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in #family3 years ago

That doesn't mean she always agrees with me, far from it, however she's been the compass I've needed to help me find my way and I'm not only grateful, I'm in awe.

My wife is also my greatest influencer. I have very few people in my life that are willing to be honest with me and call me a horse's butt when I'm being one, but those are the people that I value the most. I know they care enough not to indulge me when I'm being dishonest with myself. That is a powerful thing to have in your life!

On the other side of that, she is the only person who has the ability to allow me to see myself as she does and it makes me want to be a better version of myself. Thanks for sharing!


Hello sir, good to hear from you.

Yes, when someone calls my wife my better half I always agree, she is. 😃

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