Parenting and Your Role As One

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Hello all of you parents out in the world today I would like to have a discussion that I believe is past due. Before we start I would first like to ask you a few question. Do you know who your children’s friends are? Do you know where your kids are at any given time? Do you let them make YouTube videos? Do you let them play online video games? Do you let them choose their own style of clothes? Lastly did you buy them a smartphone? If you answered yes to any of these questions I have some bad news for you. You are a terrible parent.

Is that to harsh to say? Absolutely not! Now I know you’ll tell me things like “If I don’t let them do those things they will not be accepted by their peers.” If you believe that then you most likely don’t like who your child is as a person and do not believe in their ability to function. If that is the case I have more bad news. You are even worse as a parent.

Throughout my life I have heard parents blaming everyone but themselves for the issues of their children. If your kid is fat so it is fast food’s fault, if your kid is stupid it’s the schools fault, and if your kid smokes, vapes, drinks, or does drugs it is the fault of the manufacturers or dealers. While all of that may have a grain of truth to it where were you when it all started?

Starting with blaming fast food for your fat kid. Billions of people have eaten fast food throughout time and millions of people have become fat from doing it. Now ask yourself, “If billions of people have eaten fast food why have only millions become fat?” Are you ready for the answer? Well it’s because most people understand that fast food is not the only food option available. The fact that you choose to constantly feed it to your family is the reason you are all fat or fatter than you should be. In the age of information you have absolutely no excuse for ignorance on any topic especially health.

Next why is your kid stupid, and Is it the schools fault? They may be partly to blame but you should have a vested interest in your child’s future so why aren’t you picking up their slack? You may say things like “I don’t read so good, math hard, and I don’t know nuttin bout Abe Lincoln beating the Russians to free the Indians from the Nazi’s.” So if yoh can’t read stop sharing inspirational Facebook memes, we are all sick of it anyway. If you don’t know how to do math look up how to do it and work with your child. Lastly history is literally everywhere do a quick YouTube search and just on the learning train. Remember we are in the Information age and you have no excuses.

Now where are your kids? You don’t know? What’s wrong with you, so you want them to drink underage and do drugs?! Take part in what your child likes and show them what you like. Building a bond grows trust and with trust comes the truth. Not taking part in their lives will drive them to act out so you will. This has everything to do with them smoking, vaping, drinking, and doing hard drugs. Don’t be an idiot love your children.

Lastly if you let your kids make YouTube videos, have a smartphone, and play online video games ignore everything else I have said throughout this article. You have any common sense and their is no hope for you as a person.

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