Backflip Photos (& other Aerial Human Phenomena)

in famcore •  2 years ago

I wanted to share some pictures of my backflips and other aerial endeavors with the Steemit community, since I'm new here and I thought it was something people might enjoy. If you read my introduction, you'd know I was featured in an international parkour magazine a few years back as the centerfold (not that kind of centerfold... lol) , and backflips are one of my favorite activities :P Here is my intro if you want to know a little more about me:

All of the photos below were taken in Burlington, Vermont, where I grew up and have worked for many years. There will be more to come at some point in the future. This will be the first of several posts like this. Hope you like it!

handstand from afar.jpeg

Playground Big Backflip.jpeg

Playground Backflip 2.jpeg







aerial with walkers.jpeg

backflip concrete.jpeg

backflip graffiti.jpeg

bench front flip.jpeg

btown flippin 2.jpeg

church st backflippin.jpeg

This one was at the Burlington Town Hall:
Town Hall Backflip.jpeg

I have a few videos up on Youtube as well but I have 3 separate accounts (maybe more), so I'll just post the one I know has some flip vids.:!

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Nice! Are you doing a "Backflips around the world" series yet? :) Come to San Diego, there's plenty of stuff to flip off of. Psyched you're gettin' after it, keep charging! -NFH


What a great question! I'm not a fan of Facebook but I have a group there called "Freestyle Flippin' All Over the World", and I've captured some great pics on coastline in the Bay Area but haven't made it to San Diego.. yet! I will share some other photos from the Bahamas, California, Virginia, Maine and other spots in New England in some upcoming threads, and plan to go on some excursions now that the snow has melted here ;) Thanks for the words of encouragement.
*Respect and Appreciation from your new acquaintance

OH MAN! You weren't kidding... Thank you Brother Punker!
You're an automatic SteemPunk for sharing such amazement!
Thank you and SteemON! Upvoted and HIGHLY rEsteemed!


"Brother Punker" HAHA, I love it! SteemON to you too brother! You are one of the first esteemed Steem friends I have decided to follow. I look forward to our prosperous future as fellow Steemit community members together. Keep in touch my dude ;) I have many more backflips and economic pieces on the horizon.

Really cool bro! I'm in San Diego near the beach. When you make it here I'll show you around and watch backflips!