Legalized Child Trafficking/Profiteering in America...???

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I've been around for a long time, and have known 'many' women with children who they have had 'taken away' from them 'forcefully' by governmental agencies. It wasn't always this way in America...there once was a time when child abduction by a stranger was illegal. Even with a "Court Order", it was a rarity.

Then came the 1970's when everything began to change; slowly, yet steadily. The 'Social Engineering' types began to infiltrate all aspects of politics, governmental agencies and NGO's alike. The same sociopaths/psychopathic, malevolent individuals began to 'grow' the Human Welfare front at a rapid pace, once it became enormously profitable to do so.

One argument against my observations regarding the phenomena of 'dubious' quadruple-fold growth, or 'more' in the "Human Services" arena is: "They are 'all' non-profit agencies. How then could one 'rightfully' charge any of them with profiteering?"


A 'Not for Profit Organization' is designed and registered as a 'business'...not much different than a 'For Profit Organization'. The main difference is in it's basic structure according to it's mission statement and goals. 'ANY' Business, in 'ANY' form comes into existence by way of 'Capital' expenditure and continues to exist by way of adequate Capital returns.

The money earned, gifted or stolen by a Government agency or private corporation is required in order to pay for expenditures of which 'salary' is most commonly the biggest expense. Oddly...those who have the most prestigious 'titles' within any corporation/agency receive the 'largest' compensation, regardless of their worth/value.

Often the salaries paid to top executives/administrators/officers, far exceed what a so-called "average worker" earns. The most common way a 'top' official is replaced from their lucrative position is either they 'resign' 'die' or 'get arrested'... The 'lower' echelon employees are usually 'fired' for far less infractions than the 'top dogs'.

So...what truly makes for a successful business leader? Money! Money brought into the organization through their effort, or...perceived effort. 

In the case of "Child Welfare" services...the ones that are structured to 'remove' children from the arms of their legitimate, loving parents, and place them under the control of strangers, their funding comes from the burden of 'taxes' from citizens, whether desired by the masses or not. If you work, you automatically have taxes removed from your paycheck, and you have 'NO' say in how the Government spends 'your' money. 

This funding mechanism for Governmental "Child Welfare" agencies is based upon 'budgets'. Governmental monetary allocations to the various agencies, including 'Child Abduction Services' is weighed against their most recent past costs, and appropriated (supposedly) in accordance with the operating capital required.

If an agency shows any savings/reduction of cost from its budget in the year prior...they will have the equivalent funds removed from them. is in the agencies 'best interest' to show a funding 'loss' with hopes that they'll receive an even 'larger' award for the coming financial cycle.

How can they do that by 'will'...? All they have to do is 'UP' their activity...and in the case of "Child Abduction Services", they need to abduct 'more' children from their families and dump them into strange and fearful environments...'NOT' less.

In closing...I wish all of you who have suffered unjustly at the hands of the fake Child Protection Agencies, relief from your pain, with your children, safely back in your loving arms.


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