Flying the drone with my kids in France :)

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Ever since saying yes to a six month film job in York this Summer (documenting the construction of the UK's most advanced solar farm with a drone) I have been feeling quite disconnected from the family I left behind in the Pyrenees Mountains, South of France. I chose to not bring them with me mostly because our home village is such a perfect place for kids in the Summer and I needed to stay focused on my work.

I didn't intend for it to be so long before I visited them, but the unexpected death of a friend and complications with my job led to a four month period of separation... and I can tell you now with certainty, I will never again leave them for this amount of time.

The picture at the top shows Esteban & Luna enjoying my new drone outside our home. After taking it for a little fly around the courtyard they demanded more so we went for a little walk up to the top of the village where we could get a better view.

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We launched from the green balcony next to the car park.

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This is our home village, 360m above sea level, with a population of around 300.

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Not a bad spot really. Spain is on the other side of these mountains.

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Our allotment is visible in this shot (bottom left) at the edge of the village, a 5min walk from our home in the centre of the village.
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The highest peak you can see in the distance is called the Canigou, at 2,785m.

Last year I climbed it barefoot, as is my way.
GOPR0491 1.jpg

Looking in the other direction down the valley, you can't quite see the sea, but it isn't far away, just 30mins drive.
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I would have flown the drone more during my 3 day holiday but I was so busy having fun with Sabrina & the kids, we only had time on this one occasion.

We live here because Sabrina's mother lives here in this village. When we learned she had a stomach cancer we moved last year from Bali to be with her. And guess what, after being told she only had a year to live she is now being told the cancer has shrunk to the point where it can be removed and she can get back to living a normal life.

I know all parents say it, but my children are special.
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They have watched me performing Reiki on them and on Sabrina's mother and they are both confident little healers in their own right.

Ultimately we came here to help Sabrina's mother who like so many people wasn't interested in changing her lifestyle and doesn't hear us when we explain the various problems with the modern medical system... so it had to be done energetically.

She has ABSOLUTE faith in her doctors, who have drained her of money for the last year and frankly almost killed her!

Now she is a morphine addict and her next battle will be to say goodbye to that.

Still, we did what we came here to do and soon it will be time to move on.

Our intention is to find an old farmhouse in this region and put down our roots, somewhere we can build an eco community around us.

Looking forward to showing you more images from this amazing little holiday with my family :)

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Family heals, nice to see you got back to them

Yes, I booked the flight shortly after cleaning up my act. It was immediately evident how much I needed this break, but now that I am back in the UK am finding it hard to pick up the pace where I left off. It feels like the winter has already begun here, unlike home where it felt like the tropics!

And my kids don't want to speak in English any more. They are 100% French now, which is a weird feeling. My french is rubbish.

Anyway, seeking the good feelings this morning...

and off to work I go!

Back too soon! From the little I have seen about you, it seems pretty obvious that you’re much happier & healthier when you can be close to your family. It’s a good lesson for a lot of single men to see, especially me

Indeed, I didn't post once in France. Was too busy having fun each day.

Feeling the intensity of it all after this period of separation was an important lesson for me. It is harder to see the perfection in everything when we become accustomed to the routine.

So, when I get back there will be new rules about how much time Papa gets on his computer! With more time spent going on adventures with the family ;)

Hi dan , maincoon here 😉🐈 isn’t it the greatest gift to have your love and kids around you and I hope you Mother in law gets off that poison ASAP
Blog soon

Hello Maincoon! Great to see you here ;)

Sorry I've not checked in with the group for a while. I assume all is running smooth?

It was indeed the greatest gift and perfect reminder of the fantastic life I have waiting for me back home. I just have to get through the rest of this job now...

This moment will certainly get you through the job cause the kiddos will be waiting for you to come home.

And in cat heaven all is well and running smooth also with the help of @fraenk who is also a mouse rescue dad now 🐈😬

The old farmhouse - I hope you manage to buy it. It gives a family a sense of permanence when they own their home.

A few years ago I was in Greece and became tempted to buy myself a home in a village (most villages were empty of the younger generations as they all went to the city). Now, since the EU F* them up with their 'austerity' program, many Greeks are moving back to the villages, so it is too late to get a bargain.

Yes, that sense of permanence is what we seek, after which will likely buy a motorhome and do some more travelling ;)

Having our own home to return to between adventures is important. Village life is great for the kids at this age but ultimately we seek seclusion and our adventures will be their connection to the wider world.

Shame about your almost house in Greece. Perhaps another opportunity will arise?

I love those shots of the village and your two beautiful kids, they must have been so excited to have you home. Looking forward to seeing how your garden is doing xx

It was just sooooo good. I actually didn't take any pictures but filmed everything. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING! I must have 10 hours of footage ;)

It is making the photo creation process quite hard work, but I will get to the allotment eventually! It was looking good but we have slug problems. They like lettuce apparently.

Fantastic looks like a wonderfully village to be. Must be so nice to be back with the family you must miss them when in York!

Nature is such a wonderful healer for sure. Love these shots, need to save up for a drone I think 💯🐒

Back in the UK now, but it really was a great trip. Have been recharged :)

And yes, you really should get a drone! There are so many different options to choose from now. Seeing life from a new perspective is always refreshing.

Glad you are recharged you need it with this miserable weather, good old England .... Guess that's why its so green a bonus form all the rain. When the cash is flowing I will be sure to get one 💯🐒