A Child For the CPS - The Trick of The Stalking Psychopathic Vampire - Enjoy with Troy!

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In humbleness, I offer the song parody, 'A Child For The CPS,' based on Sting's, 'Moon Over Bourbon Street.' Though I am not a fan of Halloween, vampires are out on the prowl. Blood thirsty CPS social workers missed their quotas last week and they are thirsty for your child. The narcissistic psychopathic mental illness is a threat to innocent families. Move over Elvira, your mentally sick sister just walked it and she hasn't had a meal in a week. Protect your children and families. There is strength in number and pro-family groups. Above all, don't get bit.

It's soon to be Halloween and the vampires are out. They are hungry and crave your blood for dinner, little girl. Ha ha ha ha!!! The doorbell rings.

The CPS Vampire

Ah the good old classic horror flick entertains some. But other find it a daily nightmare. The vampire has come to their home and has sucked their life's blood out of them. Their child has been kidnapped, used and abused and put up for sale to the foster home community and sex trafficking market. Yes, the vampire stalking social worker has knocked at your door...and you were naive. You let them in. This narcissistic demonic psychopath will find your vein to distress. As they spy and intimidate with lies, they thirst to possess your children.

Move aside Elvira... Your mentally sick sister just walked in


Mental Sickness

These folks are paid to be mentally sick. They are nicely compensated and protected by our government to stalk and steal. If you and I did the same on our own, why, we would be thrown to the wolves in the slammer. Yet, their psychopathic appetite is nourished. They joy in the thrill, as they thirst for the prey. It is a calculated kill of obsession, as they figure out how to capture their feast. The more innocent...the tastier. The more tears the sweeter the bite.

I have stood many times wanting to kidnap her with delight!

The Trick Is In The Trap

Perhaps, they were not that way before they took the job with the CPS. They did not realize they were being interviewed on their ability to stalk and potential vampire traits . But the system trapped them. They needed the money and the bonuses looked good. In time the culture and environment rubbed off on them. They could not escape. Their own life and family would be in jeopardy if they became a whistle blower. The government had the goods on them. All the lives they destroyed, in the end they destroy their own life. What an irony.

You hang out in a barbershop, you will eventually get a haircut.
You dance with the devil, you are the one who changes.

Numbers Count

Alone, you are vulnerable prey to the salivating vampires of the CPS. But in pro-family groups, you are left alone. There is strength in numbers. Each person is reinforced with positive energy, encouraging guidance and kindred love. Groups like @familyprotection are a team that together protects children, defends families and lifts high the mantels of justice and truth. They are strong and liberate the hope of freedom for all. I encourage you to support @familyprotection as they keep families free from the vampires of the CPS.


Have you ever been stalked? I have. Many years ago an old girlfriend stalked me and even predicted with accuracy my grandmother's death. Long after the relationship ended, uninvited, she broke into my apartment and trashed it. Not a good experience. It is like being raped. Well, Halloween is coming and the CPS is down on their quotas thanks to the good work of @familyprotection. Be careful. Psychopathic social working vampires are on the prowl. Don't become their dinner.

The Video

I offer one video to accompany this song parody. This is the original recording of Sting recording of Moon Over Bourbon Street. The song was inspired by Anne Rice novel, 'Interview With The Vampire.' Sting had read the book and spent a night in New Orleans French Quarters. He swore he was being followed. Source. May the words from the parody speak to your heart as you listen.

I should have named this 'The confessions of a social worker', but she only jokes about visiting a priest in the parodied lyrics. It's scary to think there are folks like this prowling and stalking our children.

Now enjoy the song parody and be sure to support @familyprotection

A Child For The CPS

There's a child I must steal... for CPS.
I see faces in my brain, the vein to their distress.
I've no choice but go stalking and call
The kidnapped, the quotas, the cash and all
I lie and I spy on each home
For this trick to possess and to own.
Oh you'll always know the pain and tears that's around the mess,
When there's a child for the CPS

It was many years ago, that I took this social work
I am trapped in this job. I am not a jerk.
Now I can never show my heart...to them
And intimidate with talking, as I invite myself in.
The joy of the thrill, when my eyes starts to feast
The theft and the sin. I must visit my priest.
Oh you'll always know the pain and tears that's around the mess,
When there's a child for the CPS.

She walks everyday through the streets to her school.
She's innocent and young, her mom and dad must be cruel.
I have stood many times wanting to kidnap her with delight!
To struggle as I think, how to capture her right.
The thirst for the prey, as I betray each family
I must love what I destroy, and destroy the love I see
Oh you'll always know the pain and tears that's around the mess,
When there's a child for the CPS

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What is @familyprotection

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Support Family Protection

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection.

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