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Dear friends, founders and all members of @familyprotection!

I have good news for you!

Do you remember the family for which we were raising funds for help? A grondmother with 3 boys from Kazan whose daugter was killed, and the CPS threated to take kids away because of bad living conditions.

I've contacted Julia, the woman who transferred money to this poor grandmother!

The last talk with her was in summer, and Julia said that the flat repair works were almost finished, and the grandmothe was going to make documents for guardianship. But if the CPS didn't let aprove them, then they would go to the court.

All burocracy processes require much time (don't know how it's in your country, but here they are veeeery slow!), so I didn't disturb Julia for some months.

But, of course, I didn't forget this family, and some days ago I contacted Julia again to know the latest news, and..... YES!

The victory is very close!!!

The CPS have no reasons to prevent for guardianship!!

Julia said that the process is going fine!
It's not finished yet, because it requires much time, but the main is that there are no problems any more!

The flat of the family has all necessary conditions for a good life for kids, and the grandmother is their closest and actually the only one relative, so the CPS had no choice but to aprove their documents!


The documents for the youngest boy are already ready!!

They were so close to destroy one more family, but NO!

The help of people and public resonance of this story have led to the success!!

Only God knows what the end of this story could have been, if Julia didn't agree to help them and make this story loud.
We and millions of other people just never knew about it.

And we know what the CPS do when they find such a helpless family with 3 "expensive" and profitable kids...

Julia started the process, we all developed it, and we all have come to the victory!

We're a part of this success,dear friends!

Be proud - it's our common victory!

THANKS again to the community and all people who helped with upvotes and donations!

Is it our first victory?
In any case, not the last, I'm sure!;)


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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Thank YOU, Friends!!

I am really glad that the community of @familyprotection was able to help this one family in Russia stay together.
Thanks again for stepping up and organizing getting the Steem converted over to the local currency and given to the family,


THANK YOU, Linda!!
For your care and kind heart!

This case wasn't a traditional one for our community to help and donate, they're not even Steemians, but I'm very thankful that you and Mark trusted me and didn't ignore this story.

I was so happy to know that we've won, it's the best result of our common efforts!
It's a bright example of @familyprotection power, for what and why it exists.

Awesome! always great to hear the good news!! God Bless you for helping.


thank you!

Thanks for the good news Talia! :)


thank you so much for your participation in this story;)
it's the best end of that tragedy

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

I sincerely congratulate you on this HUGE victory.

Искренно поздравляю Вас с этой ОГРОМНОЙ победой.


маму детям не вернуть, но хотя бы они остались в семье, с родной бабушкой.

What fantastic news !! I think we are allowed a little pat on the back here.
Familyprotected ;)
Big hugs and much luck for the future of this family. Also, well done for your own efforts. This is inspiring work you are doing.


thank you for kind words!
we tried and we did it;)
thanks to all people who didn't pass by this tragedy, kids are with their native soul now.
deep relief..

That's wonderful news!!! Victory yeah! good job everyone that helped ♡

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