Don't Let Go - Music By Gentri - The Stolen And The Long Suffering - Enjoy with Troy!

I want to share the story of a wayward son and a father who never stopped believing. The vocal group, Gentri, has expressed this through a touching song called 'Don't Let Go.' My admiration for their music grows with each song I hear. Come have a seat and listen with me. The clip is 6:37 in length.

This is obviously a modern day interpretation of the prodigal son. But how does this apply to families and particularly those who are stalked by the CPS?

He Had The Choice

The son had a choice. Sadly, he chose to leave home, finding alcohol, jail and eventually being evicted. Waking up, he realized his life at home was better and chose to return to his father's house.

Yet Those Stolen Have No Choice

Yet today, many children have no choice. Kidnapped by the CPS, their choice and right to remain with mom and dad is ignored. They are soon, either sold to strangers in a foster home, or solicited for sex and pedophilia. Their choice to return to their family is also ignored... because... well, they are children.

The prodigal song had two choices he willingly exercised. those being to leave home and return. Yet the CPS child has their two choice stolen from them.



And Are Sold For Cash

I often speak how everything in this world can be traced back to money. Such is the case with the CPS. They make big bucks off babies. It is a multi-million dollar industry, whose corruption is global in nature. It helps to fund governments, and handsome commissions are paid as local office quotas are made. They are paid to stalk innocent families, tear them apart and kidnap the children for profit. Emotions are messy and discouraged. Only placement and numbers matter.

Welcome to modern day child slavery, compliments of your elected government.

And Discarded In Baggage

Child trafficking is big business. Yet, the residue it leaves is even larger. The filthy litter by the CPS turns into tears, nightmares, grief, guilt, depression, sorrow, anger, and countless other emotions. For many it will take a lifetime to work though this trauma. Others will never overcome it, and it will be their bondage.



Unable To Return Home

Yes, the prodigal son chose to find a life that led to alcohol, jail and eviction. Yet, the CPS child is forced out of loving homes... and often into these same things. It was not their choice to go there. They did not ask for the baggage. They did not want to leave home. Yet the paid off judges and the system often prevents them to return.



The Parents Never Let Go

In this video we see the dad maintaining hope and prayer that his son would one day return. He never let go of his hope. CPS parents do the same. In their pain and tears, they have the heart - felt hope and prayer that they can be reunited with their children. Some do. Some it takes months and years. And then some... Yet these parents never let go.

They Fight The Good Fight

They turn every last stone and fight the worthy fight. The bond between a mother and child is one that even the CPS cannot sever. It lasts a lifetime and is long suffering. It will travel to the ends of the earth for its own. This is real love. In the end love overcomes all... including corruption and the CPS.

And We Must Do The Same

Just as the CPS comes to kidnap, traffic and profit, so too, apathy and selfishness comes to the masses, stealing. Yet truth and love calls us. We must stand with conviction for the innocent. Child trafficking and governmental theft cannot continue. Too many tears have been shed and too many lives have been trashed. I encourage you to discard of the cloak of apathy and selfishness. It is only killing families and the future of our world. Our children deserve better.

There are folks who hear the call of truth and love and want to help. Pro-family groups speak out on behalf of the innocent, believing they deserve the choice of freedom. They believe that child theft must end. Folks like @familyprotection here on Steemit, tirelessly defend parents and protect children from theft. The believe that we must stand together and lift up each other. I would encourage you to support @familyprotection as they continue to bring freedom to all.

The Irony

A prodigal child is one who spends money freely, recklessly or extravagantly. Yet, the CPS steals recklessly as it leaves misery behind. The money it makes is corrupt and the child is treated worthlessly by the system.

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What is @familyprotection

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THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection.

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Lovely music...



I have never found a song of theirs that I did not like. They all are exceptional. Blessings @creatr