Family Goes Disc Golf Camping

in family •  last month 

Disc golf tournament ⛳ + camping 🏕 = GOOD TIMES! 🙌

My husband played in the annual event, "A Couple Days in May," down at the Blockhouse for his 3rd time, and me and the boys tagged along as usual.


We got lots of sun 🌞, some pool action 🏊‍♂️, some "tiki" golf (like disc golf putt-putt), and lots of good family memories. 🎉 I can't wait until next year! 🤩

Doing stuff like this would be impossible if I worked the usual 9-5. I am so thankful 🙏 I can join my husband anywhere and support his interests and dreams. 🌈

Does your job allow you that sort of freedom? I'm always hiring! 😉


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your little boys are so cute ;)
have a good camping trip all of you :)


Thank you @cityofstars!🙏💚 I hope you have a great weekend too!🤩

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Yay thank you AGAIN! @miti you are a blessing🙏


..a blessing, even! The truth is that I just like to read interesting posts, like yours ;-)

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