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C - for creation

The beginning letter of the word signals a creation of a beautiful and miraculous beginning of human life that has been breathed into and blessed by our creator. New and fresh unlike any other child before...a masterful work of artistry.

H - for Home

A child is the key element to complete a home or family. The young life helps to bond parents, relation and friends into one entity, offering closeness, responsibility and stability. There is the natural innate desire to be at home with the family.

I - for innocence

A child represents innocence in its purist form. This life is not bruised or stained by the world. There is naivety and virginity that is of the highest quality. Undiluted and clean, free from any contaminants. Of the highest quality.

L - Love

A child both shows pure love to others and brings out the best form of love in ourselves. Because of it is pure and virgin in form, it can express love in a uniquely beautiful way. A simple yet rich form of love blessed by its creator.

D - Destiny

A child is tomorrow. Each child holds the destiny of our world. We will be gone one day, yet this young child will help to shape tomorrow and live it in the process. Each child holds these keys.


And you tell me the CPS is going to put my son and daughter...in a foster care home with the potential of giving up my rights as a parent? That this child may run the risk of legal kidnapping, forced vaccinations, sex trafficking, psychological and emotional baggage, forfeiting dreams, friends and those who love him? You tell me that my child will be living with strangers who have no moral or spiritual compass and only are interested in the financial money they get? Speaking of money - You tell me that the CPS foster care system sells children like cattle for profit to make weekly quotas. and also has mo interest in the well being or welfare of children...and my child could die?

Well over my dead body! Martha get my gun and let loose Bruno the dog..he hasn't had dinner yet.

Perhaps in this day and age an odd response to an issue plaguing countless families today. Yet humor drives the point home. A hundred years ago this would have been the response to someone trying to steal their child. Either a hell of a fight or looking down the barrel of a gun. They would not have put up with it...and perhaps the spiritual evils of this world knew that and did not push the envelope for that reason.

Fear and intimidation has chipped away at our spirit to defend. That fighting Rebel Spirit has been watered down. Too many folks have drunk with intoxication the Kool-Aid of compliance and political correctness.

Understand I do not support gun violence

Understand I do not support gun violence at all. But there is a BIG difference between violence and defending your home. Your child is your blood...your self. Taking your child is an criminal robbery and invasion on your home. The second amendment -the right to bear arms - is there for a reason...and it ain't to go deer hunting! Our fore fathers put it there as second only to free speech - to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. If the governmental CPS is taking your kids...well that sounds pretty tyrannical to me.


Wisdom is your best defense

One must have wisdom and pick their fights very carefully in life. Obviously a firearm is a LAST RESORT. I am a big fan of other forms of protection and self defense first. Normally I am a big fan of communication first and foremost , however too much communication or the wrong type can be detrimental and even back fire. You do not want your enemy to know too much...neither do you the filthy CPS Only you can decide what line of protection or defense is right for you. But be wise and use your head.


Do know that before a culture or country is taken over they come for your guns...to disarm you. I find it VERY interesting that here in the good old USA there is a big movement to water down and even abolish the second amendment AT THE SAME TIME IN CONCERT - with the CPS stealing of your children. Coincidence?

It is up to you

In the end you must decide what is right for you. What may work for one may not for the other person. Ultimately it is not about us but about the welfare of our children. For they ARE tomorrow. The example we provide them and the conditions in which they live will impact them in their journey. They are a CREATION, HOME, INNOCENCE, LOVE and DESTINY. THEY ARE OUR CHILD.

A Beautiful song says it all

I will leave you with a beautiful ballad Barry Manilow did for his mother on his birthday. The message and video is very touching and I hope it moves your heart.

Now enjoy this Barry Manilow song 'I am Your Child' and be sure to support @familyprotection.

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