@familyprotection Is A Scam! And We Are Russian Agents! The Real Face Of @familyprotection!

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This is it!
The Truth About Me And My Little Scam!

It's time to set the record straight
and let everyone know what we are all about.

Why Did I Start Family Protection?

@familyprotection was started because I was sick of the way things were, I was disgusted with the way government child "protection" agencies were tearing families apart with such ease. I had grown up in foster care and knew all too well the level of CARE that was offered to children trapped in this system. Many years later me and my partner was threatened by the state because we chose to home-school our children. We even had to leave our country of fear from having our children legally kidnapped which led me to investigate and uncover a world of hate being dished out by the state.

I came up with the idea of having a support group, but I knew that I would need some help so I went to the person that I trusted and looked up to most on steemit. @canadian-coconut had it all, she was a very well respected and long standing member of the steemit community, she also had the power to really make a difference and with her upvote, we knew these stories would get the attention they so rightly deserved.

@familyprotection has been going for around six months now, and up until this last month we have been praised for trying to spread awareness on a problem that most people have no idea exists. We have done our best to make sure these stories get heard and at the same time we have raised crypto, that will one day be worth a pretty penny.


The Critics Came Marching In!

Recently, we have received some criticism for the way we do things, some people called us an outright scam, one said that we were Russian agents, two have even gone as far as to suggest that we are working alongside cps lol, and others thought that asking for donations was wrong. Among other things we have also been flagged and accused of being a voting ring and that we had no right in asking people to remove the #familyprotection tag from their unrelated post, these spammy posts clog up the tag that we invented so that the really important stories could easily be seen by people who care about this situation.

You're Dammed If You Do!

I know that for the most part, we are very well respected and that 99% of people appreciate the hard work we are doing to build and shape this community into a genuine support network. We know that we are doing the right thing but when we get the other 1% of people who are throwing shit in our direction it becomes hard not to notice. When someone takes a shit in a room full of roses then the smell of flowers disappears.


We never thought that trying to help
people would cause so much stress.

How Do We Put An End To The Accusations? How do we deal with people that claim to be fighting the same fight who are questioning our integrity and motives? Personally I think we shouldn't give these people the time of day, but at the same time my reputation is very important to me and I would like to eliminate the threat of any future attacks from people who seem to have a problem with @familyprotection.

Of course, we will always get some people who think cps are angels that were sent here to protect us. I'm happy to ignore such people but is there a way that we can eradicate the word scam from ever appearing around our community?

In the near future, when cryptos go to the moon, we WILL have the power to really start making a difference and when that day comes you will really get to see, that we are here to help, and that we mean what we say. I believe actions speak loader than words and I look forward to the day when all the nay sayers will be proven wrong and once again Mark Whittam will prove to the world that he never gives up or backs down from a fight worth fighting.


Please Prove us Wrong!

I would love for any of the haters out there to prove us wrong, show me evidence that we are scamming the steemit public. The fact is that @familyprotection is costing me and @canadian-coconut both time and money:

  • Since starting @familyprotection I no longer have the time to do my usual one post a day, which means I earn less.

  • I have also been renting steempower (which is not cheap) so that I can help support fp posts.

  • On top of the donations to @familyprotection from my FP posts which are in the hundreds of SBD's, I have aslo donated 200 x STEEM to @hickorymack and an additional 100 x SBD to FP which was not a percentage from my FP posts.

  • 7 day's a week, me and Ca-Co are going through a huge amount of posts that don the fp tag, checking for authenticity, quality and reletivity. We are getting help from @eco-alex and @misslasvegas but it's still taking up most of our time.

  • @canadian-coconut earns 25% less in curation since she started upvoting mainly fp posts and has less time to do her own posts.

The great thing about our cause is that every penny we raise is transparent, anyone can easily check what comes in and what goes out. The fact is, that the only funds that have gone out from @familyprotection are 100SBD, this was for @hickorymack who was being hounded by cps because of her living conditions, she was homeless, but partly thanks to the steemit, and the fp community, she now has a home for her family.

We have never once taken a penny to pay ourselves because we really want the funds we have raised to grow, as we believe that 2018 is going to be the best year for crypto, ever!


Why Am I Writing This Post?

I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, and to be honest, I really couldn't give a damn about the haters but my concern is what our members feel and think about our @familyprotection community?

We really want to hear your opinions, and if you have any doubt about us and the way we do things? we WILL continue to raise awareness and funds but is there anything that we could do better so that we are all in agreement?

  • Do you think all the funds should be powered up, or should we continue to invest in other cryptos as well as steempower?

  • What do you think of the comment we leave on every post we resteem?

  • What do you think of the quality of the posts we resteem and should we be more picky in our selection?

  • Should we just completely ignore the haters and not waste any more time or effort in trying to convince these simple minded narcissists that we are the real deal?

  • Should we really spend money on a fancy website or just keep things strictly on the blockchain?


The fact is, That we are here to stay
and we'll still be here helping people in years to come.

No amount of negative feedback
will stop this train from ploughing full steem ahead.


Watch This Video
To See The Real Face Of Family Protection.



I LOVE the video that you did Mark, and posted at the bottom!
There is no way that anyone can accuse you of 'hiding' or not being transparent. I'm glad that you are the 'face' of FamilyProtection!

I know how much you and the community here appreciate me, so therefore I will try not to let these newcomers who arrive intent on causing trouble get to me any longer.

Having said that, I am so glad that you did this post and this video.
In the future we can always simply drop this link and stop wasting any more time. When we give in to the chaos that some people purposely attempt to create, it only takes away from our ability to continue doing the good work that we are doing.

Thank you @canadian-coconut!
I really felt the need to get this off my chest! I am a man of my word and NO ONE can take that away from me!
I agree that after this, it feels like we can move on and not waste any more time and energy on the trolls and when they raise their ugly head, we can just send this post in their direction.

Time to get back to what really matters, onwards and upwards!

Thank you for believing in me and also for all the time and effort you have put into @familyprotection.


You both are incredible. I admire souls like you two. Nothing, no negative feedback is going to stop you in helping people. That's why I follow you.

Here's a few of my thoughts:

Do you think all the funds should be powered up, or should we continue to invest in other cryptos as well as steempower?

I believe that powering up the FP account will continue encouraging Steemit users to generate useful content for the topic. It is frustrating seeing people trying to exploit the tag for upvotes, but for the most part it's transparent who is doing this. I would suggest having FP muting them. Inform them that FP has muted them.

What do you think of the comment we leave on every post we resteem?

I don't mind the comment. Mentioning that it's curated by a human might be good. When people see the automated comment, they assume it's an automated bot associated with the "magic" tag. Like when people use the tag "busy" to get a free upvote from @busy. FP is not like that at all. The upvote is from a human, the comment is the result of a human curation.

What do you think of the quality of the posts we resteem and should we be more picky in our selection?

I think the quality of resteems are fine. I think it's obvious which posts are not deserving of a resteem.

Should we just completely ignore the haters and not waste any more time or effort in trying to convince these simple minded narcissists that we are the real deal?

Don't give them the time of day. People who have been on Steemit for any length of time knows the FP is the real deal.

Should we spend money on a fancy website or keep things on the blockchain?

Keep it on the blockchain. I don't think a fancy website is a good investment - at least not at this time. Keeping it on Steemit encourages new users and keeps things transparent. Just my opinion.


Yes, thank-you for your feedback.

Wow! Fantastic feedback @ironshield!

I really appreciate you taking the time to digest my post and give us some solid and well thought out answers =)

It's funny, I agree with everything you said which never usually happens. And yes our comments are not automated.

It's great to have you on our side.

This post has been Resteemed and Upvoted by the @familyprotection community.
Governments around the world are using "Child Protection Agencies" to take children away from loving families and place them in foster care or group homes, or put them up for adoption.

Thank-you @markwhittam for supporting our community.

If you @markwhittam perceive this comment to be spam or a scam we will remove it at your request, Every penny we raise will go to helping families in need as all the funds we raise are transparent and accounted for.

Keeping your options open and sharing content across many media channels will be as important as raising the funds to help people. There are a LOT of new chains/platforms in development that will be launching over the next 6-12 months, Steem forks and EOS-based. Having a presence on as many as possible will help maximize your visibility, exposure and earnings. The BeyondBitcoin dev team has recently release MASDACS.io (currently in testing phase supporting Steem, Golos, and Medium) that will allow you to create a post 1 time and publish it across multiple chains at once. This reduces the risk of censorship, flag war crap, and maximizes your earnings power across the chains that accept and deserve your support. Good things are coming, keep up the great work - haters gonna hate!

Wow! Thanks @steempowerpics.
Now you have my attention!
Definitely no need for flashy websites with all these new developments =)

I am actually looking forward to when steemit has some competition, like @nanzo-scoop said, everyone will be bringing their a game =)

Thanks for dropping in Bro!

Absolutely! We are optimistic that the coming competition to Steemit will help curb some of the misguided behavior at the top here and keep this platform in play to compliment the others, but time will tell.

Oh! Not another spammy comment from @familyprotection ;)

if you think it is spam @markwhittam, then we will remove it! ... rotfl ..

wtf! A scam? Perhaps the .gov CAS members are on STEEMIT. Whoever thinks it's a scam deserves a run in with these folks.

Yesterday I had it out with one of these social workers and told her I'm just a phone call away from the National Post. I told her straight out the agency is bias, prejudiced, and politicized.

I mean what bullshit accusation is that! Forget the haters.. just keep posting. Always gonna be haters.

Thank you @bearbear613
Yeah I'm starting to think that maybe these people who question our motives are not normal members of society and perhaps they are just here to try and stir things up.

I have never met a social worker who could think for themselves, they go by the book and that book is pure evil.

Thanks for showing some support.

I completely understand the frustration from dealing with scammers and folks who wish to cause you crap. It would be so much easier if we all could get along, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Honestly because of selfishness, greed, narcissism and sin, that does not happen. There are those that want to take advantage of situations and people. We may not be able to stop them but they will have to answer to a higher authority one day. it is a shame that they pick on such worthwhile cause that we are all involved in. I would ask a question. As Mark and Linda put countless hours into reading posts and promoting @familyprotection, the two of you deserve something for your time and devotion. Are you able to at least get compensated for your time? Again it is a shame that folks will cause others havoc but as you all know, I learned that this crap goes on here and sadly in a decentralized environment it is harder to control. Blessing s and kind wishes.

Thank you @enjoywithtroy!

Yes, it's a shame and I think there will always be people who take advantage or take a disliking to what we do, but we are a solid community who regularly show solidarity!

Great to have you on board Troy!

i asked a question in the body of my paragraph above. Will ask once more. Are you and Linda at least financially compensated for your time or is your time non compensated and volunteered?

In this post I have explained that everything we do is voluntary, and so far it's costing us money.

We have never touched a penny

Thank you for explaining that.

Mark let me first say this. I have followed you since you first joined Steemit because right off I saw the passion and love you had for your family and for others. I have been on Steemit long enough to discern the real people from the fake. I have never second guessed you or had to question your intentions. That is why it was easy for me to jump right in and support this idea of a family protection account. I also wanted to support this movement because I too am a concerned parent tying to protect her children and make sure we don’t fall into the hands of the legal kidnappers. This initiative has helped my husband and I gain valuable information on how just to do that.

As far as entertaining the naysayers...don’t do it! I agree with everyone in that it’s time to continue forward and focus on the goal at hand and continue building up this community. They will always come and they will always be watching but as you have stated you have nothing to hide...everything has been transparent. If they have any more questions they can look through the posts and transactions.

I think you all have been doing a very good job with resteeming relevant and helpful posts. I agree with @ironshield that if the same people keep abusing the tag it’s time to mute them and let them know why. That will cut out on all of the extra work you are doing. I am glad to hear you and Linda have found some more help. I’m so sorry I couldn’t step up to help at this time but who knows what the future may bring.

I don’t think the comment you post is spammy at all. There is nothing wrong with thanking someone for their efforts and letting them know their post has been Resteemed.

@markwhittam and @canadian-coconut you ARE appreciated and the work that you do does NOT go unseen. Thank you for sacrificing your own rewards in order to build this family account to help families in need. I am so glad to be apart of this team, I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️

Thank you @crosheille!

Your support has been very noticeable from the get go! I feel so blessed to have the backing from such honorably members of this amazing platform!

Thank you for always being there and cheering me on!


I am going to start by answering the questions you asked and than I will tell you how I feel.

  1. I honestly could care less how you handle the donations. You know way more about how all the powering up and crypto investing works. I am still new to all that and know very little.
  2. I personally LOVE that comment and wait for it to show up. It shows me that not only you read my post but it is up to par with what you want to add to the collection. It means a ton to me that you take your time to read it and want to share it with others.
  3. I think the posts you choose to resteem all have their contribution even if they are huge posts or small ones. they all have value if they stay on topic. I have had a few of mine be told that they did not meet those requirements and I was OK with that. They were not the topics that FP wanted to deal with.
  4. Haters and trolls come out when a group is getting noticed. They go with the growth. Just that FP has them means we are doing something right. How we deal with them will mold us for future attacks by much stronger agencies. Make no mistake CPS will attack when they notice we are becoming a threat to them. I think we should acknowledge they are there and make a plan on how to deal with them. We can hope they simply go away but that is not always the case. Just make a note not to feed them.
  5. Why spend money on a fancy website where there are so many free ones out there. We can have a Facebook group if we want but keeping the money on the block chain keeps it open and accountable.

Ok now for my opinion.
I want to start by stating that I appreciate what you have started and I am honored to be apart of it. I will continue to stand behind FP as I fully believe that one day it will become all I hope it to be. I am also glad that you are willing to ask the community what they want instead of jumping in doing things because of emotions. This is a very emotionally charged topic we are trying to defeat. And we need our leaders to not be prone to letting their emotions get the best of them. Again it shows just how strong you really are. And it gives me more faith that you will see this through.

Again Thank you for all you do

Excellent! Thank you @curlfamilyvlog!

I know that you speak your mind which is why I am extra happy with the feedback you have just given.

I have never wanted a fancy website, the Blockchain is for people and it's a world that the state can not control so keeping fp strictly Blockchain is the way it should be. I had to ask because we have been questioned for not having one.

I think you're right! The fact that we have trolls means that we are doing something right!

Thank you for believing in @familyprotection as much as I do, your input and support is hugely appreciated.


I checked out your YouTube channel and I subbed. It is nice to see the person behind this. As I have discovered that videos get deleted here after a month I will be posting less videos on here. So when you get a chance go check out my YouTube channel. It is the same user name I am on here.

You sure know how to bring it nice @markwhittam :) You made me laugh, although this is serious business of course. But kudos for you stepping up and showing your face and even passport (although this should really not be necessary don't get me wrong!) I believe in the work you do with @canadian-coconut and I have no doubt that when the coin prizes will be mile high you will help lots of families in need! I think you should not change a damn thing (pardon my language) as you stand for your believes, and you should not let haters get the best of you. And it sure seems like it takes a lot more to take you down, so that won't be a problem I guess ;) Both of you (and many people in this community also!!!!) are amazing people, and I am very thankful for your support, and I will stick with you guys raising awareness no matter what they say, this was my goal and intention anyway .. So better do this all together, as we have a much bigger reach like this. I am convinced that I will learn even more here in the time before I give myself finally the green light to start the procedures around my 2 oldest children again, and that @familyprotection will be the first to read my post about how we all did this together. Because that is how I feel, you give me the possibility to publish here, and therefor many read my posts, and because of the community I learn and engage with others too, that may have very very valuable info for me to use when my time has come. And I feel like when a child comes back home from a member in this community all of you deserve some credits, even if it was only the support with friendly words not to give up. Keep up the good work, and please don't feel like you need to show all your personal stuff like passport again :) Because you don't ..

mark, i think you need to edit your post and change it to

we are very well respected and that 99% of people appreciate the hard work we are doing to build and shape this

I cant find anything but positive comments on this post! Im happy to see @familyprotection has such fantastic support.. and So deserved!

It funny, I was thinking that just before sending, it felt like 5% because it all happened in the same time frame but really, with all the support I'm seeing, its probably even less than 1%

Good call @eco-alex! Post has been updated =)


I love and will always support @familyprotection and I have the biggest respect and gratitude for you @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut for all your precious time and hard work and amazing heart you put into this awareness.

I think you guys are doing an excellent job and I wouldn't change anything, just to ignore the haters, because there will always be haters no matter who you are or what you are trying to do. These people are just energy sucking people.

I hope you will find your home really soon for you and your beautiful family.

Thank you @joalvarez!

Yes it most certainly does suck our energy, but I think this post will help me move on and never let it bother me again!

Great to have your support!

My feedback?.. all I have to say is that things are going as defined and even better. Nay sayers would always be there waiting, but they do not define us nor our cause. We are doing something that is right and kind at the same time. Why do you do all this when you don't need to do it ?, the answer is simple, if not you then who will!, In this life, we can only be a Standard for what we expect others to be. Many are watching your bold steps and are following. forget about the nay sayers, forget about them all, they can't get to us, FP has become an organic being and it will keep going forward, the many things that might have occurred for a long while now is a positive sign that we are growing.

Others have said alot already, so I need not repeat things. Well, I have one other feedback left, it is "A THANK YOU"! to YOU, LINDA, misslasvegas and Alex. You are sacrificing and dedicating so much for a better tomorrow.

Thank you @kryptocoin!

We have all done our part in building this community, especially you!


Voice of Soul - I can call this very post. Sincere and open as usual!

I try to follow all news about @familyprotection, and I'm shocked more and more...It's not the first incident with blaming to creators and promoters of the community, I know it, but this time indictments are just nonsense...
Where is this great generator of absurd I wonder?

I think people who rule @familyprotection really must ignore such attacks, and it will stop them faster than any replies.

@familyprotection has followers, fans, support, development, respect and the main - Money! People (some of them) just hate those who have it more than they do, and it's the only reason of these indictments.

These fantastic stories about Russian spies and agents of CPS are so vain that nothing except greed and envy can create them.

I have come here from the Russian clon of Steemit, and it was the same situation there: people and comminities that had success were hated by some envy activists (if they were outside). If they started to receive some profit from them too, their opinion was changed immediately-)

The idea with the site is great, if the comminity needs to add there some functions that are absent on Steemit.
I like the comment that is left by the community in the case of resteem. Clear and short information.
What about the quality of resteemed articles - it must depend on the requirments to the posts and if they all are covered.
Is there any list of such requirements?
@markwhittam has mentioned it in the previous posts, but I didn't find it, or I just missed it?

The community is performing a great mission! without any doubt!
I can imagine how long it takes to read all posts and vote for them..and you make it every day! It's really a hard job!
And all its creators and supporters are worth of deep respect.
You protect the greatest treasure of the life - a family and children.

i try to follow all news about @familyprotection, and i'm shocked more and more...it's not the first incident with blaming to creators and promoters of the community, i know it, but this time indictments are just nonsense...

I think most of the comments say it all, but just for the record I'll add my thoughts.

Firstly, I don't think it matters how transparent and honest you are, there will always be people who will yell scam, whether it's that they just enjoy having a dig and seeing if they can get a rise or whether their agenda is to cast doubt because they might be affected by this. Perhaps a comment along the lines of if they them finding better things to do with their life than attacking innocents. Ignoring may possibly allow them to seed doubt, so politely pointing it out for what it is could alleviate that doubt. It's sad that a few negatives can impact us more than lots of positives. It hits us where it hurts I guess.

Do you think all the funds should be powered up, or should we continue to invest in other cryptos as well as steempower?

Maybe powered up to start with until a target point is reached. However, they also say not to keep all your eggs in one basket.

What do you think of the comment we leave on every post we resteem?

I'm with @ironshield on this one and the next two questions.

Should we spend money on a fancy website or keep things on the blockchain?

Maybe in the future if/when FP can afford it, but for the moment every little counts and it sounds like it's already costing Linda and you enough.

PS: If you find the land of freedom can you please let me know.

Maybe powered up to start with until a target point is reached. However, they also say not to keep all your eggs in one basket.

Good point!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this post, your feedback is much appreciated and will be taken into concideration.


This post will be features on Jane's Chaos Show this evening, 7 Central on MSP Waves. (mspwaves.com)

I've had quite some experiences with the child protective services as well. My wife @bettyboob has quite elaborately blogged about it recently and I'm immensely grateful for the support that you, @canadian-coconut and the @familyprotection have shown on these stories.

Fighting the state because your children need good care can feel like an impossible uphill battle. However some people on this platform would like to accuse you of wrong-doings, I fully support the cause that drives you. I applaud it and I'm here to tell you not to quit. Your support of parents in dire situations can really make a difference, possibly more than you could ever imagine.

Stay strong, Mark.

having met you and your kids, i know you are LEGIT and even with my minimum resources i will always make time for requests that you have for me. all power to you dude. the world is fully of people with wonky politics.

Thanks Brother!

Hahahahahahhaajajjajaja! Wonky politics!

That should be a song! Or a book!

@markwhittam, thanks for your post.it was much needed to set things straight with the "haters." I have spent many hours when I worked for juvy and job corps working with the kids in the "system," most street kids like yourself. A lot of these kids would do things just to come back to juvy where they would get fed, a not so comfortable bed but most of all, they felt safe there. Anyone who truly cares about these kids will help all they can to get the word out about the corruption and greed of the whole system. I spend many hours of research on the post I do for FP and will continue to do so, regardless of the payoffs. All my rewards I earn on my post, minus 40% donations to FP, are converted to steempower to up my reputation and get more exposure. I could care less about others criticisms and accusations, like you, I fight for the causes I believe in and @familyprotection, to me, Is worth the effort and time spent! Therefore, personally this is my choice: "Should we just completely ignore the haters and not waste any more time or effort in trying to convince these simple minded narcissists that we are the real deal?." Anyone who wants to argue or belittle or some that get downright nasty simply get muted! I don't always comment on posts but I do read them prior to upvoting and resteeming and most get my small 100% upvote. As far as I am concerned, you guys are "heroes!" Keep on keeping on and ignore the idiots and MUTE the idiots. That way they can't see your posts to downvote or flag or even comment! BTW my sister home schooled both her kids. In the US, as far as I know, You can still home school as long as you do it thru the dept of education. There a lot of charter schools here on The Big Island that are free for low income. The one here in my community also hires a lot of parents to help out with the school.

Thank you for supporting and being a part of @familyprotection, your stories and your dedication are what make this community a force to be reckoned with!

Keep Believing!

Thanks @markwhittam. That means a lot to me coming from you!! I must admit, doing these posts can be quit emotional, That's why I had to switch it up more to needed research. Telling the personal stories means I have to go back and visit those days,,I am certain you and all relating their experiences can totally relate. Even doing the research is hard for me as I feel their pain and I get totally angry at the corruption and abuse in the whole system. Kids are my heart!! What country are you from? You sound a bit British.

Perfect post Mark. I agree totally with @ironshield on the comment here addressing your questions. And this is all I would have needed...

The fact is, That we are here to stay
and we'll still be here helping people in years to come.

No amount of negative feedback
will stop this train from ploughing full steem ahead.

Thank you @vickiebarker!

Yes! @ironshield is definitely on the same page =)

I'm glad you liked the post, believe it or not I do value your opinion and I see you as SOLID member of this community!

Thanks again!

I think there will always be people who add a spoonful of tar to the honey barrel. It's a shame that even in such a case as family protection. I'm trying to understand these people's motivations,but I can't. Perhaps they do it out of anger, envy, or simply to annoy everyone around them. If there are people who believe that CPS are angels from heaven - a flag in their hands. Let them think so, it's a dream shatter at the first real meeting with this organization. It's like poker. You never know, which one of your family or your friends will be affected by this trouble.

I think there will always be people who add a spoonful of tar to the honey barrel.

hahaha! That was much better than my "shit in a room full of roses" analogy

Thank you for your feedback!

I do not know you guys well and I am not a part of your group. I will join and I am following both of you, but I an really impressed. Listen you know how this goes. Whenever you create up you also create down and bright lights attract moths. Do your thing, keep helping people and screw what anyone thinks. I heard this yesterday and it is so true. People can only be as happy about your life as they are about their own. In other words, these are just miserable people trying to bring you into their misery. DO NOT LET TEM DO IT! Families need you guys. All the best and have a lovely day. From a fan!

You hit the nail on the head.
Thanks for your encouragement.

My pleasure. Any time you need some support reach out to me please. What you and @canadian-coconut are doing is special work Please do not stop. God bless you.

Thank you! I will do my best to remember this great advice!

I will no longer pay attention to miserable moths! B)


Quite a deep and touching story from your personal life...Good use of click-bate, I was like what, what does this mean... You had me going there for a minute....
Overall great initiative and I gladly continue to support and advocate your cause... I believe the funds should also be used to make investments within the space that has good return prospects to help boost your ability to make greater contribution...Also you can gradual make contribution to families suffering outside of Steem network and make blogs concerning those developments.... I don't see a problem with powering up the familyprotection account further as it would be an investment in Steem and would further help the cause...Overall great job

Russian agent!? Is that beard of yours a decoy? :)
Now, seriously, haters will be haters...not much you can do about them so don't waste anymore time on them!

Hahaha! Actually the beard is just to hide the hidden camera and mic. =)

Thank you for the support @ladyrebecca!

Yes, you are really right about Ms. Lind a.k.a @canadian-coconut. She has a big heart to help other people who really need help. She is willing to help any legitimate charity work like I am doing.

But I can't really get what you mean by a scam? And what you mean is that you are the one who is controlling the account of @familyprotection? Is that what you mean? Am I right?

If it's right, I did not see anything wrong about that. Correct me If I am wrong in my understanding. If I can do something for your side, I am willing to help you also... But really, I do not know yet your real situation to help you and others... I would like to understand more.

Thanks for your kind words @kennyroy!
You are right that with a bit of research anybody can see the charitable works that I have helped here on Steemit.
Yes, some people are claiming that we are scamming people into making donations of SBD to @familyprotection. They think that we will keep the money for ourselves. (Mark and I.)
Mark explains it a bit more in his video at the bottom of the post.

Starting from now, I will always read and listen to all of your blogs and video. Last time I can't remember when? There are one people against @familyprotection, and I really feel bad about he is saying! Because I know who is behind of @familyprotection, and this account really helps people.

I am willing to be a part of this group! I will fight for @familyprotection rights.

It was just me making fun of people who are calling @familyprotection a scam. =)

sorry for any missunderstanding

Oh now, I know. Thank you for the clarification...

Ignore the haters. They only win when you allow them to win. You are doing a fantastic job. Go for it and to heck with the naysayers.

I agree with @cecicastor. I've only just seen this post but she expresses my feelings entirely.

Dear @markwhittam you and Linda @canadian-coconut are doing a wonderful job but as they say all good things come at a heavy price so this is to be very much expected from those who cannot see good happening in the society. These are the bureaucrats who are so much tied up with the systems and brain washed that they cannot differentiate between the wrong and right.
Its very important that the familyprotection tag is used in the rightful manner hence if someone is denied the only reason is to not dilute the essence of this tag. Even once I was told, and I found it genuine cause it was my lack of understanding.
You should be paying no heed to these type of people and comments, criticism is inevitable in any good cause.
I guess you have all the rights to put your terms to work towards your cause with whatever action you feel appropriate.
God bless you guys and wish #familyprotection loads of success.

Well I for one can vouch for you on and off steemit @markwhittam. It has always been very clear to me that you have set up this project along with @canadian-coconut in order to help bring awareness and help support families being terrorized by the CPS. Both of which you have been doing. This project has given power back to the people something that is much needed and very inspiring. I agree with @ironshield.
I think it is very important to keep the comment on each post as that way we can see what is genuine and what is not. I know that this is taking up a lot of your time and @canadian-coconut time as well, it is something we all really appreciate. Instead of just talking about doing something you are doing it, that is something that should be encouraged and acknowledged. So thank you for creating @familyprotection, for creating something that is really needed in this world today.

In my opinion it is better not to pay any attention on such people. Unfortunately, our world is not perfect. If there were only kind and good people in our world, there would be no wars and crimes in it. So it is natural that there will always be a minority of people who will tell dirt about the community. Some of them will be moved by envy, some by nationalistic prejudices or something else but such people will always exist. I know it is easier to say that really not to pay attention on them but we should try.)

Hello, Mark!) I never stop surprising by stupidity of such haters. I think hatred and envy just scrambled their mind. You are such a strange scammer.) It would be much simpler for you and Linda just to write a plenty of your own posts a day and vote them. (like a lot of people do) It would bring you a lot of money if you were interested only in it. But you created the community and sacrifise your time and money to support it, giving the opportunity to people of the whole world to share their own experience. Only a stupid person can say that you are scammers. I can imagine how unpleasant to read such words about yourself. But good can`t exist without evil - it is a rule of the world we live in. So you will always face with such dirty comments even if the community helps a lot of families with money and knowledge. It is better to ignore such people full of hatred and envy. You take everything very close to your heart (what is understandable) and these people achieve their goal - they spoil your mood and bring negativity in your life. The majority of Steemians know that your actions and intentions are noble and the main thing - you know it yourself.

I'm new to Steemit, but I started following this channel for a reason. There is corruption in these systems. Not just in children welfare departments, but in family courts as well. Loopholes are exploited on a regular basis to maximize profits, at the expense of families and their children.

It's time to not only speak out about these things, but also devise solutions and push for them. HARD. Things won't change until the public is educated, till the public understands what their options are and how they see officers of the court (no matter what extension that might be) exploit these things for $$$$.

These problems do exist and YOU SHOULD NOT move this to a fancy website somewhere else. Fancy websites get shut down.

You posted the video you left here on YouTube. Google owns that. If people make enough of a ruckus, Google will simply suspend or shutdown an account, for any reason at all. Google may or may not allow individuals, etc... to navigate their appeals processes.

On Steemit -- you can't be shut down. Consider posting videos to Dtube as well as YouTube if you're not already. Videos on Dtube won't be shut down or censored.

That being said, by speaking openly about these issues, you make yourself a target to some, a hero to others. It's the nature of the beast.

I believe the beast can be subdued and retrained. Mostly because if I don't, then what me and my own children have experienced will be in vain. And as a non-custodial mother, I'm not ready to let that happen.

So, keep speaking. More and more are having the courage to tell their stories. This needs to happen. People need to be aware.

If people are going to falsely accuse another anyway -- then do what is best. Do what is right ANYWAY.

You are not alone.

Yes, @miklkent!

I dislike YouTube

I have tried many times to upload videos to dtube but everytime I get errors, plus I heard that these videos get deleted after a few months, I'm waiting for them to fix these issues before jumping in head first.

Thanks for the feedback =)

They get deleted after a few months? I had no clue. Thanks for the heads up!

One of the "laws" of social media is don´t feed the troll, so basically you should not react to them haters, if you think they are spreading outright lies, you could always flag them, but I´m not really in favor of flagging.
I wish you the ability though to be able to differentiate between outright haters and well meant, constructive criticism.
Of course you can do whatever you want with your rewards, but "what comes from steemit stays on steemit" might be a good approach, meaning if you find other ways to raise funds, you could put that in crypto, but all steemit rewards are powered up or transfered directly to other steemians in need like @hickorymack.
I know you mean well with your crypto investments, but if @familyprotection funds leave steemit it is less transparent and imagine, those crypto investments would take a hit, then it would be more difficult to explain, because you took on additional risk, than if you left everything in SP and that takes a hit. Then we all suffer together and share our suffering 😉
No need for a fancy website.
I don´t know about your presence on other social media, but if you are there, you could, as long as they don´t ban or block you, generate traffic there for @familyprotection on steemit.
Use them bastards to your advantage!

Is so disheartening if they know what the cps are doing, i mean why are human beings like this @markwhittam keep doing what you love doing by helping those families who don't know who to turn to. @familyprotection @canadian-coconut are doing a great job even though you guys have no time for yourself I believe it will definitely pay off the hardwork you guys put in. Thanks for giving the opportunity for contributing my own quota of posts,i will be posting from time to time and exposing those cps.

That was a bold one @markwittham.Your face, your passport, that's bold. Anyway, you really cannot get everyone to accept the truth about you, some people don't accept the truth, something in them always causes them to believe lies. So in as much as we want to prove to these naysayers that we are genuine, somewhere in our hearts, we don't give a damn if they choose not to believe. We'll get greater, they'll get smaller. That's how it works.

@familyprotection is something I embrace. I might not have grown up in a foster home or an orphanage.

I have come in contact with a huge number of people who did and to a reasonable extent, I can conclude that the system is flawed.

I came across a post related to @familyprotection a couple of weeks back and since then I have taken time to read through steemit posts related to the subject.

I certainly know that it's not going to be an easy fight. But the good thing is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep up the good work @familyprotection and all the guys behind the viel

You did your best for the community @markwhittam and we are very Thankful to you
Keep on you Work and Don't listen to Haters

What i believe is that you did a lot for us and this community, you have faced different situations, yes we love you and agree your efforts

O @markwhittam no doubt we can see your coordination and delegation towards this community, you have done much more than that thanks for being here.

O you did a great job and you going verg well with that #familyprotection tag, you faced many problems but deceived everyone with your real good face, i like your attitude towards the scenario you fight well.. 👏🏻 for you dear friend @markwittam

Hi @markwhittam,
I hope this post has helped you all deal with and process the negativity.
I believe you have just done the best thing possible, you have very clearly addressed it and you have had a very positive response.
I read a post from @familyprotection when I first joined and have been following since.
I could see straight away that you all are fighting the good fight. The "care"system is completely messed up, it is here in the UK too unfortanatly.
Keep up the good work @markwhittam, @canadian-coconut.

Looking forward to your next posts. Yes, it is crazy to think of fighting the Goliath known as CPS, but we do have to remember Who is on our side. And remember that He is ultimately in control. But fight the system nonetheless

I think this initiative is very good, that you clarify why this label and the transparency of the eyes of the community, I think that people who talk about this label only think about swindle and do not really see the work that is done, helping families abused by CPS, I support you and move on. This cause already has time and is growing. Do not decay before adversity fight always and with your mind clean. Regards

Great initiative man... i really appreciate your effort... You are doing a amazing job... i want to be part of it... god bless you... 👍

I think you are doing everything right. You touch upon important topics of family protection. Today these are topical issues around the world. I myself now raise my child, my husband died a few years ago. I now have a good home and a small income, but I know families who are very hard today.

First I thank and appreciate the effort of all of me to develop the steemit to write the subject that saddened me a lot


Hey Mark. keep up a magnificient life my friend. I do ot know ow much longer I can stick around if you saw my latest blog. I think about your strength everyday my friend. You are a motiator in a special sense to me. I am done all options for treatment and I am getting so angry. My wife @lynncoyle1 I am sure will be here, I need to fight the fight with goverment just for funds. its so hard and anyway I wanted to say great meeting you

I think people should go by your fruits you have produced. A person has a home now? Can your critic say they have done that? Nope.
You can have a quarterly chart for the naysayers.
If you rush and change everything you may change what made you successful. Always have Sbd so you can help faster. You guys...if it aint broke...don't fix it. :)

Life likes to test our resolve, doesn't it? And you've just said Bring It On, haha, keep that attitude my big-hearted friend, and you'll be just fine :)
Loved the video, and seeing your face, though I never did doubt you were real of course. So much love for you and Linda, you bless this place.

Russian agents! I knew it! Were you responsible for getting Trump elected?

I don't always agree with the reasons some people homeschool their children, but it's their choice and their right and none of my damn business why. Homeschooling should not ever be an excuse to destroy a family and hence its children.

This is not my fight and you will rarely if ever see me. Just know that I am on the side of the angels (mostly) and if I ever see you need my help I will give it if I can.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


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