@familyprotection Progress Report, January 2018

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It seems that @familyprotection is working, the word is spreading fast and people are stepping up to the plate, the silence has been broken and will forever be seen on the Blockchain where not even mainstream media could deny that a problem exists and needs to be addressed.

We do believe that state-backed 'Child Protection' agencies will one day have to answer to a huge online community.

People who have come together to support and protect families from the ever increasing threat of having their children taken by an organisation whose only goal seems to be keeping foster homes and group homes full to the brim for maximum profit.

In a short space of time, @familyprotection has proven that even in this relatively small online community it appears there are many voices from people who have been terrorised by the CPS gang.

We have also seen a large number of people coming forward to help us spread awareness. These are people who recognize the importance of getting suppressed information out to people who are completely unaware or refuse to believe it's happening.

Post after post filled with thousands and thousands of words all with one message,


Here is just a hand full, for more check out
the #familyprotection tag.


@familyprotection is succeeding by bringing together these people and their stories to the blockchain, a place where we will not be muted, threatened or made to feel alone. A place where we can get the support and encouragement that's needed when backed up into a corner by the legal kidnappers.

We at @familyprotection, are very confident that as Steemit grows, so will we, and when crypto-currencies go to the moon, not only will we have a huge support network of people ready to help but we'll also have some serious funds that could actually help families stay together.



@officialfuzzy with 299 Beyondbit coins deposited to our Bitshares Wallet


@kryptocoin with a staggering 256 SBD + 3 x OMG's

@canadian-coconut with 301 SBD & 100 STEEM

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@markwhittam with 207 SBD & 100 STEEM

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@article61 with 8.9 SBD

@lturner with 10 SBD

@ladyrebecca with 5 SBD

@samstonehill with 24 Steem

@vickiebarker with 12 SBD

If we have missed anyone please comment on this post.

Because #familyprotection posts often receive one or more generous whale votes and therefore likely earn more than your average Steemit post, please consider being equally generous by returning some or all of the liquid half of your rewards back to the initiative.



& many more

Before using the #familyprotection tag
please take a minute
to read this important ⇉ POST.


Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

This group supports anyone who has a story of their dealings with the CPS, Social Services, or any other so-called "Child Protection" group.

This is a place for people for want to speak out against the Foster Care System, the Child Protection Service, the courts, the judges or any organisation that take our children in the name of law and justice.



I salute the courage of each individual sharing their stories here on the blockchain. @familyprotection is an invaluable community!!

Yeah it is so good to see the support everyone has been giving, this is such an important project and the need for it is huge. Thanks so much to @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut for creating this project and finally allowing a voice for all those families terrorised by CPS and Social Services. Please everyone continue to support and donate, I've only managed 12sbd but if everyone gives a little it becomes alot. x

This is excellent, I'm very happy to see all the contributors and donations. Someday there is going to be a hostile swarm of new users with an agenda that supports the system and we need to build up and entrench ourselves with high SP before this happens so we can vote appropriately when the ongoing social war makes it's way to the blockchain.

We are early adopters, so many of the social manipulators haven't arrived yet, they're still on facebook and twitter. But they're coming and we need to be prepared. Thank you for all that you do, encouraging more people to tell their story for wisdom, warning and encouragement to others. @ironshield

I am so glad @karinxxl told me about @familyprotection . Because I knew the time has came to share my story. But it is scary too, because although I live in another country, the fear of what may happen to me stays. This part I did not realise until I read it here: "the silence has been broken and will forever be seen on the Blockchain where not even mainstream media could deny that a problem exists and needs to be addressed"
This will be here forever with all these witnesses.. and this will be a good thing when I finish my book and finally will have the strenght to go to the European Court for Human rights. Because I can still tell every detail over and over again. For me this is the beginning of a new chapter, the chapter where I am working on the return of my kids. It may take years from now, but I know that when it will happen people will have my back here, and I will get support achieving it. I need to have my whole story written down in English, and it is a very very complicated horrible story, so it will take some posts before I am there. But it is so good to know that people will respond with kind words to keep you going. It gives me strenght, and I want to thank you all! Also for mentioning my name in this post. I want write a post every 2 days if I can, and hope that we all keep sharing eachothers stories to break the silence. Let's not be silenced anymore!

This is getting so huge and I can't begin to explain how this community has been of help to many families already, when I talk to parents who think they are the only one fighting against this corrupt system, I just tell them to check out the #familyprotection tag and they suddenly become strengthened to fight their battle knowing that many many many people are already fighting in their way. A friend of mine whom I disguised as Ayita who is fighting for his siblings who were kidnapped got really inspired by this community also. So you see, @familyprotection is already making positive impact!. Thank you everyone for your strength and courage.

Thank you again, for having a place for people to share the things they have endured and a place for people to come to learn of the injustices throughout the system as a whole.

Wow, that's an immense growth and it just shows that the people here are more aware of all the wrongs in regards to child protection. It would be great to see this spread even more. Well done. You've done an awesome job @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut!

Very grateful for the mention! Awesome to see how fast your holdings are growing. Am putting together another article now with the intention of clarifying a few things...

Upped & resteemed ;)

Much Love and Gratitude to your courage, work, and dedication @familyprotection
As a parent who did not follow the 'conventional rules' of parenting in the USA and experienced fear of reprisal for those INFORMED choices, I know how important protecting these families are. We were a a homebirthing, family bed/co-sleeping, non vaccinating, homeschooling family. The Board of education did show up at my door TWICE, but I had a Private School Affadavit & kept 'attendance' records which kept them at bay. Sad that any parent has to deal with this corruption. Love, Cheryl

Although I only have a week knowing your community and sharing with you, since in my childhood I also go through this (I still do not dare to tell it), but I give contributions on a psychological level. Thanks to you, I have collected some rewards that I plan to give to the children who live on the street and I will share that soon! Thank you for making us feel that we were not the only ones who took us away from our families and above all that we can be useful today.

awesome post. Thank you for the work you do in this important matter.

I am so glad to see the incredible support this initiative is receiving. If anyone should receive an outpouring of support it should be children, our future. Blockchain technology has so many valuable applications and this is a brilliant example. I commend everyone who has chosen to support such a noble cause whether through donation or by sharing these stories and tips to keeping families safe. Keep up this challenging and important work!

I am so lucky finding @familiyprotection because there is lot bad and wrong things happening in this world to destroy the familiy as we know it.

To me family is the most powerful instrument out of gods love!!!

Upvote and follow @familiyprotection for MORE POWER !!!!

Real true, it's high Cps stop unjust treatment of children. @familyprotection you are doing a great job. Keep it up and stay blessed

Great to see this amazing success in such a short space of time. It's high time that the CPS around the world get the recognition they so richly deserve.

Verry good post

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Great news! Keep it up.

Thanks for your friend is the best steem friend I've ever found good

family protection it's first step in our valuable life ..
Thats very good informative ...
I appreciate .So much ..
Best of luck

Keep up the REALLY important and good work. God smiles on you *-)

Wow,what an amazing show of love from steemians,coming all out to support this great move of @familyprotection. Steemians you guys are the best & I'm really excited and at peace because I know you'll aways have my back and that of every steemian. God bless you all for your love committment and display

Its my fortune to be a part of it :) such a courage things for us :) thanks to all who invite me here a d let me feel the real happiness to share or express my knowledge or talents here :)

happy today for you!

It's nice that more and more people are coming out with their stories. These guys should get so much pressure from the public that they should realize that it's enough and this will not be tolerated any more. My support is always with this initiative, I would do anything for children, please reach out to me at anytime for any help that I can provide.

Thanks for speaking for the voiceless

This is an excellent initiative. As long as there are more voices telling stories, the system will be forced to do things correctly and not by bureaucracy.

thank you very much for the information you provide, and be amazed by the performance you are developing, it is very helpful to those who want to make a complaint against violence against children in general .. thanks for sharing @familyprotection

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fantastic improvement

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posting a very interesting friend ,,, I will resteem your post. and do not forget to upvote my blog yes

nice progres incradible...
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This is really nice. Family protection is a super need for every home, where one can helo and protect each other. Thank you for the warm support for family and our protection @familyprotection I am following you because you inspired me <3

It is a privilege to be a part of this. Together out voices will be heard!