DTube Daily VLOG - A Vision To Help Thousands In Need Thanks To DTube and Steemit

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Today I’d like to share my ongoing thoughts on how to get emotional and psychological support to many people who have previously been unable to access it. This is a continuation of the focus on solutions that I have seen in the Family Protection community recently.


To recap, last week, I gave a pro-bono session to lady who contacted me regarding trauma that she had experienced at the hands of the UK Child Protection Services. This was both in her own childhood and, more recently with them taking her son from her. You can find out about it in my post from last week here - https://steemit.com/familyprotection/@eftnow/ch9ib9yy

Following that post, there were some inspiring outcomes, which have led to my thinking about what could be possible here. These were:

  • The client got the emotional support that they required to build more resilience, determination and optimism for the future (we continue to work together)

  • Due to some significant upvotes from the #familyprotection community and others, I effectively got paid for the work I’d done

  • I was able to return some of the SBD’s as a donation to the Family Protection cause

From here, I realised that there could be scope to replicate this and start to get a new kind of help out to those in need who previously haven’t been able to access it for these reasons.


Like most holistic practitioners, I am regularly contacted by people in need who are unable to afford to pay me for my services. As I’m not completely heartless, I do take on one or two pro-bono or “pay what you can” clients at any time. However, as I need to eat, pay bills etc. I can only do a limited amount of this.

Under the old money paradigm.

Now, this is a shadow within the practitioner community and I regularly hear comments such as “If they really want it, they’ll find a way to pay” or “Why are you attracting/manifesting these kinds of clients?”

Frankly, this is New Age Bullshit. There are a great many people in need who just don’t have the capacity to pay under the fiat money paradigm.

A case in point, is many of the people that are falling foul of the machinations of the Child Protection Services. Many of them are dependent on state benefits, which also leaves them dependent on state help. This is counterproductive to their needs.

Now, there is nothing wrong with working with people who can afford to pay, of course. However, it is leaving a huge percentage of the population unable to access the emotional, mental and energetic help that could make a big difference in their lives.


There has been a paradigm shift.

Thanks to the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchains, we no longer need to base our financial requirements around the machinations of the fiat money system.

There are different ways to create value for yourself and others. As I found, with the client I am working with, thanks to the Steem blockchain, the old financial exchange requirement has gone.

Personally, this has opened me up to the potential of being able to lift up many more people from their problems. I am envisioning starting with the people that Family Protection is trying to help and then, once the model is working, potentially roll it out to support with many other issues.


Initially, I’d like to set this up with a small group of practitioners who are already on Steemit and would like to support the Family Protection cause. I will tag those that I know in the comments below. Please also get this out to any practitioners you know on Steemit that might like to explore this.

In the future, I see it working like this:

A Discord group of quality practitioners who are confident and competent to support clients to resolve trauma and can work online via Zoom (or even better a de-centralised version if available)

A Dedicated Steemit account that upvotes the content of the practitioners who are carrying out the sessions. This could hopefully be built up to something quite substantial via delegations, both from the practitioners and other benefactors

Ways of reaching out to the people that need this service – probably via existing social media channels as well as Steemit. Possibly part of their solution could be encouraging them to write or VLOG about their experiences if they want to, so that they become empowered and possibly can escape from the state benefits trap.

I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that would be a good start.


If you are a practitioner that would like to get involved, I’d love to hear from you (Holistic practitioners skilled in trauma release and shifting beliefs, in modalities such as EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Journey, Havening etc. – if I’ve left yours out, still get in touch). You must be comfortable working via Skype, Zoom etc.

If you have ideas about how we can reach out and find the people who are currently going through difficult times with the CPS and could benefit from emotional support that will be at no cost to them, I’d love to hear from you.

If you have the technical knowledge, including advanced understanding of the Steem blockchain and anything I need to know, I’d love to hear from you.

If you have the capacity to delegate support to a project like this, I’d love to hear from you.

Anything else, you think can support this project, I’d love to hear from you.

You can contact me either in the comments or direct message me in Steemit Chat.

We are living in amazing times, where phenomenal possibilities have now been opened up to us. Let’s make the most of this. I’d love this to be the start of a new way of empowering the victims of the system to create more of what they want and stand up for themselves.

Wishing you health, abundance and freedom.

Sam x

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This is a fantastic idea. People who have experienced extreme trauma in childhood are unlikely to have made sustainable lives that create enough money for the luxury of therapies. This is something I feel very strongly about. I cant believe the price of a massage for instance compared to how much i receive teaching one to one classes. It is not comparable so i can not afford a massage! Therapy should not just be for the rich. I wish i could offer a therapy myself, but the only one i do is ear accupuncture and that cant be offered via screen!!

This would be the perfect platform.

This is so great Sam, I feel exactly like @shivvi, what a really great service you are and will be providing. Well done you x

Awesome work you are doing my friend! #thethreehugs

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