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😒 _____ False__Some___ _______

#____ writing__sujun
Those who are satisfied with two or two rice
They suffer a lack of rice!
Those who are beyond the limit
The lack of them does not touch them.
In their minds the fountain of love flows
They are not the people of love ...
Those who go about dirty thoughts and thoughts
Their love lacks people!
Those who see the world as beautiful
The people of the world see their eyes!
Those people who want to benefit people.
Everyone tries to hurt them ..
Some of those who are naked are not nude
The person who gets naked is naked, everyone is naked!
The person who stole his stomach was a thief.
The thief that steals for the sake of the thief is not a thief!
Always keep our love.
At the moment of danger he disappears.
🎷We always hate ...
They have to take help at an uneven moment!
They roam a little bit happily
Find out,
There is no lack of her hobby.
Those who roam about the evergreen hilarity
Check it out
Due to lack of rice in his house!
🎷Abul Mia's butt wicking looks
The beautiful girls who are kissing ...
Check it out
Better than them, Abul Mia has a beautiful girl.
This is true!
One thing that is true
As much as deny
The more recognition will be ...

Refrain from copying
____ can share ____
It takes a touch

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