The Abuse of Power and Conflict of Interest Within California CPS That Ruins Lives - An Interview (Part 1)


Introduction, Backstory and Disclaimer

After learning of this group and researching it’s true motives and purposes, as well as the contributions from it’s followers, I have decided that this is a cause I would like to contribute to by sharing firsthand and secondhand accounts of the corruption that plagues Child Protective Services (CPS) within my former state of California. I have worked side by side with CPS as a government employee with California, as well as been romantically involved with employees of CPS and victims of CPS.

Before I go any further I would like to note this. Not every, single employee of this government division is a bad person (good people normally transfer out of CPS once they see the department for what it is, others try and change it and get the boot or placed in a non-threatening position), however the entity as a whole has lost its direction for serving the child's best interest a long time ago.

Truth be told, the two women I dated that worked for the division (Field Operations and a Child Psychologist) both would have lost their kids if they held themselves to the same standard as they held those in their caseload.

Today I set aside time for my first contribution to this movement to shine light on this issue, and phoned a longtime friend and former girlfriend “Tracy”, to see if she would be willing to contribute via a phone interview. I told her the purpose of the interview and of this group and she was eager to contribute, but the pain of reopening that door was instantly noticeable in her voice.

“You know they tried to take her away Jake, they tried to steal our baby girl...over bullshit. None of it was true, you were there!” She said, her voice quivering with rage has this permanently open wound starts bleeding again.

“I now baby, but she’s still there. He didn’t win, they didn’t win. We got through it, and you know I’d fly back out there in a heartbeat and defend you both with every fiber of my being, you are both my girls. You know that” I replied.

Another disclaimer before we get into the meat and potatoes of the first part of this series , the daughter “Sara” that we are speaking of is not my biological daughter, I raised her as a stepfather and took her as my own, and to this day even though “Tracy” and I are split and she is remarried, I remain the Godfather of “Sara”. We remain extremely close.

Below is the first portion of the phone interview from January 4th, 2018.

The Interview - Part 1

Me: Good Morning and thank you for taking the time to speak with me on this extremely sensitive subject “Tracy”, would you like to start off with around what time and where this happened?

Tracy: You gonna talk like this the entire time? You remember we were living together Jake! You sound like a reporter. This gonna be on the news, Channel 21 J-A-K-E?

Me: (laughs) You know you’re kinda killing this already, and I have to put this comment in the transcript.

Tracy (relieved laughing) Ok. Ok. I’ll play nice, I gotta give you shit. Haven’t seen you in person in a long time now, you need to come out and say hi to “Sara”. Can’t believe she is in middle school still. Anyways, this all started with him (the ex boyfriend and sperm-donor) in 2010. We were living in "Northern California".

Me: So what happened? Start from the beginning..

Tracy: Well you know “Dave” was physically abusive to me and when I left him all he wanted to do was hurt me. “Sara” was his best weapon, he knew that was my weakness. Asshole. First he would stalk where I lived and blow up my phone with profanities and how he was going to take “Sara”. But he would never show up for his visitations, it was always something that came up. He didn’t care about her Jake, you know that. He just wanted to cause pain. It was so constant it started affecting my head and I’d get panic attacks and started straining my heart, you remember all that medication?

Me: Yes I do. You started having heart issues as well, scared the hell out of me.

Tracy: Yeah. And we tried restraining orders for no communication and he would tell the judge and everyone he was just trying to talk to her (Sara) and I wouldn’t let him.

Me: I remember we couldn’t get anyone to grant restraining order, and we both worked so we had little time for much.

Tracy: Yeah, and that piece of shit didn’t work. He lived of welfare and claimed disability and his full time job was to harass me and manipulate “Sara” into hating us. Remember when he struck “Sara” because he wouldn’t call his girlfriend “Mom”?

Me: Yeah, we will get to that. I gotta follow a timeline here for the readers (chuckle)

Tracy: Oh! (laughing) Sorry, it just pisses me off. See what you started?

Me: So when did things get really bad?

Tracy: When he starting fucking that bitch at CPS.

Me: Kinda odd that a woman from CPS was interested in guy that was such a deadbeat Dad. You would think she would catch on, I mean “Dave” has what five kids now, and custody of none?

Tracy: Six. He had another one with someone from what I was told by someone. Custody of none.

Me: So why would a CPS worker date him?

Tracy: Remember that text I showed you when he said that she enjoyed taking kids away, like it was a game. He said she could take “Sara” in a heartbeat so I needed to shut up and do what he said?

Me: I remember, and I also remember trying to find where he lived so I could let him know to end everything now before I took matters into my own hands. So tell me, what started happening once he starting collaborating with CPS?

Tracey: Started getting the harassing phone calls at work, saying how I was a bad mother, a slut, a whore, that my employer should fire me because I was a bad parent and constantly in trouble with CPS.

Me: And that was a female calling right?

Tracey: Right. Well, that’s what my co-workers and boss would say. They wouldn’t make that up, she showed up to my work as well.

Me: Yeah I remember, and questioning people. How many “Welfare Checks” did we get?

Tracey: Oh God Jake, I don’t know. A dozen? Maybe more? I was in constant fear, I couldn’t live like a normal person because I knew I’d be under the microscope whenever they came next. It started making me crazy, and ultimately destroyed our relationship. The stress sucked, and then I lost my job because my employer wanted no part of the allegations and put a “bad light” on the company. You had to start working two jobs.

Me: It was miserable. And things escalated further didn’t they?

Tracy: Yeah. That’s when the “Emergency Court Summons” started, because “Dave” insisted “Sara” was in danger living with us. And we would go, no evidence or lack of evidence to support the claims and it would get dismissed. Then another fucking emergency summon, one after the other after the other. We had to get down there to the courthouse a few days after summons every time. You had to request time off work and lost your dayjob, could only work night so you could go to court and fight with him over this crap during the day.

Me: They did everything in their power to ruin us honey, then they did something I couldn’t believe.

Tracy: Yeah

Me: And what was that?

Tracy : (starts to sob)

Me: It’s ok honey, it’s over now.

Tracy : Is it? Is it really over? I’m still waiting for another phone-call from CPS or another cop at my door. I’m scared everyday over this shit.

Me: We can stop “Tracy”, its ok. I hate talking about this too.

Tracy: The fucking said my Dad molested her…

To be continued

I did not know how "raw" you wanted this, so I did not edit language. I can do so if you would like @familyprotection and @Canadian-coconut



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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
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Thank you so much for this, it was very difficult for the both of us. I have a few more articles lined up, and please let me know if you can see where I can improve.

Thank you for contacting "Tracy" for this interview, I'm sure it's not very fun for her to do this. This information needs to get out. Looking forward to the next part of this interview. @ironshield

I feel that people are scared, embarrassed and ashamed of these events, especially when they feel they are not being heard or seen as untruthful. I will make sure I send her all these comments, I am sure it will positively affect her and hopefully encourage her to tell her story.

We are praying for her, God knows her whole story. May this interview offer advise, wisdom and discernment to parents. Let her know that by sharing her story, she may be saving the unity of multiple families. @ironshield

Thank you very much for that. These words will mean the world to her.

There's definately a stigma. I just shared my story for the first time and feel a little embarassed. I know I have nothing to be embarassed about but still... We all want "normal" lives right?
Great interview. Keep it up.

It's amazing how corrupt this entire system is, thank you for spreading awareness of the issue!

With networking the way it is, it truly is possible to create a change by leveraging its power.

So sad that families are effected so deeply from the abusive actions of these "paid for" agencies. If more people realized the scope of abuse maybe changes can be made to this defunct system. Thank you for your contribution to this group and cause. Look forward to more of your posts.

It is extremely sad and honestly a damn shame. That you so much for the upvote and support, I'm looking forward to contributing to this group more. I asked @familyprotection and @canadian-coconut if posts such as research papers or current events where supported here or just first and second hand accounts. I will wait for response before I post something against guidelines.

I also do have a few more interviews in the works.

That is a good question and I do hope you let me know. I have a couple of articles that should be presented and preserved here on the blockchain but they are court cases and new arrests being made showing the scope of damage and the potential for CPS to put more children at risk.

Let 2018 be a year of awakening on what happens to kids in care.
There has to be some care aswell as compensation or something because often these kids end up homeless and worse because the pain they hold inside.

Very true. With this collective power and the influence social media truly has, this may bring needed attention on the subject.

Lets hope for an awakening this year!

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This is awesome, wasn't thinking this would be so successful. I will be writing more!

I am at a loss whenever I read these stories. I find it hard to believe there are people who exist that enjoy taking others children away like a game and yet there are. I am glad this ordeal is over for you and that you're able to use your knowledge to help others.

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You are most welcome! Thank you for posting and for your support!!

Of course! I am just about ready to post another piece. Please let me know what you think!

Thanks and I will. Haven't had much time to make lengthy comments on others post as it takes a lot out of me just doing my own posts and replying to comments.

Its amazing dear keep it up dear I follow you and upvote you thanks for sharing hope you also do same for me

Thank you! Good luck and Steem On!

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