The Face Of Family Protection! The Family Protection Story! How It Works!

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This is a compilation of important posts
that explain all you need to know about @familyprotection.


The Face of @familyprotection

If anyone missed this video it is worth a look as it puts a face and a name to this cause, and explains why we ask for donations.

Something that I didn't mention in this video is that we are only asking for a portion of the rewards back that we already gave you by upvoting your valuable posts. We don't want it to feel like a tax or a burden, but then why should it? We hope that you see it as giving a small token of gratitude back that we will use to help families in need.

The Post In Full



This is the latest post by @canadian-coconut where Ca-Co explains how she became involved in @familyprotection

Without Ca-Co this community would not be able to reward its members for their valuable posts and I'm certain that we wouldn’t be as well known without her so this post is definitely worth a read.



Here is a great post that explains in detail how The @familyprotection community model works!



In this post we explain why we have to be tough on plagiarism and why we sometimes have to question the authenticity of certain accounts.





Your face is not ugly man, and i am really feeling sorry for your all hardships what you've faced in past and your voice is sounding truth and in my opinion everyone should rise for an good cause because we really lack the goodness in society and we are becoming greedy slowly and inturn we are engaging in greedy works means living for just own self and we have to remember one thing that we all belongs to one tribe and that is humanity and we should not leave it, and i hope that you will get your land where you can sense the freedom. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you! This is how I feel! We all need to stand up against the injustices that have been going on for decades, and stop being scared of the consequences. Governments work for us! We are the ones with the power.

I have given so much to this cause because I believe we can really make a difference, getting these stories on the Blockchain is of huge importance. Once they are on the Blockchain they can never be hidden or erased.

Really true brother, good things need voices because it's important, one person can talk but when people stands in numbers to support for good things then we can bring the revolution.

Great response @chireerocks

What a great measure of hardship for him. But i really hope things will turn around for good. We need more 'good' om our society.

Yes, we need more goodness but the ugly truth is there are people who want to do good but they are get suppressed.

  • Got my vote at 100%
  • Whales should be delegating as well as this "movement" is not a movement at all. It is an honest place for those effected by CAS to come together and share their stories with thousands of people who have no idea what the hell CAS is, and the damage it has done and will continue to do. Before my encounter with them, I didn't even know they existed.

Is there ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE in the world where you can go nowadays, raise your kids HOW YOU WANT TO and not be bothered by agencies/individuals/entities who can "legally" take your kids away and/or harass you in YOUR OWN HOME? I've heard of Liberland and am looking into it but is there a rating of countries by level of CPS involvement/power in people's lives? The good old USA is becoming unbearable and I fear not only for my family but for my children's future families. I fear that when they start raising families/pets, whatever, they will be put in harm's way just by wanting to do things differently.

Anyway - any suggestions as to the best country to live in - Ecuador, Mexico, any country in Europe not completely overrun by this terror organization known as CPS yet?

Thanks for the post. As this is a compilation of important posts, perhaps it opens the door for writers to do the same. I will keep that in mind. Often posts are spun from well written comments.

I would enjoy and encourage a video from Linda @canadian-coconut when she has time, to learn more about her and offer some symmetry. Videos offer an interpretation that written blogs cannot. It would be good and healthy to see both faces @family protection. I envision countless faces and videos as part of the @familyprotection face and library. I appreciate your tireless work and dedication. Well done as always. Blessings -

I wasn't aware of yet another area of injustice until I started following your posts. Thank you for your valuable work and getting this information out to the general public.

Good Post !!! Really Nice

15 years without motherland so much. I am so hopeful that you will get the settlement where you will have the freedom to grow your children. Also, your personal story cause more logical. The stories may not be shared without influence of @familyprotection. I am so happy for @canadian-coconut's engagement and without her it could be really difficult to spread the message. As I always believe, we can't take money in the grave, but we can do something for the world as signature that I, we were some time in this world.

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doing great work thumps up !

right on Mark! that's the way to do it! Really good to see you, hear you.. feel you.. nice one for putting yourself truly out there.. and SO well said!

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