Rights of The Child. @richq11 writes a lot of great material about that topic. Check him out too if this subject interests you. Good ole UNICEF. Good ole UN hah. But seriously, you bring some really good and important points to the table. That topic alone is article worthy.

Great post, I hit follow!

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DUDE!!!! You did it! You wrote it! OMG. I'm so happy right now. I wasn't even planning on being on this long today and it's here!

You laid this out SOOOOO well. SOOOO WELL! This is going to link up the dots for those who don't see this. You have no idea how many lives you may have just helped.

And you did it SOOOOO WELLLLL. Man! I want to fist bump and high five you right now.

You did good man. You did real good.


Wow man I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Really. That means so much to me. Consider us fist bumping hah. But really man, I only wrote this because of our conversation a while back. I didn't even think of it until you brought it up man. So thanks for that. Credit your way as well. I'm really glad you think it went well in terms of its flow. Gonna be working on another one here just ina bit. You'll have to let me know what you think. But once again, thanks loads for your words @miklkent. Very encouraging and motivational.

I worked a few years as a psychologist for the CPS of my country and the truth is that social service workers interrogate children because they know that they are defenseless and their responses can be modified by the perception they have of the employee


Right on. Honestly I wouldn't doubt that's the case in some cases but I think in others maybe not so much. I think a lot of people go into things with good intentions and then are trained in ways that contradict their original motives for joining said cause. But you say you used to work as one so maybe you should write about it and give us all a few from the other side. I know I would find that interesting to hear about. I don't even care if it's refuting my writings, as long as it's factual I'd like to hear it. It's all about finding truth, not being right or wrong. I do appreciate the comment.