Reminiscing Our Family Moments

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Spending time together with the family strengthens the bond and relationship towards every member. I believe that, to be able to easily socialize with others, one must be family-oriented. Happily waste time with regards to family bonding and mingle actively in interacting discussion.



I always love to reminisce this moment when my whole family gathered together while eating in a fabulous restaurant and making another memories. Funny discoursion, lovely mocking and putting our hearts as one, we celebrated the meaning of being a family. A big joyous sometimes a complex family I have which molded my personality and educated my values as a citizen.




In a grand restaurant in Lapu-Lapu City we celebrated the feast of having our family. Together with the cold wind coming from the sea breeze and elegant music, we had eaten such variety of foods. Some of it are tasty and some are new to my taste. I really make sure that I savor the food just like how I savor the moments that day because this moments are rarely can happen and yet very memorable.

It was facilitated by my sisters to enhance the closeness and interaction of everyone since we are very busy in daily living. It was really amazing. I can see in everyone's eyes the happiness and satisfaction for having a family. If I can cease the time, I would do it and make it a year happening to sustain my feeling but unluckily I can't. Sometimes we have to journey alone to find ourselves in order to survive.

I'm looking forward for more memories together with my family.

Always remember that family is where we run in times of failure and our buddy in times of happiness. Be inspired throughout your journey with your family. It is where you can take strength and power to make things possible even if it is difficult.

Always treasured your family!



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