About Pedophilia And Child Abuses

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If there is anything worse than sexually abusing an adult, it is sexually abusing a child, children do not understand, they do not have the size or strength to defend themselves, let alone be easily persuaded, in a world where there are "people" seeking to legalize an aberration like this, parents must be very alert, because that is what they are there for, to protect their children. Today we'll talk about child abuses and why Pedophilia shouldn't be legal.


Personally, I consider freedom to be a non-negotiable right, I respect the life project of my neighbor unreservedly as long as this project does not harm or violate the rights of myself or others and in the case of pedophilia, which is sexual attraction towards children, and this represents attraction, fantasy and even the search for sexual relations with a child, this is wrong, this represents harm. Children are innocent beings with a very limited perception of situations, the argument "children are sexual beings" is ridiculous, they are obviously sexual beings because they are human beings, the problem is that an adult cannot take advantage of the psychological vulnerability of children who are easy to persuade, do not have critical thinking, do not have life experience and therefore do not think as an adult would in any situation. In fact, it is very likely that children in the future will regret anything they have done during their childhood, because they consider it stupid, immature, because they did not think about it, that is, because of the change in mentality that occurs as they grow up.

With this in mind, we know that children are very "unstable" when it comes to making decisions, especially such "critical" decisions. Therefore a child cannot maintain relationships with an adult despite being spoiled, because mentality, behavior and lack of life experience do not make them fit to make a decision that requires a high degree of responsibility. Something interesting about paedophilia is that it is not even a sexual orientation, it is a paraphilia, a psychological disorder, although we cannot criminalize just like a mental state, the truth is that if we can criminalize actions in consequence of that mental state, the rights of one end where the rights of others begin and in the same way that a Psychopath is criminalized for killing someone, for example, we can criminalize the fact of sexually abusing and taking advantage of a child who is not prepared either psychologically or physically for it.


Today the media and progressive movements seek to "accept" a mental disorder in society, is pathetic, this is not like homosexuality that in addition to not being considered paraphilia, in homosexuality two responsible adults reach an agreement to maintain a relationship, in pedophilia no, because here the agreement is between an adult and a child who is not able to reach an agreement responsibly. That's the big difference. Seeking acceptance of a paraphilia through propaganda from "not very reliable" sources and the search for eroticizing children, dressing them as if they were sex slaves, forcing them to dance like strippers and forcing them not only to see naked and even touch them is something that is really disgusting and undesirable even for me as an adult.

This shows the madness that we have come to, it shows once again that the LGBT movement, or whatever they call themselves today, are losing their heads, if they have not already lost them. The argument "But think about children" is widely used and overused, both on the left and on the right, but this really merits the use of that argument, because nothing positive can come out of the sexualisation and eroticisation of children. Humanity has had children as its "treasure" and the protection of children by parents and adults has always been evident, just as a lioness protects her young. Society will not and would not change this form of protection just to please an adult's fantasies.


Stop calling Pedophilia or Child Abusers "Pedosexuals" or "BoyLovers", one is a mental disorder that can result in child abuse and the other is directly child abuse, not words or actions that we should "decorate" with politically correct language, problems and acts that cannot be accepted, it's like calling a rapist "Lover of people without prior consent", sounds stupid, right? The fact is that a crime is a crime, to violate the rights of others is to violate the rights of another, a psychological disorder is a psychological disorder.

Well, again, I don't condemn the mental disorder, I condemn the actions consequently to that disorder, the fantasies or the attractions can stay in just that, but the problem is when you are looking for child pornography, which is sexual exploitation and when you are looking for sexual relations with a child, which is obviously wrong. Thanks for reading, peace.


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