An account of my weekend.

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This weekend, between Sat morning and Sunday evening,
I drove a total of 477.3 mi.
Two family reunions, my immediate family (my fathers brothers and sisters and their children and associated family)
24 people showed up. We singled out Daddy's youngest brother
(of course they are all long gone now) to honor this year.
My cousin Glenn in front of the photos of Uncle Holmes

This was on Saturday in Daisy Ga, at the Church that was
founded by my Grandfather and family.

!steemitworldmap 32.152164 lat -81.838114 long d3scr

Then we moved on Sunday to Bellville Ga,
a city founded by another ancestor.
This cemetery honors the ancestor of us all,
Simon Smith.
I think he is my Great, great, great, great grandfather
My Great Grand Father, Daniel Harrison Smith
His Wife, Nancy Brewton Smith
The family cemetery, where I will be planted eventually.
The Church,
Trinity Nazarene, which was also endowed and founded by family members, is where this reunion has been held for many years now.

!steemitworldmap 32.111811 lat -81.972575 long d3scr

I noticed a most unusual urinal to the
left of the toilet in the men's room at the church 😈

"My weekend of travel and family reunions"

Jerry E Smith
All photos are original, taken with Nikon D5600
Except for the urinal photo, taken with my Pixel 3A XL

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks

This .gif was created by @elgeko

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It is amazing how you have a family cemetery. Family dating back 1827 all in one place also for the future generations to know more about your ancestry. Now I am beginning to wonder where my great, great, great, great grandparents are buried.

Here in S Ga USA, family is important, or it used to be. Both these family
Reunions are dying out for lack of participation by the younger folks,
ALTHOUGH, the second of the two last weekend had a record turnout;
At least more than I have seen since I've begun attending again.
When I was a child, hundreds of people attended this one, because
It was for the family and descendents of DH Smith
(from the Family Tree photo).

Now, most of us have not heard from nor do we know where many
Of those "Branches" have gone.
I truly regret not writing down or recording the stories my parents
(Daddy B.1914, Mama B 1916) told me when I was younger.
They were truly from another time, almost another planet.
I encourage you to find out where they are buried @watersnake101
And reconnect with your roots, it will be quite enlightening.

what a wonderful day being with our family and like when we're just young. We have a great time enjoying the time with our granfather and granmother. It should be perfect but what's wrong with that urinal material? I thought it's for washing hands or face.

anyway great time you had..

Ha ha ha ha...The "Urinal" to the left is a utility sink. I've seen it dozens of
times, but suddenly this time my quirky mind thought of it as a urinal
It is where mops and tools are cleaned.
As far as the reunion; in all my childhood reunions, the kids played
And ate while the adults snipped at each other and brought up
Crap that happened when THEY were children.
Nothing has changed in that respect, only now I'm one of the adults.
Thanks for commenting @mrnightmare89, all in all it was good

Sounds like quite a memorable weekend :) Don't forget to share the link in our PHC post promo channel if you have not already xxx Hope you have a super week ahead Jerry :)

Thanks, I just shared the link in the newbie promo channel, and tagged you.
I didn't include the really memorable parts, the arguments and shouting
Matches between me and an older sister.

I saw a post in the newbie channel that I took to be aimed at me, about
"be sure to tag at least 2 people who you have supported"
I haven't supported anyone, and I don't have time for
The "I'll tag you if you tag me" stuff, so
I have left the server.
Thank you anyway.

@tipu curate 1

Thank you @victoria-belle, what a nice surprise.! ♥

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Always our pleasure to support 😉

I am happy to see you hopped in your car and went on a road trip to be with you "kin folk" for not just one but two fun-filled, family reunions! That's two times as many opportunities to bicker with relatives, and one more than I could handle on the same weekend! @jerrytsuseer 😀😁😂

Good Morning @ninahaskin, that is exactly what it ended up being
But on a small scale behind the scenes, mainly between me and
Two of my siblings (as always) ... the second event was with
More distantly related folks, but those same two control
Freaks were at both events. It was fun, but not as fun
As it could have been, which was my fault as much
As it was theirs. I can't control them, but...

You're blessed to have a large family and family reunions usually are fun times! You can pick up your phone and call a relative anytime you want to talk. Have you made plans with your family for the holidays? @jerrytsuseer

ha ha... what a crazy idea @ninahaskin.
Thank you for commenting though.
No, the only family that lives close by doesn't celebrate 'the holidays'
Oh, they have a T'sgiving meal, but I don't do well in crowded rooms
For very long (ptsd). I get irritable and the longer I endure the
Noise and crowding, the more out-of-sorts (putting it mildly)
I get.

No, I am doomed to live life alone, with only a few encounters
Along the way to relieve the dimness of the gloom in which
I live. I eschew phone calls like the plague; I lose my
Temper even quicker on the phone, because folks
(especially females) HEAR things in my 'tone'
That were not in the message I intended to
Convey. So the coversation (using the
Term very loosely) gets derailed
Very quickly, making me even
More liable to blow up. It is
Best to leave this sleeping
Tiger alone, lest he
Bite you.

Think of this as well:
Being the youngest of ten children, means I
Am most likely to be the one to watch those I
Grew up loving, sicken, grow old and die before
My Very Eyes, with nothing I can do about it.

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