Hollywood is finally making a movie about one of America's greatest heroes.

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"You were a child once, too."

Those words were spoken by one of the greatest advocates for children, education, spiritually, kindness, decency, caring, and puppetry ever... Fred Rodgers.

He spoke them in order to help Ophthalmologists learn how to avoid scaring their young patients who feared they may become blind (they were writing a book and sought out Mr. Rogers' advice).

He spoke them to help adults understand how important it is to treat children with kindness and respect.

He spoke them because they are true and every parent, teacher, aunt, uncle, priest, grandmother, and grandfather should remind themselves of that truth every day.

He spoke them because he was, is, and always will be a champion for children.

I am not being sarcastic or overly dramatic in my description of Mr. Rogers as an American hero. For so many people, he was much more than just some calming, odd, old guy on TV. He was a model of how adults should treat children... and each other. He was a surrogate parent for some children. He connected generations together. He taught people how to be "neighborly". He was a hero. If you don't believe me, you need to read this Esquire interview from November of 1998 titled "Can you say... Hero?". Although I can't possibly do the piece justice here, please take my word that Fred Rogers went out of his way to make children's lives better every day. Only a tiny portion of this was seen on TV.

Thanks to TriStar Pictures, we will all get to see this for ourselves. The studio has just announced that they will begin filming a movie closely based on Tom Junod experience of researching and writing that Esquire article nearly twenty years ago. Multiple Oscar Award winner Tom Hanks is slated to play the television icon.

Can you say "perfect casting"? I knew you could.

This is how TriStar described the movie, which will be titled You Are My Friend.

"In the heart-warming story, a cynical journalist begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write a profile piece on the beloved icon and finds his perspective on life transformed."

Junod was truly a lucky man.

I was incredibly happy when I read this announcement. Not only am I incredibly eager to see Mr. Rogers' story told on the big screen, it gives me an excuse to share one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned from Mr. Rogers.

As a history teacher, I have had to discuss some terrible events with my students including wars, Genocides and terrorism. Even though I have been teaching for many years and have a great deal of experience with young people, none of that prepared me for the first time I had to discuss a major tragedy with my own very young children.

It was December 12, 2012. Every television station was reporting about a tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In addition, every neighbor was talking about it. I could not shield my 5 year old daughter or 7 year old son from the tragedy. I had to help them process it so they could feel safe in their school. I needed to give them something positive to cling to. But I was at a loss. How could there be anything positive to focus on when such a horrible event had just occurred? Who could possibly know what to say?

Mr. Rogers

On that day, I remembered something I had read more than 11 years earlier. It was an excerpt from a newspaper column written by Fred Rogers. In 2001, I needed to read his words in order to help my students who were in the midst of experiencing the tragic events of 9/11.

Rogers wrote:

"I was spared from any great disasters when I was little, but there was plenty of news of them in newspapers and on the radio, and there were graphic images of them in newsreels.

For me, as for all children, the world could have come to seem a scary place to live. But I felt secure with my parents, and they let me know that we were safely together whenever I showed concern about accounts of alarming events in the world.

There was something else my mother did that I’ve always remembered: “Always look for the helpers,” she’d tell me. “There’s always someone who is trying to help.” I did, and I came to see that the world is full of doctors and nurses, police and firemen, volunteers, neighbors and friends who are ready to jump in to help when things go wrong."

And that is exactly what I told my children.

Did it make the tragedy disappear?


Did it bring anyone back?


Did it convince two children that there was still hope in this world?


Thank you Mr. Rogers.

It's about time that everyone will get to see what a hero you were are.

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If you enjoy positive, uplifting, and inspiring stories, please check out @steemmatt's blog. He is trying to share a Daily Dose of Faith In Humanity & Good Karma with the community. His first few installments have been awesome! Here is today's.


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Well done ..
It is nice that our children grow up to love what we see right
Thanks for sharing


I really agree with you, because every parent would want the best for her child

and thank you very much @hanshotfirst for posting a very useful information for me

Oh Mr. Rogers, one of my childhood heroes. I always looked forward to hearing his kind voice on the television. I am excited to know there will be a movie out soon about this great mans life! Thank you for sharing!


I agree with you, sir rogers is a fans of many people, I can not wait to watch it

There is exactly zero chance of this being done correctly. Mr. Rogers’s story is essentially a religious story and Hollywood has no idea how to pull off a religious movie. They’ll either gloss over his religion or pound it over our heads. My guess in this case is the former.

By the way, for the people saying Mr. Rogers was some sort of die-hard conservative. He wasn’t. He advocated for public funding of children’s television and he was a member of Sixth Presbyterian in Pittsburgh which was and is very explicit More Light congregation (More Light Presbyterians are the pro-homosexual marriage and ordination wing of the Presbyterian Church.) He was also a vegetarian because he didn’t want to hurt animals. This isn’t to say that he was some hyper-liberal hippy either. He espoused family values and traditional behaviour, but I think that his political leanings could best be described as ‘Be nice to everyone and everything all the time.’ Sometimes that made him a liberal and sometimes a conservative.


I don't know much about Rogers, but I guess my question is: how relevant was his religion to his activism, TV career, and all that? If his religion played little part in all that, it wouldn't need much screen time.

I share your cynicism, though. I don't expect Hollywood to do anything right, these days.


you may be right, but I'm going to give them a shot and hope for the best.

As far as the second part of your comment, "‘Be nice to everyone and everything all the time.’ Sometimes that made him a liberal and sometimes a conservative." And 100% of the time it made him awesome. I wish we could bring back common sense and common decency.


I hope they don't politicize it at all and just concentrate on him loving everyone. Since Tom Hanks is signed on, I think they are going to do the right thing. We realy need to drop the whole left and right thing and just listen to the immortal words of Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan, "Be excellent to each other, dudes."


Two of the greatest philosophers ever. Even more excellent than so-crates.



I suspect they'll not really focus on religion either way. Hollywood tends to dramatize conflicts, challenges, setbacks in these kinds of stories...human aspects, not really trying to send religious or moral messages.

I suspect the story will focus on the journalist -- how Mr. Rogers challenged the journalist's world view, how the journalist responded, and ultimately became a better, more hopeful person. I doubt it'll be a religious transformation because the Hollywood studios generally like to focus on universal, relatable themes like hope and kindness. Religions may offer hope and kindness, but there are no universal religions.

The lack of religious focus may disappoint you. Sorry. Maybe I'll be wrong!


I choose to hope. After all, everybody knew the fix was in, but "We came, we saw, he died" was NOT elected president. There are still pockets of goodness left, even in Hollywood (I hope).

I'm not sure I agree with your comment on More Light, either.

More Light Presbyterians are the pro-homosexual marriage and ordination wing of the Presbyterian Church
The hijacking of America's churches was a gradual affair, wasn't it? Half a century ago, when Mr. Rogers was around, the radical agenda had not taken hold yet, had it?


I remember him also being caught with cocaine. :) His show had an amazing impact on my childhood, much respect. :D

Reflecting on one of Fred Rogers' sayings, I learnt that when we share the problems of others, we cease to have problems of our own.


problem shared half problem solved. steemit is like a family kind of thing you know.

Mr Rodgers is such a good personality helping those kids. I read through and was surprised how selfless he was. He could have left them and escaped but he had to help them through. I have to say this is inspirational and the movie would be something i would look up to @hanshotfirst. It was worth my time.

Fred Rogers was a man of God, a man of principle and an example to live by, if everyone was half as nice as he was. we would have a great neighborhood. Kindness is a gift to be shared.


Agreed (and I'm not even very religious).

Sometimes I really wish more people had the innocence and the joyfulness that children have. Mr.Rogers was definitely a visionary. Thank you for sharing!

Mr. Rogers was a huge influence in my life. I find that his show mixed with quality parents was the reason I have any empathy at all. When I watch some of the shows that my younger cousins are exposed to...I just feel sad. Sure it could be nostalgia on my part, but I feel like children's television has moved away from quality and more about just being attention sustaining. Maybe Netflix can bring about the next generation's Mr. Rogers and bring hope to this world again.


Great point about Netflix. There is definitely a market for high quality and meaningful children's shows. Maybe the demand can be met there.


I don't know about that, Nickelodeon does a excellent job of educating kids. I directly attribute them to my oldest grandsons advance in reading skills before entering school and the rest of my grand kids most under five with number and letter recognition.

Children are the gems of the world ..

when honed properly it is more valuable when he grows up.

vice versa...

a kind and thoughtful person ...

Children really need all the love and care and mostly patience they need, Rogers really led in that path and am happy he is remembered and a movie is done of his fruitful life in helping children. Thanks for sharing

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm not familiar with Fred Rogers yet maybe because I'm not American but this article about making a movie in honor of Mr. Rogers is exciting me! I'm a fan of inspiring and feel good movies, every once in a while we need some entertainment that's just pure kindness and would uplift our spirits.. :) and I soo agree with you mr @hanshortfirst that the casting is just perfect.. I super love Tom Hanks, i have been following him since Forrest Gump, Cast Away and Captain Philips..he is an excellent actor and im sure he'll portray Mr. Rogers really well.. im looking forward to seeing this movie!

He was a great man. I wish the world was just as he was saying.
Even though there are a lot of gruesome stuff happening all around. He turned a lot of people for better and gave hope to those who've almost lost it.

Mr. Rogers portrayed the father figure to many and this alone qualifies him as an American Hero. Making a movie about him is a great idea and the movie star Tom Hanks is the best bet for that role.

God bless America.

every children's needed to be guided and this man show it off how the right way to parenting children to guide them on the right path.

I'm not married yet or having baby but still thankful to read this kind of article.

@hanshotfirst thank you for sharing.

Thank you for linking to that esquire story. It was new to me, and I enjoyed reading it.


I never realised what a big part of the ritual the jacket and shoes were!

Here's a beautiful quote I love from Fred Rogers for kids:

We often talk about the game as if it's a relief from a serious apprenticeship. But for children, playing is serious learning. The game is really the work of childhood.

I still remember watching him on PBS.

  ·  last year (edited)

"You've made this day a special day, by just your being you. There's no person in the whole world like you; and I like you just the way you are.'"

Every program ended with this. simple and how true. We could use/ need more of Mr Rogers now-a-days

I remember watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood as a child! This was every child's livelihood at the time.

seems Great, I am looking forward to seeing it.
I love movies that describe the reality of the past.

Films telling true stories are always great to watch....its really fascinating to learn more about the story behind the scenes....

I heard this in the “Good News News” on the radio this morning!
That quote is one of my favourites. I also love:
image source

This sentences is very deep meaning "everyone will get to see what a hero you are"...
Like it:)

I love my family very much.

Tom Hanks playing Fred Rogers?! Surprisingly I haven't heard this already, however I am excited to see this film. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers on PBS and now my son watches Daniel The Tiger, which is the animation spun from the show.

My mom used to make me watch Mr. Rodgers when I was a kid. Even at five years old, I was like, "Fuck this boring ass dude."I didn't use those exact words because I hadn't yet discovered the glory of swearing yet, but the sentiment was there.
As an adult, I profoundly respect what he was doing. even if I was born beyond help I can't imagine how many kids are better off because he existed. Even then, the world should be grateful he was even trying. We need more people like him.


Am Nigerian so....i didnt know about Mr Rodgers till now....he seems to be a cool dude..may his soul rest in peace.

My love of Fred Rodgers knows no bounds. A big figure of my childhood, and someone who will never be replaced. Very curious as to how this movie will turnout, but I'll hope for the best!

Some heroes are not to be forgotten

I love this

Hope Chuck Norris, Arnold Swarzeneger and Silvester Stallone will cast them :D

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I think Tom Hanks will make a great Mr Rogers

Interesting it will be checkout thanks for sharing an update on this many were unaware about it

I've read some of the comments. All i can say is I am a professional Improviser who has not received the same acclaim as most of my friends. I am an avid writer and write my own screenplays, albeit not as successful as many of my friends. That said, I am lucky that what sounds like "failure" has been a blessing to let me discover and learn new things like steemit and meet new people like you.

Steemit, god willing, will allow me an income someday to return to LA where I am still paying rent at a storage locker that holds all my belongings. In the meantime, I study up on this Crypto Culture, I continue teaching and promoting #improv, and and practice the screenwriting.

What I have learned along the way, is that Hollywood is run by human beings. But just as DC has it's Lobbyists, Hollywood has it's investors. Just like Steemit has it's Whales and Voting Bot Guilds who are interested in a return on thier investment, so too are Hollywood Distribution Houses like Warner Brothers, Disney, and Tristar. Those companies are not necessarily the driving creative force, or the driving financial entity that gets the movie on it's feet. Blockbusters like StarWars, Jurasic Park, and the Marvel Movies are a small exception.

Where I'm getting at is, if Tom Hanks is a part of something, then someone of his star caliber has made a choice to be financially and creatively involved. I have always respected his career. He has backed little films like California Typewriter and everything he is a part of has some prestige. Just listening to him at the latest THR Roundtable was interesting to hear how invested he is with the creative process and integrity of a project.

I too grew up on Mr Rogers. When I saw this news yesterday, I too was very happy to see the news. I'm looking forward to this movie. And I'm thankful Im stopped to read this post and see your interests. Just speaking about your recap of Mr Rogers: the same Humanity YOU received from one of PBS's Hall of Famers, is the same Humanity that inspired Hollywood to give a greenlight to a movie.

The other thing to remember is, while many whales and voting bots and guilds want to see a return on their investment, they too are backed by human beings who at their core want to see the one true blockchain powered by humanity succeed. So too does Hollywood. Hollywood is driven by Humanity. I was training at The Actors Gang before I left, Tim Robbins was one of our instructors. He's just a Theater nerd like the rest of us and would constantly remind us, the theater, comedia, the movies and the stories we tell remind us of our humanity. And a story about someone who reminded us of our humanity when we need it most will be a valuable Hollywood vehicle and a wonderful story told in Moving Pictures.

if its done that would be really great :)

good post man follow me

  ·  last year (edited)

Even in Croatia, we knew about Fred Rogers. Imagine the influence one man had if he was also loved 5,000 miles away. I'm definitely giving a chance to this movie :)

This man.

This was the video that got me enamored with him.

Oh yes I was so excited to hear this and who better to play the role than Tom Hanks....Can't wait!

Mr. Rodgers was such a great influence to children when back when I can remember and when my child was young. He had a gift of comforting others and letting them know that there is someone that cares about them.

Will be interesting for sure!
Thanks for sharing this great post and Steem on :)

Excited of hearing this i never been waiting so much for a irl movie talk about this actor, great announcement, Great post!

Thank you for your nice post . .
I am your Fan. . Im inspired by U..
Can U plz visit my blog and give me some tips?
I will be blessed if U follow me

Very interesting

Nice post.

  ·  last year (edited)

I really like the hollywood movie, let alone that motivates me to be better
thank you for posting
I always wait for the movies of hollywood
thank you very much @hanshotfirst

Very inspiring and educative writing. Very sad to know that you personally had to experience tragedy like that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Your approach of expressing the tragedy has touched my heart. And enormously excited to know about a great personality and waiting to watch the movie. Thanks!

I remember watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood when I was little, and then mostly forgetting about his existence until I stumbled across this video of him addressing congress. Now this video would have spoken to me at any point, but at the time my daughter and I were going through some very difficult transitions that naturally created behavioral issues (for both of us haha) and I was feeling very overwhelmed by this little person who'd taken a penchant to punching me and kicking me in the face at nap time, screaming so hard that she'd throw up when it was time to lay down at night and so on...

He, in just six minutes, made me feel like it was going to be okay; like I could make things okay for her and solidified a place as hero and role model in my mind. I dove head first into google and subsequently got my Bambina hooked on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Emotional control improved leaps and bounds over the next few months for both of us. There is a lot that everyone can learn from this man, I am very happy and very excited that they're commemorating him in film, and praying that they don't screw it up.

If that is so, then it's really great. Heroes really deserve to be remembered and be given tribute for their remarkable contributions in their institution even if they've been gone a long time ago. They may be gone but the good things that they did for the people of the country and the country as a whole will never be forgotten especially by the people who truly appreciate that kind of deed.

That's I guess a common thing that my country and yours are doing. :)

Great piece bro

i am really unhappy and sad no one wished my brothers a happy birthday. I wanted them to see how much steemit loves. Im unhappy.


Nice share.

good story lord @ hanshotfirst indeed the incident of the shooting incident is very shocking now but in leave must accept sincerely, lord as educator hopefully always spirit and big soul🙏

Sorry I've not been round to 'visit' for a few days.

I didn't grow up 'knowing' Mr Rogers, but thanks to this 'Look for the helpers' quote, I have heard of him.

Tom Hanks really is perfect casting for this one.

Thanks for your take on this, very well done.

Loved him as a kid watching him on TV. We need more "helpers" like him on TV these days for our kids. Thanks for sharing about this hero, I can't wait to see the movie. Hopefully it will inspire producers and Hollywood in general, to encourage new heroes to rise up and be great role models and teachers for our children.

I will have to watch for this from TriStar. As a kid who grew up on this wholesome staple.