CFS sent me a letter

in familyprotection •  6 months ago

I got a letter stating I cannot ask how my son is doing at our visits. These swine think that it is ok to steal my son on something that did not occur.
My son is being neglected and it is affecting him and yet CFS find my inquiry offensive. What kind of sick fucks can tell a parent not to ask how their kid is doing in care? This whole process has been quite damaging to my son and I. I have seen terrible things happen to kids in care as a youth and heard some equally terrible things since then.

CFS has in no way helped my son. Taking him out of my care has been the most damaging thing to ever occur in his life. How can these people go to work everyday damaging families and remain blind to the damage they do? How could my worker lie on the stand knowing that what she said was not true and that this would further tear apart a family?

These people that work in this field of work seem to be lacking the understanding to do this type of work.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

While they condemn you from asking your son recognize you have rights. Your son has rights. He can use any medium to tell you explicitly how he is doing.


Next time make 2 copies of this, take it with you. Converse with your son. Hand a copy to him.

Best wishes

You need to stand up for your and your son rights. They do these things and hope that you either do not know the law or do not have the stones to stand up to them. ihashblox already gave you the information you need. Please do not let them stamp on you or your son. Bring this up in court at the next hearing and bring the letter with you. Let the judge know what is going on. Better yet send a personal letter to the judge with a copy of their letter so even if they try to hush you in court you know the judge saw it. You do have the right to send a personal statement to the judge. Be nice and honest yet brief.

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I say this with a tear running down my face. They know what they are doing.

It's a for-profit industry. You need to realize and approach it that way. Unfortunately, is is a more protected (by government) industry than even the major corporations, so you've got to be very, very clever in dealing with them. I will pray that God will give you wisdom on best how to attack this problem.

You got to understand that they are selfish and are only looking out for their own best interest. They have no interest in the welfare of your son or you. Their job is stealing children and breaking up families. It's an orwellian organization and agenda. So things are opposite of what they are marketed as. The CPS must be destroyed otherwise it grows like a cancer. Either we destroy that which is untrue or it destroys us. Sadly there is no middle ground. I am sorry for what you go through but you must be strong and stand for truth and what is right. Fight for your son fight for family a reward as well worth it.