"Who need bots anyway, man!"

in steem •  10 months ago

To Bot, or not to Bot? that! Is the question...



Just look at all the different folk in my part of town.

We have @enjoywithtroy. He is always good for a bit of inside knowledge on the Establishment.

or you could go say hello to one of my first residents, @trucklife-family but be quick because he moves around a lot. What a life they lead, you must check them out.

Oh and make sure you stop by the post office to say hello to @everittdmickey he has got some stuff you would never even dream off. Must be all that mail he intercepts...

In Steemopia we do have a Police station. They are a little busy at the moment, @familyprotection have decided to hold a protest on forced adoption, I'll be joining them later.

There are a few new folk around too, @canadian-coconut has a keen eye and seems a bit of a veteran(on Steem, not age!) I've had some great advice and it stood me in good stead.

Hey, look who has just rolled into town, its @outwalking. This guy knows how to have a laugh at the same time as bending your noodle! Go check him out for sure!!

Look out its the bank manager, @kafkanarchy. Very shrewd individual and knows his stuff!!

And speaking of interesting characters, they don't come any more intriguing, than @misslasvegas. Her family parties must be a blast!

Well that's about it for the tour. I was hoping to introduce you to @rebelscum, @kryptocoin and @markwhittam, but it looks like they have had a heavy night... Best let them sleep it off, shame though...you'll have to make time, these guys are some cool cats.

So maybe it does't have to be "Heavy" after all. Just "Grow your seed, man"

Love you guys and Gals. Steeit rules! Very sorry to anyone I missed out, I will give you a shout in the future. I have a memory like a sieve..


Rebel Dan

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Thank you. Everyone deserves a helping hand.

I must be following the right crowd @article61 Checked my list and 7 out of 11 you recommended I've already found. Thank you for this post. Will visit the others' blogs. Some fantastic people on this platform indeed!


Great minds think alike ;)
Yes, I am really enjoying the shift from the status quo(FB). Loads of variety now! Thank you for being part of it all. x Will be sure to do another one of these and promote you too, knew I would forget someone.
Spread the love!! Thanks for the support. @vickiebarker rules!!

thanks so much for the shout out, totally agree with you on this one, however I did join minnow support group recently. For me it's great to connect with like minded people and together hopefully we can keep connecting and get some much needed truth out to the masses. Be informed, stay informed and make informed decisions. Thanks for being part of this with me. Oh yeah and loving The Young Ones, 'plant the seed' x


Ha ha me too I grew up watching these, thanks to my Dad. They always have me in stitches. I learn just as much from the folk on here so the community around me is very important. Your work deserves spreading, I think your post are really inspirational. take care out there x