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Now we enter the final stages of this investigation, we find ourselves pointing our periscope at the 'foot soldiers'.
We must keep in mind that there are thousands of Social workers and not all of them are to blame. This is definitely not because of the excuse "I was just following orders". That doesn't cut it, not here.

So although we must except the necessary evil of needing social workers, that does not mean that we can not expose and cast judgement on their careers. The Job they do is among the hardest in the world. The cases they must have to deal with are no doubt going to change your views on society. How could it not, when everyday you are dealing with the lowest of the low, having to read endless reports of the most depraved human behaviour. Because of this we must bestow a great deal of respect for the work they carry out and the many children they no doubt rescue from harm.

Unlike our previous studies, into some of the more remarkable characters who are involved in facilitating the obvious pedophile ring, that infests our country. In this quest it appears there are many individuals, acting in the interest of whatever, or whoever, wants to create a covertly run child slave trade.

To complete a task like this I am gonna need some help....

So who you gonna call?? Screenshot-2017-12-5 ghostbusters - Google Search.png No!! Not these guys!

Come on big fella, where are you?? The readers are getting restless...

Oh my God, here he is....
57.jpg "Lets go get these Mother Fuckers!"
OK Tom, just calm down a little. You need to read the start of this report and get up to speed with the rest of us! And take that stupid shit off!! You look like an imbecile.

Now, without further a do, let us begin our investigation into the good, the bad, and the ugly, of the Social Services.
To understand any of the staffs motives, we must first take a look at the framework that supports their principles.

DEFINITION OF THE SS(Social services)

Screenshot-2017-12-6 Social services - Wikipedia.png
source -

So for myself, this first piece of information has already exposed the first layer of make up, that helps seduce so many into trusting the individuals behind it. ( Up until I read that, I honestly thought that the SS were solely about child 'welfare')
po.jpg "Ha Ha! You dumb-ass"

Yes Tom, evidently so...We're not all Private Detectives you know! Wind ya neck in... I did fine without you on the last mission. So where was I...ah yes, we need to zoom in a little closer.
Screenshot-2017-12-6 Social work - Wikipedia.png

Social Sciences does sound ominous. We better pass that to Tom and let him go off and see what he can dig up...

You get that? Mr Private Detective...Screenshot-2017-12-6 magnum pi - Google Search.png Oh don't throw a celebrity tantrum.

Bloody premadonna! Get going, we will see you back here later.

While he is out of the way, we can keep on peeling back the layers. I won't go into this too much, but it does need to be part of this investigation, so I will merely take a peek at how the Social worker came into being.

Screenshot-2017-12-6 Social work - Wikipedia(1).png
(Doesn't really give much away does it?)


"Because the industrial revolution was happening all over the world and countries, such as Russia, were rounding up its citizens and incarcerating them inside work camps for decades(As described in the epic book, The Gulag Archipelago). The UK was forced to follow suit, or face losing their beloved empire. Our own industrial revolution was hugely assisted by involuntary child labour, but it was only a matter of time before people started to realise that the ruling class were allowing companies to kidnap and place children into Gulags, all over the UK...

As society faced up to the reality, of what it takes for any developed nation, if they want to be part of the new 'civilised' world. The outraged citizens began to compel their leaders to draw up legislation, so this kind of thing could never happen again. This was all good and well, but, as has always been. The person or people who have ruled this nation, since the abolition of a citizens right to a 'Court de jure', have in essence, been the very same people who invest in our misery...
Nevertheless, the laws were updated and forced child labour was now a criminal offense. This would no doubt handicap the UK industrial corporations. It was at this point that 'Philanthropists' decided to suggest that the UK have a government division tasked with 'Social work'.
The government now had a legal way to steal the children from it's citizens. However, they did still have a problem with where the 'Children in need' could be put to work, once the authorities had been granted guardianship. - END TRANSLATION -

For this situation to be resolved, in the interests of the elite, two things developed.
One was the beginning of the dismantlement of UK industries and changing of laws, that would allow UK business' to move their Factories abroad(out of the jurisdiction of UK Child protection laws). This part was facilitated by Sir Edward Heath. The prime minister deceived the public into joining the EEC, back in 1973. This was an act of high Treason that has yet to be answered for. Maybe that failed the DPP's criteria too, the same as the Lord Janner case, eh Andrea Saunders???!!!

The second change was an in increased covert investment in 'Black market' activities. You don't think people like Al Capone, the Richardson Gang, or the Kray twins, got were they did, without being helped by corrupted officials, do you? Of coarse not, anyone who is allowed to operate at such a level, has to be, somehow, appeasing the government it apparently disregards.

Now I know that many will not want to believe that their government is involved with such dealing. But as I have discovered, in a spin off investigation, the estimated revenue generated by Human trafficking, just in the US, is $93Billion, PER YEAR!!

source -

It has been proven, by many investigations, that the CIA are involved in various arms & drugs deals, all conducted through the 'black market'. If this is to be accepted into the history books, then we must seriously consider any evidence of our government tapping into this immoral revenue stream.( That shouldn't be a huge stretch of the imagination, considering that every nation has profited from the slave trade. The UK treatment of the Irish slaves is legendary for all the wrong reasons. So neither should you, fall for the myth that slavery is based on racism, for some it is about money and for others it is just about control. Colour is merely a helpful distraction to extract more taxes, to pay for futile oppositions)

Rebel Dan's rule book.
#5. Never trust anything that comes with a multi-million pound investment. Tell-tale signs usually consist of things like ready made slogans and T-shirts.
Screenshot-2017-12-6 black lives matter - Google Search(1).png Screenshot-2017-12-6 macdonald logo - Google Search.png

Getting back to my original point. I was trying to say that although child protection laws had been implemented to stop child work houses, in the 19th and 20th century. The UK saw a decline in neither child abuse or empire.... Unless the UK has hidden a secret history of inventing AI, way back in the 20th century, then our continued economic growth could not have been possible. The loss of production and profits, caused by the invention of the Child Welfare State, would have ruined the, more than competitive, UK economy.

Our business's were simply moved abroad and now the government had created a way to gather a stockpile of healthy young potentials. All ready to be lost and forgotten, either to a profit driven, revolving door, foster care system, or to be lost outside of the system, labelled as runaways( Just as slaves were ), only to be predicated upon, by the Kray's and Capone's. Gangsters working within unwritten channels of an underground society, allowed lenience as long as they supply there investors with whatever they want and whenever they want it...

source -

A business that requires 10,000 slaves, for just one event. A figure that should be unobtainable, under the surveillance of the modern day security services. But when we cast our minds back to our previous investigations, the problem of how to obtain that many prostitutes(boys and girls)for just one event, suddenly takes on a very dark narrative.
Screenshot-2017-12-4 Statistics(1).png
source -

With an ever increasing population and a downward spiral in general morality, the inevitable rise in demand for more victims is seemingly met by an ever increasing number of children being taken into care through forced adoption orders being obtained by Social workers, in-turn this creates an ever increasing number of runaway slaves for the black market. Unfortunately, I have found the data to confirm my suspicions...
Screenshot-2017-12-6 Official statistics - SFR release template - Fostering_in_England_2014-15 pdf.png
source -

Suspicious yes, but not conclusive evidence to support my accusations. To see whether or not this is just a coincidence, we must look at the reasons used by the Social workers to obtain the adoption orders.

If what I am saying is correct then there will no doubt be a silenced out-cry from devastated parents all around the UK.
If I am wrong and the recent estimates, of 67,000 kids in care, increasing to 87,000 in just 2 years, are nothing more than the result of an irresponsible generation, if that so, then I should find no more than a handful of debatable scenarios.

GOOGLE SEARCH - 'Social worker adoption' -

Page 1 Screenshot-2017-12-6 social worker adoption - Google Search.png

Not what I was expecting. Although, after looking into how many foster companies there are, I suppose I should have expected to be greeted, with a big fake corporate smile...

Screenshot-2017-12-6 cheesy smile - Google Search(1).png

But did you notice the last two on the list? If not, quickly scroll back up and take another look...

Well it would be contradictory to the investigation if we were not to listen the inner thoughts of our suspects. Lets go straight to the one that really caught my eyea and hear how this particular Social worker goes about resolving her 'problem'....
Screenshot-2017-12-6 Adoption social worker I hate telling people we don't have a child for them.pngScreenshot-2017-12-6 Adoption social worker I hate telling people we don't have a child for them(3).png
source -

Hold on a minute, that's two Blokes in that picture? Why would you not just promote the natural family image? I'll stop playing Devil's advocate. That divisive picture, is all part of destroying the traditional family image. I am not Gay-bashing here. I am just stating an obvious observation that a company, which is ran for profit, has chosen to aim it's marketing at a tiny proportion of society, not exactly good business sense...This inaccurate interview, in my opinion, is just government propaganda, against a rising awareness of the UK's shamefully unique FORCED adoption policy.
The simple fact that nobody dare put their name to the article, should be an immediate red flag for anyone and the inaccuracy of the content suggests, that the main aim was to shoe-horn an image into our sub-conscience, supporting the LGBT movement. Subsequently, the article helps to circulate misinformation, to its readers.

Let's listen to more of the BS being shoveled by our anonymous social worker

Screenshot-2017-12-6 Adoption social worker I hate telling people we don't have a child for them(4).png
source -

And what was happening at the time...

Screenshot-2017-12-6  article61.png
source -

Just to correlate those dates for you. Labour Gov were apparently trying to protect the family unit, up until 2010. If we are to believe them to be the better of two evils, as suggested above, then this fits in with the Social workers complaints of supplies drying up. What doesn't fit, are the dates the anonymous social worker spoke about, but I will explain this later. Regardless, it doesn't appear that our social worker had a problem for very long. Unfortunately, St David Cameron came to save the day...
Screenshot-2017-12-6 Adoption statistics for England get the data.png
source -

The Social Worker reminiscing about their supply and demand problems of the past, has simply gotten the dates mixed up. I can prove this by showing you the statistics for the period being depicted
Screenshot-2017-11-27 Official statistics - SFR release template - Fostering_in_England_2014-15 pdf(9).png
source -

I believe our forgetful Social worker is referring to this period of time...
Screenshot-2017-12-6 Adoption statistics for England get the data(2).png
source -

But with a yearly government budget of £2.5Billion, I assume it isn't wise to bite the hand that feeds you. So shifting the dates a little, to make it appear that your current Government paymasters, have been reducing adoption rates, would be a lot better for business, than the truth.

Shame on the Guardian for promoting such lies, but please, nobody should contact them and question there motives, I really wouldn't want that...

Screenshot-2017-12-6 Adoption social worker I hate telling people we don't have a child for them(5).png

Screenshot-2017-12-6 beat up boxer - Google Search.png ROUND 1 - Scored 10-8 in favour of @article61 and @familyprotection


OK so I think we have had enough testimony from the other side, I do get bored of doublethink. Let's give our search engine another go, but to avoid the corporate handshake, I shall allow myself to access the party, via a side door...Goodbye Google.

Screenshot-2017-12-6 forced adoption social workers uk at DuckDuckGo.pngDUCKDUCKGO SEARCH - "Forced adoption social workers UK"

As expected my change in tact has found some of the rotten roots that seem to be poisoning this tree of liberty.

Page 1. Screenshot-2017-12-6 forced adoption social workers uk at DuckDuckGo(1).png

Sadly, this doesn't look like it's going to be very difficult to prove my point. But it is our Duty to expose these individual cases and the folk involved, both victim and perpetrator.

CASE 1 - Social worker Joanna Nicholas - ( you may want to remove any sharp objects from the room )

Joanna later tries to redeem herself in this article -
Screenshot-2017-12-6 A day in the life of a child protection consultant(1).png
But for me, the only thing that I took away from reading her plea, was that she defines the desperate calls for help, made by a mother who has had her children taken away, as a "Query"!!!

Screenshot-2017-12-6 A day in the life of a child protection consultant.png A fucking QUERY!!

Again it seems the Guardian are prepared to stand by their own Bible...
Screenshot-2017-12-6 Defending The Undefendable.png
source -

As mentioned, by the courageous Denise Robertson, may she rest in peace, certain Judges inside the family courts are 'Rubber Stamping' forced adoption applications made by Social workers. This issue will be covered, in detail, in my next and final investigation. So don't worry the big-wigs aren't going to get away with it. Promise you that Denise, bless you and thank you for risking your career to give such huge exposure to this issue and not back down. I doth my cap.
Screenshot-2017-12-6 itv denise robertson - Google Search.png

CASE 2 - RT News Report -Screenshot-2017-12-6 Social Workers forced adoption - YouTube.png

In this report we hear of Government targets and the terrible case of injustice dealt to The McDougals. A mother deemed "too stupid to be a mother".

I wouldn't usually use a report from RT as they are what's called, 'controlled opposition'. But credit should be given where it is due and this report has some very important points. One in particular is the common excuse, used by Social workers, "Risk of future emotional harm". A most ill-intended example of legalese.
Screenshot-2017-12-6 legalese - Google Search.png

CASE 3 - The Slovakian family who came to work in the UK -
source -

Screenshot-2017-12-6 UK forced adoptions of foreign nationals Mumsnet Discussion.png

It seems other countries are becoming very alarmed with UK social workers.

Screenshot-2017-12-6 UK forced adoptions of foreign nationals Mumsnet Discussion(1).png

But it seems evident, that I am not the only one who is unaware of what is going on, in my own back yard...

Screenshot-2017-12-6 UK forced adoptions of foreign nationals Mumsnet Discussion(2).png


I do not wish to go through every single case, as much as I know they all deserve to be heard. I hope I have given you the motivation to type those simple phrases into your search engine and then maybe you will be inspired to take the fight further, yourself...

Remember my words from the start of this report, but never forget the evidence that it contains.

Peace to you and....HOLD ON A MINUTE!

WHERE'S TOM....?! Let me give him a call...

Screenshot-2017-12-6 magnum pi - Google Search(1).png "Hi, whats up Dan?"

Screenshot-2017-12-6  article61(1).png Ermm....

Screenshot-2017-12-6  article61(1).png Social Science....?

Screenshot-2017-12-6  article61(1).pngYou were suppose to look into it...?!

LP.jpg"Oh that. Yeah I'm working on that right now"....

Looks like you readers have your first investigation. Please don't hesitate to post your finding in the comments section as I would like to know myself.

Don't forget to support the work of @markwhittam and his worthy group @familyprotection. Look out for the awesome work supplied by @informationwar too!! I have listed other great accounts, all included in this post -



Rebel Dan.

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You are the way forward! love your work. I am not able to up-vote this comment, not sure why?

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I had to bring him back. :) Glad you like that element as it's not an easy subject to find humour in.

Your support is awesome! Thank you very much. I love being part of the team and the payouts really help as I am not a rich man(in money terms that is). I will conclude this series soon but I now have so many leads to look into, I will certainly carry on. Peace my friend and keep up the you know what..

Nice one, @article61. Upvoted, followed, resteemed. The social engineering program to take control of human reproduction and human habitation has been a loooonnng time in the making, for sure. People need to understand that gays are no more perverted than heterosexuals, but the social engineers co-opted the image and direction of the gay movement over 35 years ago to make it a tool of human enslavement by destroying traditional social customs, straight OR gay. Ed Heath was a child murderer and pedophile monster:

And PS- Tom Sellick is openly gay.


HaHa I didn't know that! Big butch Tom...Hey man it makes no odds to me. Like you said they promote certain groups to then derail them or use them as a disguise so they can erode the moral fibre of human nature. Its an attack on our minds and nothing we see on the mainstream is a true representation.

Thanks so much for your support! You are one cool dude in my book and I will check out your work too.


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